Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pictures from yesterdays adventure!

This pretty much says it all, we had a great time!

I always say these things are fun to preview when your young, in my dreams when my Harvard Doctor magically appears and decides to propose, I fully intend on living it up on the greens!

haha...we can all dream cant we?!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Old North State!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

You will NOT believe what I did yesterday, I dont even believe it!
My friend T and I have known each other forever, and we basically do anything crazy and spontaneous that nobody else would ever do and it can get a little out of hand/illegal/hailarious, however you wanna take it! Nothing bad, just memorable trips!
For example, I have a house on Tuckertown Lake, and right up from there is a place called Uwharrie Point, it is so nice. My dad has golfed there, but me I have never been! Neither had T, so, one day I was out at lunch with my father when he texted me and said
He said,
"Slap on a Lilly, and get the hell in the car, lets go on a day trip to Uwharrie Point!"
OMG, I knew this was going to be so much fun!
We got in the car and headed that way!
When we got there it was the prettiest day, 90 some degrees and absolutely gorgeous! We rode around in the convertible for a bit and just looked around, then we made a plan!
We decided that I would wear my ring on my left hand, we were engaged, he was in Law School, and I was finishing up school taking online courses to be a special education teacher! We were looking to move to the lake with our shitzu, hahaha!
We found the visitor center, and decided to go and say we were interested in looking around and you will never believe this...
The incredibly sweet, (but gullible) people that work there gave us a golf cart, open bar, and dinner at the club!
It was a night out of Heaven, so much fun.
The Country Club that I am a member of is great, but it is always nice to see different ones!
It was truly the most fun i've had all summer!
We rode the golfcart around the whole area and saw beautiful houses! We rode around for probably 2 hours! Then, we went inside to take a tour of the club house, we met some great people and mingled for a bit! After that, we went to sit on the porch and have our first drinks of the day!
I had an Apple Martini, or 5 and a Seabreeze, both of which were oh my gosh, so good!
The staff was alot of fun too! At dinner, we were having our steaks and T mentioned he wanted a cigar!
Hello, all we had to do was ask!
I went straight up to Alex, my favorite bartender, and told him,
"Hello, its my fiances birthday, and he would just love a cigar, would that be possible?"
Alex replied
"Of course, you can both go sit on the terrace with fresh drinks and I will bring it out shortly!"
No less than 2 minutes later, Alex gave T a cigar for his "birthday" while I was having my martini out on the terrace, and we just relaxed. Alex took our picture, and even lit T's cigar.
The view from the terrace reminded me of those commercials for "Sandals" islands or whatever it is, it was just beautiful! So exciting.
Then, a few minutes later these 3 ladies in their 40's were heavily tipsy and came to sit on the terrace bench as well!
HELLO, I had to strike up a conversation, they were killing us!
I actually didnt have to though, they did!
Our new friends names were Rhonda, Lynn, and Susan!
Rhonda came right out and said,
"Are the two of you engaged?"
I said,
"Yes, we are!"
and then she yanked my hand over to see "the ring" hahaha!
T really didnt say much beacase we were all talking enough for everyone!
Then, Lynn looked at him and said,
"Y'all are exact opposites, you are reserved and shes a pistol!"
He then looked down to see Rhonda and myself on our knees talking about how her husband left her at a bad time, and she was having a midlife crisis!
She started crying saying how "she could tell we were so in love"
bitch please, we are faking the whole thing! haha, it was too good! T and I were just dying!
Lynn then asked if we would buy the apartment next to hers so she could have good neighbors, because her 3rd husband just left her, but in the settlement she got the apartment! GO LYNN!
Seriously, I loved these women, they were so funny! They said we were their entertainment for days, and they have been our entertainment for over a year! Apparently, they have kids at State, so I hope I never meet them! Although, we were all 5 so tipsy, I doubt those women remember anything! It was Rhondas birthday/annavershary of the day her 2nd husband uprooted and left, so she was pretty hammered!

The bill for the night really wasnt awful either, we just split it and made plans to go back soon!

It was the time of my life! LOVED it!

Yesterday I finally got my hair done, it was much needed. I saw a picture of Heidi Klums hair in a magazine and LOVED the cut and color, so I went a little blonder! Also, today I am getting a spray on tan (that always sounds so skank!) but I love them. I am going to a new place because haha, yes I research my dyes, and this is suppossed to be like the best tan dye out there! So excited, I tried to lay out the other day, but my skin just cannot take it. I got so burned, and it peeled anyway so I think that the spray on tan is probably the best way to go! I have been getting them for years, usually for special occassions but I have a few summer parties, and I refuse to be white, so I cannot wait.