Monday, February 24, 2014

A Date 2 Remember

This weekend was one of the best weekends i've had in CBus yet! I have finally started to meet some more people who love going to events on weekends/doing a lot of charity stuff! SO much fun! I love me a Black Tie Event!

This weekend, my friends and I went to an event called Date 2 Remember. I don't actually remember much, because...well, it was a long night! I do remember it being incredibly fun though, and we took so many great pictures!

Another thing I remember is the Date Auction. I remember this so vividly because I bid on a date i'll never get! I wasn't very interested in anyone in the auction (because my type is a preppy/pretty boy!)

I was talking to my friends during the auction when a tennis ball caught my eye! Tennis balls were being hit into the audience! I glanced up, grinning from ear to ear and yelled..."OMG, I played tennis in college, I have to bid on whoever that is!" Next thing I see is a reeeeeally attractive guy named Crew (weak at the knees!) wearing a bowtie! He was hitting tennis balls into the audience.

So, yes, I bid on this bow tie wearing, tennis playing HUNK in the date auction. 
He's gay. 
I had no idea. 

After that, I was ready to find snacks somewhere, so we left the event and went back to my friends house. It was a great event! Loved the photo booth, loved the guy named Crew, and loved meeting so many new people! Great weekend! :)