Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay, so as I mentioned...the head of all of the news stations at ABC News contacted me 2 days ago about taking an internship in DC for the Fall.

Also, earlier today, CBS called and wants me to stay in NYC for the Fall and intern with them! I have an interview next week, and we will see how it goes.

As for DC, since this man is in charge of the Raleigh station as well, he sent my resume on to them.

I am really distraught over all of this. I know I should be excited. I am, but I am also really confused.

Here is my story,
Essentially since I was 5 years old I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I have always loved children, and enjoyed teaching them whether it be at VBS, or at summer pre school!
However, the Christmas that I entered college, I got very involved in the process of checking out families with Project Santa. I saw children who were hurt, starving, and all around sad because of their pathetic excuses for parents. Once I spent a month involved in this, I decided that I wanted to pursue Child Advocacy Law.
I studied that for a few months, and really researched the options and level of comittment it would require. I have never been one for school, and therefore knew that Law was not my calling.
Back to teaching I went...
Well, in the back of my mind, I have always wanted to be on TV, and be famous but I also viewed that as selfish because I had no real reason for wanting to do so.
The next Christmas, I was so confused about my major, and ready to give up when,
It was Project Santas 50th year anniversary. That Christmas, all of these reporters came out Christmas Eve from many different News Channels.
It turns out that a certain news channel had a reporter who called in sick that night, so it was just the camera man. I got up the nerve to introduce myself, and he knew that my grandfather founded Project Santa! This was very exciting because we got to talking, and he was a very good guy! Before we left for the routes, he asked if I could take part in interviewing families, and children, as well as recording a VO, and live Package for the 10, 11, and midnight news!
At the time, I was just ecstatic, and said OF COURSE!
Now, I have never been so glad that I was given that opportunity, because from there, I realized that I could be on TV with a purpose, and pursue my dream, accept it didnt have to just be "a dream" it could be reality.
After that night, I ended up praying that whatever was meant to happen would happen. Everyone always says they could see me on the news. Its very sweet, but I never took it seriously until that night.
The next summer, I gave up a trip to Europe to pursue an internship back home in Charlotte with a local news station. At the internship, my interview in my opinion, went horrible! I was too quiet, and didnt know a damn thing about news! I ended up some how getting it, and through that internship I learned the basics, such as how to run a live truck, camera, and teleprompter. Also I got to meet the anchors, and reporters. Every day was a new adventure, and eventually BIG stories began to unfold and I got to assist with the interviews, press confrerences, and on camera shots! I also got to start my DEMO tape in my hometown!
It was the best summer of my life!
After that summer, I applied for another internship at a local station in Raleigh for the Fall!
For the first month, I sat and did nothing, but then I asked around and got to start going out and covering stories with a camera man! He was great, and let me continue my demo reel! I experienced the rush and excitement of real news. Some of it was very sad, gross, happy, and exciting!
After that Fall, I knew that I had to keep pushing and something great would come because it seemed as though whenever I decided that I wanted to pursue news, God gave me all of the tools to do so, and everything just kept, and keeps falling into place!
As of right now, I am interning in New York City with a PR Firm, and love it!
I have recently interviewed with The Late Show, FOX News, ABC News, and CBS news. I didnt get the Late Show, but I truly consider myself lucky for getting to be a part of the interview process.
I hate saying this, because it sounds just awful but deep down, I am really proud of myself for finding something that I love, and that I can succeed at. It keeps me going!
I am so confused right now because ABC DC, and CBS NY want to take me on for the fall, but it is my last year at school, and I do feel like I should go ahead and finish it up! I havent even thought of the possibility of subleasing my room to anyone for the Fall, and also I would miss all of my friends! I am scared that when I get back to school, all of them would be moving on, and as much as I love my career I love my friends and family too, and I dont want to miss any experiences with any of them!
Although it would just be one semester, I feel as though I still could not accept a job offer with them right afterward because I will not be through with school. I think I should ask if I could accept the internships next summer. I know that may be extremely unprofessional, but in a sense it seems smarter. I am really torn, because here are 2 great opportunitues, and I am just going to throw them away! I hate that! Who knows, what I am really going to base it on is if they are paid or not.

