Friday, March 28, 2008

Its Friday!

Hey girls!

I am so, so excited for this weekend because, it's Mother/Daughter Tea weekend!
My mom is coming up today and we are getting a bunch of girls together and doing dinner at 18 Seaboard tonight!
I have never eaten there, but I have heard its absolutely wonderful! I am so excited that she is coming and that she will get a chance to meet my friends moms.
I am wearing a Lilly Tunic pink and green dress to the actual lunch and tonight to dinner I am wearing a pink and green Lilly Cardigan with white pants with gold sandals.

Go to Marshalls because the one here just got another BIG shipment of Lilly & Vineyard Vines in!

Have a great Friday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hey girls!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter with their families, I know I sure did!
We got up early and went to the beautiful Church service! I heard the best sermon!
Then my family, and I headed to our lake house for the day to be with a lot of relatives!! It was so much fun, we had relatives there that I didn't even know existed, I hope the feeling wasnt mutual! We stopped doing Easter Egg hunts a long time ago when my little sister turned 12, shes 14 now and so this year, my cousins (who are all around my age) and I, convinced my Nana to bust out her piggy bank of quarters we normally use for poker and let us buy some lottery tickets!! Haha it took a lot of convincing, and a few glasses of Pinot, but eventually she came around! She thinks buying lottery tickets isnt the smartest move, but since it was spare cash she had reserved for poker, she agreed to let us go buy some! I hate to say it, it is fun to scratch those tickets!

Well, that was a story in itself hahaha, lottery tickets are risky, we won $4 though! I wont tell you how much we spent! I told the lady in the store,
"If I come in more than 3 times I might have a gambling problem!"
Then I laughed to let her know I was kidding...
Well apparently she didnt get the hint, seriously, because she said,
"Well honey, there's a number on the back of the card (she gave me another 3 seconds of her time to show it to me!) hahaha! if you think you have a problem!"
I just started laughing, in an offended tone, but then I realized that some people probably do have gambeling problems.
We have a few "aholics" on our family, but gambelaholics arent yet a problem!

I was just so excited to get to bond with my cousins! It is so fun because we all live down at our houses which are about 3 feet away from each other in the summertime so we see each other all the time, but holidays are still the most fun!

I have some exciting news!
This time last year, I got really interested in acting/modeling. I have truly loved taking pictures and acting in plays and such ever since I was a little kid, so I have prayed and prayed over the last year now to see if I should even dream of pursuing it because its just a big dream to have. My parents insisted that I get a 4 year degree (that's a rule in our house, which, yeah yeah, im sure I will thank them for later!) before I do anything, and of course, I love Meredith College too much to ever think about not getting a degree but I would really like to start trying stuff on the side!
So, my mom told me today that she is going to let me find modeling/acting classes, and I have had modeling experience I have done a few shoots here and there for odd jobs like clothing, and hair calls, but nothing serious. I think I would absolutely love to do this on the side, or even take acting classes on weekends!

Also, Carolina Cup is this weekend, so if you're going have a great time...Foxfields is so soon after, so if your going...I'LL SEE YOU THERE! :)

Needless to say it has been a very good day, I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter Sunday!