Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey Y'all!

I am so sorry my posts suddenly stopped again, but it was exam week and it was hectic! I got through and they all went great! I had the best time just sitting in the house studying and having a Friends marathon for 3 long days!

I am officially finished for the semester and I am so happy about it! Although, I am sad to leave all of my friends for the holiday, but we will all be back and fourth to Raleigh so that is very exciting!

Well yesterday was just long! I had 3 exams, and MY INTERNSHIP DIRECTOR YELLED AT ME!
He was yelling at another girl when I got in there, and she left balling so I had to just say a quick prayer and go in! I was not happy with him! He gave me 4 hours notice that I had to have a letter from my internship boss at the news. She had been out of town for 2 weeks, and I had to call her 5 times and get her to write it before 5 yesterday or he said he would fail me! It wasn't even my fault, but thank God I work well under pressure and got it done.
So I get in his office with her on the phone and he goes "I am so sick of you damn interns givin' me shit about your excuses" and I was like, well here's another excuse buddy! my boss has been out of town and she will have it by 8 am Tuesday, is that okay? "NO! Have it by 5 or you fail, I am running out of patience Garner!"
GEEZ, at this point I was just ready to cry!
So then I walk back to ask him a question and HES TALKING ABOUT ME to another teacher...RUDE!
I calmly told the asshole that my parents don't talk to me that way, and if there was a problem then he could explain it because I don't do well with yelling. (i'm outspoken, but I hate yelling!) I told him that if I got here at 4:59 and he was gone, he better not even think about failing me because I was on my way to an exam at 2, and he threw this on me...stressed!

Somehow, I made it through and was still nice to everyone, thank you GRITS books!

Well I went back at 4:30 with my stuff and he apologized, and I mean I really like him as a teacher but how rude...seriously! I am a 20 year old girl, don't yell at me for your mistake buddy!

Anyways on a better note, tonight since my roommates and I are all done we are celebrating! I am making Vodka Tonics all around, we are opening the cutest new bottle of wine and some friends are coming over to hang out and talk about what a crazy semester we had!

I feel like everything comes up all at once at the end of the semester for me, and I have to rush to finish it all.

Today, I had to take my car to be looked at because the breaks were grinding and it turns out it is a BIG problem with the suspensions, but that's okay because there was a CUTE guy in the gas station (not working, waiting for his car too!) and then the gas station I go to knows me because I always go there! They are about 2 seconds from my house, and they are so helpful!

It has been a great few months, and I am bittersweet about this semester ending!

If any of y'all are teachers, or taking exams God Bless You girls!

Have a great Tuesday!