Monday, November 24, 2008

More Favorite Quotes

GRITS Guide to Life (I have read and highlighted this book so many times over, it is now almost as worn as my Bible!)

. "Real Southern character isn't about mansions and plantations- it's about all ordinary people, of all races and backgrounds, who go the extra mile to live life with dignity, style, class, and pride, even in todays fast and furious world."

. "Southern women are anything but ordinary."

. "Men must understand, that like a Magnolia, you can't trim a GRITS, we are perfect just as we are."

. "One never has to justify buying a strand of pearls".
-common knowledge among Southern women!

. Lessons in Southern grammer
1. Y'all is singular
2. All y'all is plural
3. All y'all's is plural possessive

. "Pretty is as pretty does".

. "Good manners are free, but forgetting them often costs you dearly".

. "Southern women know its improper to visit someone's house without the perfect outfit-ESPECIALLY the house of the Lord"!

. The 3 deadley sins of Southern girls!
1. Bad manners
2. Bad hair
3. Bad blind dates

. "If you don't make fun of yourself, somebodies going to do it for you".

. "Religious or not, GRITS always follow the Ten Commandments: We don't steal, lie, cheat, or sass our parents. We don't worship any graven idols, although some of us have been known to be seduced by the engraving on a dollar bill...".

. "Southerners live by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Thats the Foundation of Life down here.

. "Porches are an important part of Southern life".

. "All well-raised Southern girls know it's far easier to get forgiveness than permission".

Oh and a personal favorite from Emily Post:
"Politeness is to do and say, the kindest thing in the kindest way"!
. "Just keep smilin' darlin', and keep workin' to make the world a better place".

. "A worthy cause is the best medicine in life, and it doesn't taste half bad goin' down"!


Favorite Quotes

Hey girls!

I have been reading up on a lot of my favorite girly books lately since I know I will be getting more for Christmas.
I am going to list some of my favorite parts from each book that I think everyone should hear! They are such great quotes.

The first book is GRITS Friends Are Forevah

. "No one is better than I am, nor am I better than anyone else. Keep an open mind when meeting a new person. If you don't judge her before you know her, you may find the woman with the bad attitude, frizzy hair, and moth-eaten coat could be your new best friend".

. "No GRITS worth her mothers china would ever leave the house without being ready to face the world. Look presentable".

. "A Southern lady wont praise herself, but her GRITS girlfriends will praise her to the skies".

. "If you're too busy to make friends, honey, you're too busy for life"!

. "Southern Pearls don't sweat, we glisten"!

. "My mother is so southern, she has all these sayings like 'The blonder you are, the better you look!' "
-Reese Witherspoon

. "We Southerners don't sit around feeling sorry for ourselves-if we did, we'd never have come through war, racial tension, and the occasional losing football season to be the wonderful region that we are- we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start over FRESH".

. "I think the giggle of a Southern girl could just about charm the bark off a pine tree".

. "Livings not about the things we can do, its about the people we love".

. To those who have received honors, awards, and distinctions, I say well done! And to the C students, I say that you, too, may someday be President of the United States".

. More to come...I have to go to class.


Hey girls!

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