Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, Hey!

Hey girls!

Okay, so here are some serious updates on whats been going on in my crazy life! I cannot believe I have waited so long to post, now there is so much to share, I have no clue where to start! First off, my poor computer (piece of junk) broke! So, I am in the process of sending it off to be fixed. I luckily have T's mac to work off of while its gone! CFCC computers block blogs and facebook...WOW I might actually get work done!

My computer broke right before graduation! It was the week between when classes ended, and Class Day/Graduation were going to take place! I was having porch time, and my computer up and dies...RUDE!
So, needless to say, I have been without MY laptop for a long while, and its causing anxiety...I need it back STAT!


Class Day was, and will always be my absolute favorite tradition at Meredith College! The Lil' Sis class gets up at 4:30am, and goes to pick daisies for the Daisy Chain. They work all night and day to make it look absolutely perfect. Class Day began around 4pm. All of the Seniors lined up in our white dresses around the Amphitheater, and then processed in to sit in the middle. Our Lil Sis class proceeds to come down the stairs surrounding our section as they hold the Daisy Chain, and go into the courtyard. We all got up and made a circle around the courtyard, as our Lils watched us file in. Then, all of the seniors hold hands, and watch as our Lils make a "10" out of the daisies. After they make the 10, they file out to go sit down, and we go and rip the chain, and all take a daisy to remember that moment by! It is so beautiful because everyone is in their white dresses, and its such a fun thing to do with the sister class! We sing songs to each other, and of course there were speakers. Our class president spoke, and did a wonderful job! One of our class advisors, he's hilarious, was getting up to speak and BROKE HIS CHAIR! He just fell backwards, and the chair snapped! I was laughing, but thankfully so was he! At the end, some of us cried, and some of us laughed...overall, it is just so hard to say bye to your sisters, best friends, and even some of the teachers!


I spent a week with the girls down at Myrtle Beach in my friend K's condo, and it was so nice to spend time with them after graduation, it made it a little easier to say "see ya later". I hate goodbyes, I never ever say them! It is ALWAYS "See ya later!".

The fashion show that K and B put on! K had been sewing all semester long, making these beautiful dresses, and outfits for the show! I knew they were good, but when the show took place...it was absolutely perfect! She and B did a wonderful job, and it was so much fun to model in! I was the first one to go out, and I was n-n-n-nervous, but once I hit the last level, I bout kept walking in my "Lilly Like" dress right on out the front door to the car where I was gonna ride off with my new favorite outfit!
After the show, my mother, aunts, and cousins all went to eat at a Cuban restaurant right downtown! It was so good, and such a fun night for us all to be together!

Another senior girl did a Fashion Show, and I was going to model in it, but had the Jubilee Party instead! However, I did get to be in her photo shoot! Her stuff was awesome too, here are some pictures!


Now, like I said there was a Julep Party! Do I ever miss a great social function, not if I can help it! T and I decided we wanted to go to the Mint Julep Jubilee~Kentucky Derby Celebration in Wilmington just a few weeks ago! It was held at the beautiful Poplar Grove Plantation! Mainly so we could meet people, and start doing stuff in Wilmington. Lord knows, I met the most fun people! The Junior League of Wilmington is amazing, I just sent in my application today! I've always known I wanted to join the League! My mother was a member in her hometown, and has warned me numerous times that it can get very busy, but I would just love to do more in Wilmington, and meet more people! It was such an incredible day! The Junior League of Wilmington did a perfectly wonderful job hosting the event. It was SUCH a great day! Read more about it in the Lumina Newspaper!

The same day as K's Fashion Show, I got a call from Lumina News! I sent them my resume back in March, but they have been so busy! They called and told me they would like to interview me! I was so excited! I agreed to meet with one of the editors at Port City a few hours before the Jubilee.
One of the requirements to see if I was fit to be an intern was to write a story about an event. The editor asked me if I wanted to go to a Wine Tasting, but then realized that I could do a story on the Derby Party, and it would be just as easy! I happily agreed!
When T and I got to the party, I went ahead and told the check in table that I was interning with Lumina News, and would love to get some quotes for a story! I am telling y'all, I absolutely love the Junior League! They were so sweet, and I got to meet the co-chairs of the event and talk with them for a good bit about what the event meant to them!

