Sunday, October 5, 2008

Seven Random Things!

Thank you so much for the tag, Preppy Southern Princess!

Here are my Seven Random Things!

1.) I am ambidextrous
I dont know if I spelled that right, but yes I do use both hands for everything. I usually write with my right hand, and do everything else with my left hand. I have always been able to do most everything but write with both hands.
2.) I am madly in love with Lucas Grabeel!
YES! I am! He plays in High School Musical as Ryan, and most people love Zac Efron...pshh Lucas is where its at! If I met him tomorrow and he marry him!
3.) I can memorize any rap song after hearing it one time!
If I could do this with Chaucer, or Shakespeare I would be set in college! I can memorize any song for that matter after one listen, movies too! Its weird.

4.) I was an absolute angel in High School and regret it.
I never drank, smoked, did anything wrong...EVER. I kind of wish I had done one crazy thing, but I didn't! I was friends with people that did, but peer pressure never got to me. I am having my fun in college. For some reason though, it was never appealing to me, and still really isnt.

5.) I met Ben Stein and we had a very random conversation for 30 minutes.
I met Ben Stein at a Chamber of Commerce event here in Raleigh, I was working with News 14 and he was speaking at the event. We went backstage in hopes of an interview and he told me I was beautiful, and he would look for me on TV. He also said he had been to my hometown and eaten at a Waffle House haha! We talked about the economy, and he did his Bueller Impression!

6.) I have to look at my hands to tell my left from right!
This is so sad, but I just cant do it!! I have freckles on my right hand, and my drivers ed teacher, Doris, always thought I was cheating when I would drive because I would look at my hands when she said make a left or right turn. I know my left and right, but I have never let a dermatologist take off those spots on my right hand...ya know just in case I happen to forget one day! Haha!

7.) I have dated way to many people and I have impossibly high standards!
I go to dinner, parties, dances with alot of nice guys, but in the end none of them ever last very long. My friends give me a hard time because they get mad that I date so many and don't stick with one. I feel badly about it, but I have really only dated one that I regret losing!

There ya go!

I got the Smile Award!

Thank you so much for this award, Rick Rack and Pom Poms! I love getting blog awards! You are too sweet! Thanks for reading my blog.

Characteristics for the Smile Award:
1. Must display a cheerful attitude.
I believe that each day calls for a cheerful attitude, not only will it make others smile but it will make you smile by looking at the good in life, and learning from the hard times.
2. Must love one another.
I just love everyone I meet! Everyone has something special to love about them, I consider it such a blessing if I get to meet someone new and hear their story!
3. Must make mistakes.
Every day!
4. Must learn from others.
I believe you can learn good and bad things from others, treasure the good and dont do the bad!
5. Must be a positive contributor to blog world.
My past few posts have been downers, but positivity is what its all about! I am going to work on this, as well as positing more often!
6. Must love life.
I do!
7. Must love kids.
Kids can teach you so many wonderful things, and they say the funniest things! There is nothing not to love about a child!

These are the rules for The Smile Award:
1. The recipient must link back the the award’s creator
2. You must post these rules if you receive the award
3. You must chose 5 people to receive the award after receiving it yourself
4. You must fit the characteristics of the recipient of the award
5. You must post the characteristics of a recipient.
6. You must create a post sharing your win with others.
7. You must thank your giver.

Okay so now I will give this award to:
Bayliss- Because she always makes me laugh, and she always seems very happy!
Tipsy In Madras- Because she and I went to the same school, and she always has very happy posts. Such a cute blog too!
Europafox- Because she always seems very happy! Also, always has the cutest posts!
A Journey To Our Daughter- Because her whole blog is so uplifting! Seems very happy and like a very sweet person!
Nautical By Nature- Because her posts are always very fun to read, it seems like she smiles alot!
Tickled Pink and Green- Because I think she is a very happy person!


Hey girls!

WOOO HOOO!!!!!! Today is the beginning of my HALLOWEEN celebration! I did lots of school work this morning and I still have Laryngitis, so whats better then watching scary movies all day! (Nothing good is on LMN!)
I am so excited, it is my 2nd favorite holiday! There is one thing I always do every October and starting today, I am in Halloween mode!

I always, always, always have a marathon of all of the Halloween Movies (Michael Myers!!!)
I love them, I read the story on the official website about each movie...every year! Then I start with Halloween I and go to Halloween H20! I have the other 2...but they suck! They are not classics like the rest of them. Halloween I and II are my absolute favorites! Jamie Lee Curtis does an excellent job as Laurie Strode! The suspense is just unbelievable! Considering Halloween I was extremely low budget it is an amazing movie...maybe some people could learn from that and realize every movie doesn't have to cost a million dollars and have special effects to be good!
I also make sure I watch the Halloweens on AMC! Yes...I am a little obsessed, but Halloween I and II could easily happen!
I also get scared EVERY YEAR! I remember...very much against my parents wishes, I watched Halloween II when I was 12, and I swear therapy was almost necessary because I could not sleep for a year!
My mom says that horror movies really shouldn't be my favorite, and I can see why I mean there is absolutely nothing Christian or morally right about them! But a good scare is fun sometimes, especially this time of year!
I bought Halloween I and II today and I have H20, Resurrection, and the newest one (that should be banned!) I cant believe in the newest one how that kid is so awful, I would never let my child star in a movie where he/she has to curse, or kill someone...I just think its awful!

Anyways, back in Salisbury every year my sweet parents throw an Oyster Roast/Hot Dog Cookout for the whole neighborhood, and anyone else who wants to drop by! You will never see as many golf carts in one yard! When I was home for Halloween, it was always so great and my mom makes the best Oyster Stew! I miss that tradition so much!
One time, this kid and his family came and they weren't from around the area but hey whoever wants to come is welcome! Anyways so he was making his hot dog and he was maybe 9...and my Dad...who always uses HUGE words sometimes I don't even understand said "Hey buddy, do you want some condiments?" The kid goes "YOU GOT CONDOMS!" HAHAHAHA! My dad was so embarrassed! It was too funny! What a great memory, the kid was so cute though, he was Spiderman!

One year, my friend Tom and I went and he had an old mans mask and an outfit to match it with a pillow to add some weight and I was his trophy wife! We went around to each house in the neighborhood to see neighbors and drop in on some cute parties! Oh, it was so much fun!!

Here are some pictures from Freshman and Sophomore year! I went to Franklin St. with the girls both years. Freshman year, I was an MC Cheerleader. Sophomore, me and my boyfriend (at the time) dressed as a Stepford Husband/Wife...I will never forget the big mean police officer took my self painted pink and green monogrammed wine glass! GEEZ! I warned him it wouldn't go with his outfit, but did he care? NO!

The next night, I was a bunny at a frat party! I absolutely love Halloween!

Have a great Sunday! (The one of me at the bottom my cute suitemate took and she says I look like Elle Woods...pshh but MY LORD it scares me!) ALSO, my how times have changed, cant believe I wore long sleeves on Franklin...modest little me!