Friday, February 12, 2010

Wintergreen Weekend!

Hey girls!

So, the last few days have been a whirlwind! From auditions, to a mountain trip with the girls, it has all been great!

I had the best weekend with the girls in the mountains, minus SB because she had other v day plans (lucky girl has a bf!!), so we decided we will have to go back again soon! It was a great trip!
We got there Friday evening, and then got ready to go explore Wintergreen. We went to a place called The Edge, and met alot of new people! They were all so nice, and myfriend K knew them all, because like her, they are all locals! I kept the Fiyafly & Lemonade coming, it was wayy to much fun!
Her condo is right on the ski slope, so all night, and day we got to watch people come off the lift! Some of the outfits were absolutely priceless, and some people fell pretty hard! The little babies in the ski clothes were so cute, and the kids that were skiing were amazing, I wont lie, I was a bit jealous!
We tubed Saturday night, and that was hailarious! K & I tubed, and our tubes came unattached half way down! I was screaming bloody murder, spinning like a madwoman! It was fun! Then, JL and I tubed, and we FLEW! When D and I tubed, because I love messing with her, she was flying down backwards, and I screamed "THERES A KID BEHIND YOU, AHHHH!" She started screaming.."NOOOO" and almost jumped, but luckily didnt...I wasnt trying to have her break a leg or anything!

Sunday, the girls skiied some more, and D and I straightened up the condo! None of us wanted to leave, but unfortunatly, it was time to get back to reality! It was such a great weekend, and I cant wait to plan another one soon!

I dont know why I am already such a sap when it comes to thinking about graduation! I am so sad that we are all going seperate ways, I cant even think about it! However, I know we will all still keep in touch! I just cannot believe college is almost over, its so crazy to think we are all seniors! Where did time go!?

Here are some pictures from this weekend!

Last Friday before we left was such a big day for me! I had 2 auditions, and they both seemed to go quite well! My agency is so awesome! They send emails for projects, and lately, ive been so lucky, and extremely excited to get chosen for a few parts to audition for!! Friday morning, I went in at 10 & got the chance to audition for a "TV Host" in One Tree Hill, as well as a "nurse" in Army Wives! I am so excited to hear back! I am praying that I can keep going strong and continue to get the opportunities to audition! There were two projects auditioning this past weekend, but I wasn't able to because I was in Wintergreen! Its nice to be able to choose, but its almost like I want to do them all! I am so so so excited to see what comes up, and where I am able to go. I have to keep my faith strong, and my goals clear, and I know i'll be able to accomplish what comes my way!

As far as today, I am so busy, but its all (mostly) fun stuff. I have class from 12:30-3:30, work from 4-6, and then another class from 6 to 8...and of course its Mardi Gras! WOO HOO!

I hope y'all have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You'll Get Worn Out Just Reading This!

Hey girls!

Lots and lots of news lately...

-I started my job as a producer/traffic reporter with WQDR and Triangle Traffic this week! I absolutely love it! I think its going to be a great job!
My schedule isn't bad at all!
I work usually from 6:45am-8:45am MWF, and then 4pm-6pm T/THI
Yesterday, since I am still training, I worked from 6am to 8:30am. I will admit, I was so tired at 5:15, but once I got there, and saw everyone, I was so excited to be there!
I have my own cubicle and everything!
The guy I trained with yesterday reminds me SO much of Andy from "The Office" haha! The girl I trained with last week actually went to my school, and had some of my same professors, so there have already been some great connections.
I work tomorrow and Friday, and then the next week, training is over, so I better know the ropes!
If anyone is late to work, my boss calls them and leaves the part from "Office Space" where the guy is talking to his employee about being late! It makes me want to me late, just once, so I can have that on my voice mail!
I absolutely love the work environment...there's even a Doughnut shop right by the road I work on, so I can get a bagel and a diet coke to start my wonderful!
It is a blessing for me to have this opportunity, because I now know, when I get out of school, I will love working!

- Tonight, I am going to a Valentines Cocktail with a friend of mine (just a friend) and i'm so excited! However, I am an absolute mess too, because I only had 12 hours to prepare for this thing! My friend is the only person I know, and I have most of my formal dresses at home!
Now, lets be honest, y'all know that I can't pass up a cocktail, so I decided to just wear my green dress, that I wore to my schools formal (its actually my favorite dress!)

-I am going skiing with my girlfriends this weekend, and I just couldnt be more excited. My friend D and I are planning to tube...ALOT! We are of course going to drink lots of wine, and have such a great time! There are 5 of us going, and we are leaving on Friday after class. My friend, K, has a condo in Wintergreen, and I think some of her friends from Virginia will be down, too! One guy has a party every year, and so that should be fun! Im so excited to spend time with all of them, because school gets so busy, so its always fun to do stuff on weekends when everyone has time! I can't wait!

-I am STILL waiting on my records from the breast surgeon to be sent to my doctor at home. I cannot remember if I filled y'all in, but when I saw my doctor at home, she felt a lump, so I went to another doctor in Salisbury who did an ultrasound, but didn't see anything. He wrote me an order for an MRI if I still had pain 2 weeks later...well I did, but luckily, my wonderful doctor I saw the first time called me to check up and said I should see a breast surgeon. I found a great surgeon in Raleigh, and went about 3 weeks ago. She, and her nurses were just as sweet, and professional as they could be! Loved it! However, they found 2 cysts, and so finally I realized that I wasn't crazy! She wouldn't drain them, and wants me to come back in July. However, my mother and I talked, and I wanted the records sent to her doctor, because shes great as well! Since it took 2 visits to even find a cyst, one more opinion can't hurt! It has taken 2 weeks for the surgeon to mail the records, and I am still waiting for them to arrive. My mothers sweet doctor is ready though, and since she is also a family friend, she said as soon as they come in, she will look at them. I am still in a lot of pain, and trust me, I never complain...I almost hate to even post about it! To be honest though, im scared. I can feel the cyst more and more. It has been about 12 weeks of pain now, and everyday, its painful in the same area. I can't even lay on my stomach anymore. I am hoping maybe it can be drained. Who knows, I just am so happy there are so many sweet doctors out there! Hopefully the records will come today, and I can figure all of this out.

-Lastly, I sent off my headshots and resumes to all the Soap Oprah's Casting Directors yesterday! WOO HOO! It may go somewhere, it may not! In my opinion, its all in Gods hands, and I know that whatever is supposed to happen will happen! I am also sending my resume and headshot off for Army Wives extras! My agency has been so wonderful to me, I am so excited to work with them! They are helping me get more experience every day!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A. Tierney SAMPLE SALE!!!

Hey girls!

It’s that time of year again. As you may know, once a year A. Tierney holds an incredible blowout sample sale! They need to move the old inventory out to bring in the new so the prices are insane.
They've actually already changed some prices on the website although the sale doesn’t officially start till Tuesday.
For example, our Geometric Travel Collection Toiletry bag was $38, now it’s $15. The matching jewelry tote is now $5, was $24. There are not a lot of those so they expect to sell out quickly.

And for the first time ever A. Terney is selling ribbon! I am so excited about this!!
Not all ribbon will be available online but they will put up as much as they can for you to view!
Remember the Mediterranean belts? All 4 of those ribbons will be available by the roll for $20, the cost was more than double that price.
In person you’ll find velvets, taffetas, satins, solid grosgrains and stripes grosgrains all for low low low prices.

So, please visit or pay a visit to the A.Tierney office on Manhattan ’s Upper East Side!
It’s an event not to be missed.
Thanks so much!