Monday, August 11, 2008

Kate Spade, anybody?

Hey girls!

I went to Marshalls this weekend to see what else I could find for the Raleigh house, and oh my gosh!
I found so much!
Mostly etiquette books though, which I was absolutely THRILLED about! I have Kate Spade: Manners, but I found Kate Spade: Style, and Kate Spade: Occasions! That completes my collection of those!
I have been reading and highlighting all week long, they are so fun to read!
I also found this amazing book on Princess Diana, I absolutely loved her and I collect her books too because I love her style, and just the type of person she was! I love her sons too, but don't we all!
Oh my gosh, so for the past 2 weeks I have been on and off the phone with my school because the registrar office lost all of my internship paperwork and the Dean told me that I had to re-do everything, he must be crazy!
My professor used to work in NYC as a tv broadcaster, so I looove talking to him because hes laid back, and hes not all about academics.
He is more about what I did at the internship.
Anyways, so my professor has been out of town all week, so I had to go through the dean.
My professor calls me today and is so sweet, he told me to stop worrying, the dean was way to anal, and I would get an A.
I LOVE that guy!
He then told me that I could do my internship with News 14, and get credit for that too! I am so glad to have that behind me, I hate when the school loses something and then I have to re-do everything! It pisses me off!
Then on top of all of that, somebody in the registrar enrolled me in Acting II,
I haven't even taken acting I!
I was not happy, because I needed to be in another French class, so it took me 2 weeks to finally get that switched and talk to the Dean. I finally got that handled this morning thank the Lord!

Today at work was absolutely crazy! I love the group of kids that I have had for the past 3 weeks, they are precious! However, today at the park we were waiting for the lunch truck when this gigantic, disgusting, cockroach ran across the picnic table! OMG!!!
I hate roaches, more then anything in the whole world!
I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!!!
They are disgusting.
It was at that point that I said a little prayer and prayed for this week to go by so fast!
I ended up standing up...away from the picnic table for 45 minutes waiting on the truck. I just couldnt sit there because, gosh, what if there had been another one!? I realized today that it is so time for this job to end! Love the kids most of the time, but I cannot do roaches of any kind!
It may as well have been a snake or a rat, then I might have had a massive heart attack.
I told the lunch lady there were roaches out there and she bout fell out of the truck! haha! She is really nice, but for the past week, one of the lunch ladys took a leave and there has been this guy doing lunch. Of course since hes a lunch man he tries to act all macho and every day he always forgets to put something in the kids bags, and on Friday, he slipped and fell out of the truck! Poor guy, thats gotta suck! But its still really funny, and my kids arent the kind of kids who won't laugh at that so they were all dying laughing and I was trying to get them to stop, but I was about to laugh too. I just have never seen a lunch man before, and hes so young too...I wonder if that is just his summer job. Who knows, if he didnt try to be such a badass in the lunch truck I might say that he does a good job, but not act like a bad ass if you have a hairnet on!

I didnt do shag lessons today, but on Friday, T and I learned so many moves! I am so so so excited! I learned how to not even step, just slide the whole time...and I learned atleast 7 moves that I really dont even know the names of but I have got to keep practicing so I dont forget. T leaves for college today, its so sad but so excited for him!! I leave Sunday to go back and I am ready!

Have a great Monday!