Life is so short, and I would love to keep interning, and doing what I love by somehow working in news. I don't want to settle, ever! I hate thinking that I have so much school left. However, I know that sooner or later if I keep following the path that I am supossed to, and keep working at it, I will be who I am suppossed to.

Any advice?!

Have a great Friday! I am off to after work cocktails with the girls!


They finally got posted!
Seriously, Regis & Kelly were 2 of the nicest people i've ever met! They posed for so many pictures, and that was so sweet of them! SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009



That was my freakin face after some nasty SOB threw a cockroach off his shirt onto my chest which then landed in the middle of the elevator we were riding on! I freaked out and ran into the door trying to escape the madness! I hit my head, and now have a welt the size of Texas! Also, my eyes are permanently stuck in the "IM SHOCKED"position...I'm scarred for life...fml!

Here is the story for your enjoyment, my pain!

Last night, I decided that I would order pasta for dinner from my favorite delivery place! I was just too lazy to go anywhere, which is horrible considering I am in NYC! Eventually, I went downstairs to pick it up, and as I was coming back up the story began!

I was all smiles when I got in the elevator to go back up to the room and eat my pasta!

When I got in the elevator, I stood in the back like I always do, because I love to observe everyone that gets on...HELL if im ever doing that again!

All of the sudden, as the doors were closing, this sketchy man gets in!
He was probably in his early 20's and looked like he had just come off of the Warped Tour in 1988...back off girls, hes all mine!
When he got on, I kept waiting for him to push, "3", or "4", hoping he was on a low floor! Oh, but no, of course he was on "16" the same floor i'm on!

When he got in, he was wearing this faded black "Led Zepplin" tee shirt, with TIGHT jeans, and a stark white belt with spikes that should probably be considered a weapon...also his snaggle tooth caught a little bit of the RED lipstick he was wearing. Needless to say, he was smiling with all 5 of his pearly whites right in my direction...real pretty! I was so excited for my pasta now!

Well, finally the doors shut, and reality set in that he wasnt getting out, so I had to grin and bear it!

All of the sudden, he starts flinching like a white guy trying to break dance, and scratching his bald head like nothing i've ever seen! I knew it couldn't be lice because, he didn't have any hair, and so I was forced to assume he was...

a.) a Darren's Dance Groove failure...
b.) an epileptic

All of the sudden he yells,
I look in a panic!
He FLICKS a cockroach off of his dirty neck



I despise cockroaches more than anything in the world!

All of the sudden, I scream bloody murder as it falls off my shirt into the floor, and I RUN for the elevator door to try to escape this jungle!

The doors shut, and I ran right into them! OMG! What could I do but climb up the poles off the ground!
The guy is laughing so hard, saying,
"geez, maybe I should shower!"
"I didnt know those existed up North! I must have carried it with me all the way from the airport!"

Obviously, he was trying to play it cool...too late buddy, your disgusting!

I was SO pissed off, and kept yelling mean things like,
...okay so the last one is a little harsh, but this is no laughing matter...fool!

Then, after what felt like a million years (we were only up to floor 5) he stepped on it, and said "Well there goes one of Gods creatures!"
OMG...he was serious...
Well, another one was about to see his way to the "light" if I didn't get the hell out of that elevator!

FINALLY, floor 16! I bolted out the door, one eye open, because the other was half way swollen shut, and I power walked to my room!

I have never, ever in my life been so disgusted!

That's my story, i'm sure i'll laugh about day!

In other news,
I found out yesterday that the head of ABC wants to give me an internship in Washington DC for the Fall! This was excellent news, because it would give me not only more experience, but also a valuable addition for my resume. I feel like if I do not take every opportunity I am given within the news business, I will never get the job I am working towards. However, my mother thinks I should go ahead and finish school, graduate, then get a job as a reporter. I have already been talking to 2 stations in NC, and they want to hire me when I get out of school, but still ABC will make me that much more qualified! The only downfall is that it is unpaid. After this summer, I am not going to ask my parents to do this for me again! They were very sweet to let me live up here for a summer. I e-mailed the man back and asked if there was a way that I could intern out of Raleigh. He agreed, and sent my resume to the station there. He still wants me to work out plans for DC, but right now it is all up in the air. Could I leave all of my friends for a semester, and not lose touch? Would I want to? NO I can already answer that...and also, it would be very beneficial if the internship were paid. I am still waiting to hear back from ABC, and FOX, so this is one of hopefully a few options. I will just have to pray about it, and wait to see!

