Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, so my new favorite tradition so far is that my roommate and I meet everyday after work in the hotel bar for a margarita and plenty of stories that we have accumulated throughout the day! T and H have joined us too, and it is a trip hearing about everyones day! Another perk is that more and more people are starting to come to the bar after work, SO much fun! I love New York!

After a few drinks, we all decided to go out to a bar for karaoke night, and OH MY GOSH, we did just that!

I have cute pictures that I will post later on!

My roommate and I decided to sing "Carolina Girls" first, and okay, I decided to let my English friend T slide on this one, but everyone else with us who didn't know the song "Carolina girls"made a BAD first impression haha!
Oh my gosh!
NOBODY (even those from Georgia) knows what shagging is!
Actually, it was pretty embarassing, we were talking about it, and I told some of the people I was the president of a shag club in NC, and well...they avoided me for like 10 minutes, I quickly figured out that they had all seen Austin Powers, but never Chairman of the Board!
COME ON! After that, I just had to give some of the guys shag lessons, and they loved it!
About 5 songs into karoke later, we did Journey "Don't Stop Believin" and all of the sudden I look to my right and see this old man tryin to keep up with us!...Good luck sir!

Then, a gin and tonic or 10 later, Tommy Tutones song "Jenny" came on...and needless to say we all grabbed the mic!
Instead of "8675309" I proudly *at the time* blurted out my cell number in the highest pitch I knew how...then all 12 people THAT was how we all exchanged numbers! It was hailarious!
This wasnt so funny, I dont know who called me at 6 am by the names of Doug and Bev...but I dont think I want to!

This was the first night we had all been OUT out, because work wears me out, and I doubt ill go out tonight, probably just the usual margarita in the bar after work. I keep meeting so many fun people my age!

I think its pretty nice because I am such a lightweight, so 2 drinks and I am done...its easy to keep me fun!

Tomorrow I am going to a QUEST Magazine Party on the Upper East Side, and I am so excited to meet even more people. I have looked up the magazine and it is absolutely beautiful!

I also have my interview tomorrow morning, they rescheduled and so I have my resume, and most things ready to go! I just have to figure out how to get there! Oh well, ill cab it!

I will post more later!
Have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just got an e-mail/call from David Lettermans team sayin they are going to interview me next week for a possible fall internship! They are interviewing 20 of us for 10 spots! Its a long shot, and my parents would never go for it, but I may as well see where it leads!!


Blog later about it but I LOVE my 2nd internship!

Here are some things that I need to note so I remember to fill you in!

-Thursday going to a "Quest" Magazine Party on Upper East Side!
-Going to Lauren Conrad Book signing in Tribeca and meeting her and taking pictures!
-Getting business cards with my name on it!
-Promoted from Intern to Account Executive
-Work across from Bethenny Frankel

I got a late start this morning because, I left my phone in the room on the way out, and discovered when I went up to get it that my key had deactivated. EHS was not yet open, and they are really starting to tick me off because my bed isn't yet lofted, Internet is out, and no cable...on top of that the "24 hour RA" is non existent! Anyways, it will all get better, that's the least of my worries! I went to security twice, and then a very nice man who worked in security took me to my room, and reassured my panicked self that I would quickly adapt, and he would help me anytime! So sweet! I finally got my phone, and called my mom! Then I called my new boss once I got off the subway, and she is so sweet! I got to work about 9:30 and honestly was quite proud of myself for finding the subway! It was so funny, I saw a guy getting on the V Train this morning, and his book bag got stuck in the subway door and he was just spinning around cussing, he looked like a dog chasing its freakin tail! Of course, I accidentally started laughing, and looked over to see this other lady was dying laughing too...since everyone else was just staring and silent, and she seemed nice, I asked if she was taking the F Train too! She was and she showed me exactly where to go!! I was so happy! My morning just turned around so quickly!
Then, when I got off, it started raining...this sweet lady was holding a Louis Vuitton Umbrella, and of course I forgot mine, so she looked at me, and said you look too cute to get wet, hop under! Normally I wouldn't trust people but she looked very nice, and her husband was adorable too!! It was so sweet that they shared their umbrella with me!
Then, I got to my building and I love this job. It is so fun, my boss is the greatest boss I have ever had! She lets us actually work and develop ideas! I am really enjoying it!
I will post more later!

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Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to New York!

Hey girls,

Here is an update!

On Friday, I got to have lunch with T and L before I left! They were so sweet, and got me the prettiest set of pearls and matching pearl earrings to help me "not forget the South". Friday night, Mom and I had a glass of wine and finished packing everything. My father made things a bit hard, and was absolutely rude, but by Saturday I was over that and ready to leave NC.

