Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 new dresses


Last post of the day!
I forgot to post the new dresses I found and bought for summer! SO excited!

This one is from The Pink Palm I LOVE it! My mother and my sister think it looks like a Grandma! If it does, thats too bad, because I had to have it! The website is great, they have the best Lilly stuff and they are SO quick to ship!

This is from Ann Taylor Loft. I wanted a white dress for summertime and this one is absolutely perfect!

I found this Lilly at Saks 5th in Charlotte and LOVE it! It is great for anything from a dinner party, to a frat party!

Have a great Tuesday!


Hey girls!
Okay, so since y'all asked here is my new favorite Detox Diet! Seriously, you will love it!
Its called The Hollywood Diet a.k.a the Detox Diet, and it's great! When I did it, I actually did eat fruits and vegetables with it, because HELLO im not going 2 days without anything, id be such a bitch if I did that. I ate very healthy though, and the diet itself made me feel so much better! I love to try new things and stay healthy and in shape. I totally recommend trying this! Here is a picture of the bottle so you can try it yourself!! I think the juice tastes so good!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great day! I am so sorry my posts have been so separated lately will post on a regular basis soon! I didn't want you to think I had just stopped! I have sooo many cute clothes to post though, and this great new Detox Diet I am trying, its a miracle worker!! So ill update later on today!