Have a great Monday!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey girls!

This morning, I woke up at 8:20! I did not have to go in today, because I had so many other things to get done, and needed to not be in the office! It wasn't until later today though, that I realized I only work Tuesday and Thursday this week! YAY!
Also, I am in the midst of applying for quite a few internships, and I had a few more to submit, so I got all of that done around 3:30 and I was ecstatic!
When I got up, I turned on Good Morning America! I just love all of the personalities on that show! Diane and Robin are amazing! I love their wardrobes! Also, okay, can I just say, I LOVE Sam Champion! He is like my favorite weather man...ever! He is so cute! He seems very sweet too, like if I were to run into him *fingers crossed* he would be extremely easy to talk to! I absolutely love Chris Cuomo! He wears the best ties, which isnt what I should be noticing, he reports well too, but YES I do love his ties! Such a sharp dresser!

Once Regis and Kelly came on, I got so excited!
Let me preface this by saying, I really didn't think I was going to win, I just don't get my hopes up for things like that. If it happens it happens, if not, its not the end of the world or anything! I feel so fortunate to have even gotten to meet them both, and have my picture featured in the first place! I cant wait to go back to the standby line this Thursday with my friends! However, if I had won, that would have been icing on the cake! I just love everyone from back home that sent me messages, called, or texted me! It was too funny, everyone recorded it and I am so thankful to know such sweet people! I felt like a mini-celebrity for 24 hours!

Then, half way through the show, there it was, my moment!
Kelly opened the envelope and said...AHHH
"The winner is...
HELLO, last time I checked Kelly was blonde!

Earlier on the show she said "Regis, there were those girls who were born blonde, and then those who were born to be blonde!" haha!

No, in all honesty, she looked a lot more like Kelly than anyone else! It was the perfect pick! Regis got an older guy for his look alike, and I was really hoping the little kid would win haha! Also for Kelly, I really wanted the woman with the beer in her hand to win, because that's priceless! That would have been hilarious!

This morning, after the fact, I called my best friend, T, and we were joking around and pretending to be extremely depressed about it! We agreed this *look alike* must have sent cruel threats to the studio or something, or maybe she had someone behind the scenes rig the competition! Clearly the only safe thing to do was give her the win. After the show, I put my big sweats back on, ordered a LARGE pizza, and a ginger ale, not even a DIET ginger ale, because yes, my stomach, and my pride hurt! haha! Its too bad it wasn't after 5pm, I would have ordered myself something a little stronger!
Don't even judge, I was grieving a significant loss!
This morning, it was tough to get out of bed, I started to get depressed and eat everything in site. I can say I at least walked to the elevator to take me to the snack machine for a twinky, or 5!
I decided today i'd let myself go, stay in my sweatpants, and of course, wear no make up.
Starting tomorrow, I really need to prepare myself for next years competition, I'm thinking of hiring a personal trainer, and making friends with the staff, so ill have the inside connection. Haha!

Okay, all jokes aside, I am getting so excited because 2 of my friends are coming into the city on Wednesday and staying through Sunday!!
I am so excited, because I know one of them has never been to New York before! I really want to see a play, and of course, shop! 1 of them wants to go to Regis and Kelly, or The View, so I think Thursday morning we are going to stand in one of the lines! SO much fun! I love New York!

2 of my other friends just left yesterday after spending the weekend, and it was great having them here too! Its always so nice to have friends visit from back home! While they were here, we did Canal St, SoHo, and many other things! I was so excited to just go around New York and see everything! We went in this church right across from Ground Zero. I am so sorry, I should remember the name, but don't, and don't want to guess, but when we went in it had tons of 9/11 memorials all throughout the church. I got chills the minute I walked in because I just felt such a sense of calmness, as well as sadness for all of the sad memorials, but really there was something about that church that was so calming. It was really emotional to see this church. We also saw the cross made out of remains from the World Trade Centers, that was amazing to me.