On Saturday morning, I finally had all 3 suitcases loaded in the car, and I was ready to go! I got to the airport around 8, and my mother and sister came with me! It surprisingly didn't take me long to check my bags, and the lady helping me was so sweet! Needless to say, both checked bags were overweight! One was 75, and the other was 58. She actually only made me pay extra for one, and we had like a 30 minute conversation about my NYC internships! It was from that point I knew, if she was nice to me when both bags were WELL over weight, I was going to have a good day!
As always, because I suck at goodbyes, I was upset when it was time for mom and Sarah to leave. Needless to say, I cried for a minute, but then they pushed me on into the security line and off I went!
It was absolutely packed, but the security officers were extremely sweet too! It was quicker and easier than it had ever been! I actually met a man in line behind me (I accidentally whacked him with my purse trying to answer my phone! oops!) but anyways, he didn't mind, and he told me his son was interning in NYC as well, and he was going to visit! His son was staying at NYU and so that was pretty interesting!
As I was waiting at the gate for my plane, it had been about an hour. I was anxious, especially when my gate started boarding a Chicago flight!
Luckily, I asked people around me if this was to New York, and it was originally, but they changed it so thankfully, a very nice person beside me showed me where to go!
I was hauling it down to gate 4, from gate 15...I made it just in time with about 2 minutes to spare! Some guy that worked there jumped in front of me mid way, and kept asking if I needed directions, I bout knocked him out too! I thought, you know I may have been blonde and look naive, but I was gonna miss my freakin plane if he didnt get out of my way!
When we boarded the plane, I got a plane partner that looked just like me! She was dressed to the 9's and luckily nobody was in the middle seat so we both had room for all of our extras! We compared our blackberries and exchanged magazines the whole time! I loved it! She manages a restaurant in NYC, so I told her my friends and I would certainly come try it!
It took about 30 minutes after boarding to take off because unfortunately their were 15 planes in front of us taking off! Thats a lot of planes. I had a great flight though!
When I landed, I attempted to follow everyone to baggage claim, and by the grace of God, I made it! Both of my bags were huge, but I marked them with pink luggage tags so I would know which ones to get! I couldn't grab them both, because I remember last time, I actually FELL onto the bag belt, and a STRONG HUGE man had to lift me, and my bag off! So embarrassing!
Instead, I tapped another strong looking man on the shoulder and asked if he could help me...well, he was African and didn't know great English, so I pointed to my big bag, and he grabbed it right off the belt! So thankful there were such sweet people around me that day!On the way out I actually met 2 other interns, and we are all in the same building!
After the chaoes of baggage claim, I took all 3 bags, bought an "In Style", and sat on a nearby bench until my roommate landed.
About halfway into my magazine, these freaky people were staring at me, and then approached me about a survey...thanks but NO! They did it 3 times, it was freaky!
Then, this girl from Wisconsin came and sat on the bench I was on waiting for a shuttle, since she landed about an hour early. She was so funny, she had just graduated, and she was just up and moving to the City to find a job and start her life! I thought that was so cool, shes brave, and I bet she will land a great job! It was really fun meeting so many people my age!
About an hour after me, my roommate got there and we somehow piled 8 suitcases, and 4 people into 1 minivan cab! Too funny!
We got to the New Yorker and couldn't even begin to unpack! I stuck everything necessary for the weekend into my carry on so I could find things easily!
That afternoon, we ate at the cutest cafe right near our hotel. We were able to eat on the roof and people watch for 2 hours! I had the coldest glass of white wine, it was so good after that long morning of traveling!
That night, we relaxed with some White Russians, and made our plan for the next few days!
Before dinner though, we took a tour on one of those Double Decker Buses!! I had never done that before, but we had an awesome tour guide and got to see all of Manhattan! We even saw where Katharine Hepburn lived!! I recommend that to anyone visiting! Those tours are great! It is so pretty here, and the weather has been amazing!
Yesterday, we got to check into our room for the summer! I am on the 16th floor, but my view is not quite what I expected. Unfortunately, we have a beautiful view of the Hotel Dumpster! HAHA! Oh, and our neighbors window...who has cable and we don't yet so thats been convenient!
We had a social last night, but I couldnt meet too many people because it was such a tight space! I did meet a few though that are also interns in media and advertising so it is going to be a great summer!
I also met this guy and girl that I have been talking to from the New Yorker Facebook group for a month! They are both so much fun, and I cannot wait to continue to get to know them! They are a blast!!
Later that night, my roommate and I needed to check our e-mail so we went door to door (actually this cute guy lives about 3 doors down, so we went to THAT door) and he let us use his computer, and then we all made plans for next week!
When we toured the hotel, the room we saw was huge and spacey! When we walked in our room...8 bags in was like a single room with 2 of everything! At first I was rather overwhelmed, but its absolutely perfect for the summer, and we were so lucky to find it! It will be perfect when everything is put into place.
We still have to
-Loft the beds
-Get another dresser from the Hotel (they only gave us 1) We thought we were missing a closet too, but we get 1 of those as well! It is TINY I may be living out of my suitcase for a bit!
-Get Ethernet cords
-Hook up cable
-Arrange Furniture

We revamped our bathroom yesterday after a trip to the City's KMart, apparently KMart is like North Carolina's Target here in the City!
We have pink and green everywhere, its just perfect for us!

After we got moved in and semi-unpacked, we went down and had margaritas, it was a nice break!

We then decided to practice our routes to work since on Mondays and Wednesdays my roommate and I take the same route!
We can walk it, straight shot, in 30 minutes
We can take the Subway and transfer to the shuttle (which lets out right at my building) in just 15 minutes!

This morning, I got up around 7 to get ready! I decided to wear a suit because im not exactly sure what the dress code is yet. I wore a black pencil skirt, with a white 4 button jacket, and gold flats. I just cant pull out the heels quite yet! My roommate and I left by 8, and arrived at work by 8:15, so since we had until 9 we went to Starbucks and drank our coffee in the park! It was so much fun!

Around 9, I finally got to work, and am sitting in the Law Library until 11, because today is from 11 to 5, but they let us just hang out.

I met some nice people that work in marketing upstairs, and they gave me their cards and said to come up and see the office sometime! It is amazing who and how many people you can meet in a few days here!

The only downfall is that my accent is so uncommon...people have asked if im Irish, Southern, and Polish! I am guessing the blonde hair and blue eyes influence 2 of the above curiosities?

Tomorrow I work on the Upper East Side at another firm, so im sure ill have more to tell!

I have loved every minute of it so far, I will keep y'all posted!

Have a great Monday!