Afterwards, I sent K, our new friend from the Jubilee, an email, and she sent a mass email to make sure I got quotes for the story...I was so excited! 5 people, including co-chairs responded with quotes! They were the most wonderful, heartfelt quotes, and looked so great in the paper!

Another article I wrote is about Port Southern! Go check that one out while you're at it!
I was so excited to get published, and to write stories for such awesome events! I am looking forward to Thursday when I begin my internship with Lumina!

Speaking of Lumina, they partner with Wrightsville Beach Magazine, a monthly publication that is so much fun to read! Well, about 7 months ago, I was sending my headshot around bridal shops, newspapers, magazines, ect. letting them know I would love to do some modeling, to use in my portfolio! Ok, seriously! Prayer, and determination both work miracles!! Just last Friday, I went to the studio and did a photo shoot for Wrightsville Beach Magazine! They emailed me and asked if I would do some beauty shots for a plastic surgery ad! OF COURSE I would! It was so much fun! I got to go down in the Lumina Station to the CUTEST salon and have my hair and make-up done! I have since decided to make that the new spot where I will actually have my hair done! They were all so so so nice! I cant wait to go back soon! After I had my hair done, I went up to the studio, where we took a lot of pictures! Everyone that was there was so sweet, and im so excited because I will get to intern with them this summer! CANT WAIT!

My most exciting, and probably far fetched news is...

So, about 7 months ago while I was emailing everyone my headshots, I decided why not send them to J.Crew, and a few other places wherever I could find e-mails. Well, I know i've already posted about it, but I got in touch with J.Crew, and they offered me to come to NYC and do a "go-see"! I am supposed to go up there around May 31st! My friend Janie, who I lived with in NYC last year is living up there, so I am going to stay with her! SO excited! I doubt anything will come of it, but you just never know!

My take is, life is short so enjoy every minute of everything you do! It can be crazy, so far out of the box (ahem, JCREW), that you cant even believe its your life, but its yours. You make it as great or as awful as you want to. Life has handed me a lot that I really don't like to deal with, and I will admit, I kind of live in the clouds with these crazy dreams, and I do a lot more than I should, but if it keeps me happy, take it one day at a time! I feel like its so important to enjoy the whole journey, than just trying to reach 1 goal! Every day something should make me happy, and it should be something that I can smile about. So far, I can't complain! Never a dull moment.

Yesterday, I went to register at CFCC. I got there at 11am, and didnt leave until 7! It was insane! Everyone was really nice though, aside from some people giving me the death glare...Gwendolyn the advisor...she rude! But okay, heres what happened! So, my High School transcript was sent 2 weeks ago! Well, the guidance counselor at my High School must have been in a hurry (ill put it nicely) and sent the wrong Katie's transcript...there are 2 of us with the same first and last name!
CFCC was so so sweet, because I told my sweet mother what happened and she went to the High School. Fortunatly, they accepted a faxed transcript, because my real one arrived this morning! I really believe the nicer you are to people, the nicer you get treated! LOVE the admissions office at CFCC! I see the same women every time I am there, and its really nice because they know me and I know them! It makes it easier to get stuff done!
I got up at 6am this morning, got ready, and headed to what I thought was my 8:30am class...but NO! I walked into a class, full of people, but it wasnt my class! It was Music 111...my class starts in June! AHHH!
I am taking 2 classes this summer, and so luckily one of them starts tomorrow!
It was too funny though, and I was shocked that I didn't even care, I usually get pretty distraught when stuff like that happens.

I spent most of the morning in the library getting stuff done, and then when it came time to print stuff off, alls I had was my card. I don't carry change, so this guy gave me a quarter...YAY! I was able to get all of the busy work out of the way, print stuff out, and go on my merry way!

Tomorrow my internship with the news station starts, and I am so excited! I go in at 9, walk across the street to class, and head back over after! Its going to be a great day!

I love being at the beach, although I am really missing my MC girls, and OMG I miss my mom, sister, and brother! Luckily my mom and I talk every day, but I am about to die for her to come visit!

Here are some pictures from 10th Night!