Today I have been looking up at home work out routines to tone my arms and abs! I feel kind of flabby, and really want to have a good work out routine for when school starts back! At the Raleigh house, there is a treadmill, and another machine to work arms, as well as exercise mats. I found a few exercises that I just have to share! They look so effective! I cant wait to try them!

Ab Exercises

Leg lifts-Laying on the floor on your back and lifting your legs.

25 leg lifts on each leg to start.

Every 2 days add 5 more leg lifts.

Start to lay on your side and lift your legs to tone your legs and love handles 25 times.

Crunches- Lay flat on your back, hands behind your head, knees bent, and slowly lift your head off of the ground about 8 inches.

I start out with 25 crunches and work my way up to 300 crunches per day. You do not have to do all of your crunches in one sitting.

Break them down to 100 immediately in the morning.

When you get home from work finish the crunches off.

Push-Ups- Do as many pushups as you can before your arms start to get tired. Once your arms are tired, take a 30 second break.

After your break, get into the push-up position with elbows locked and body straight like a board. Instead of gown down, hold this rigid position for a minute or longer.

After 20 seconds you will already feel the burn, keep holding until that minute is up.

After this set of push-up style exercises, your abs should be feeling the burn already.

Bicycle- Lay on your back.

Now lift your legs off of the ground and bring your knees towards your upper body, alternating left leg and then right.

Try to mimic the action of riding a bicycle.

Continue this for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.

Repeat 2 more times.

Arm Exercises

Two to three sessions per week!

Dips - For this exercise you will need a sturdy chair.

For beginners stand in front the chair with your hands on the seat.

Squat down so your feet are a few feet in front of the chair.

Now raise and lower yourself using only your arms.

To make it more difficult you can straighten you legs or bring another chair in and prop your feet on it. Advanced students can even add weight to their lap.

Triangle Push ups - Assume a normal push up position.

Now make your legs wider and bring your hands in closer until your thumbs and first finger touch and form a triangle.

From here just do the push ups as you normally would.

Push-Ups- Get into a pushup position.

Bring hands in until they are directly under your shoulders.

Keeping your body, head and neck straight lower yourself until you are almost touching the floor, then rising up again.

It's easier to start with kneeling pushups.

The triceps, the muscle under the arm as well as the chest and core muscles are worked in this exercise.

Start with 5, and then work up to a set of 10.

Those look like good ones to start with! I am also ordering a hot pink medicine ball, to throw up in the air and work my arms with. Also, I am getting pink dumbells to use for my arms too!
So excited!

I am also just realizing that I have 2 weeks left in this wonderful city! Its so bittersweet! I have had the summer of my dreams, and it will be hard to leave, but I am also very excited to get home and get back to the real world! I hope to be back here someday doing something big! I am trying to decide what to do with my sheets, and quilt when I leave! I bought everything before I came specifically for the trip, so im almost thinking of finding a shelter and taking it all there. I just cant see the point of lugging it all home, and giving myself back problems! I also just found out that the night I get back, my sister and mother are going to see Coldplay with everyone we know that night, so I will either be staying with my Aunt, or renting a car.
They said they wouldnt go to Coldplay, but HELLO, its Coldplay, you cant just miss that!
I pray that wherever I rent a car from, they can rent me an SUV! I drive a Volvo and its got tons of room! Also, every freakin time I rent a car in Salisbury, they give me the same thing because its Salisbury and options are limited...a Ford Focus. No offense to all you Focus lovers out there, but its just not my style! They are so tiny, and with my driving record, I could stand to drive an 18 wheeler for my saftey! My mother swears I will be able to get an SUV, but then better not be a minivan! hahaha! If it is, you can bet I will take a picture of the beauty, and post it on here!
Im talking like a tahoe! I know they rent those in Charlotte!
Also, we thought of having a car come pick me up at the airport and drive me home, but im not really feeling that either! As fun as that would be, I just dont think so!

I'm sure if its up to my mother, i'm going to stay with my Aunt that night in Charlotte, which I really wanna do because I never see her, and the next day I can shop with Aunt, Mom, and Sister!!
Luckily, I dont have to worry about all of those details quite yet!

Have a great Monday!! I will post more later!

Here are some pictures from LIVE!