Thursday, June 30, 2011

the big C

Hey girls!

So, recently, with my crazy schedule with this new job, I have had a good bit of down time!

I was reading People Magazine the other day when a show on Showtime called "the big C" was mentioned! I have never really seen the show, but it has one of my very favorite actress', Laura Linney! Also, my favorite Simon Birch actor, Oliver Platt!

It portrays how Cathy (played by Laura Linney) battles her stage 4 melanoma with humor, and living her life to the fullest!
Of course, I had to watch it!

Also, the show stars Gabbie Sidibe, better known as "Precious" in a hilarious role as one of Linney's students with a bad ass attitude!

Here is a really good article about how the show also helps support the American Cancer Society!

Its a wonderful show with a great message in every episode!

Y'all should watch it, if you haven't yet!

My Life Lately!

Hey girls!

Life has been so busy lately, as everyone's is! I just started a new job out of Charlotte, NC for the next few months! I am so excited about it! I cant say much, but its my dream job at this point, im in Heaven!

I just wrapped filming 2 movies in Wilmington; 1 I was really just an extra (hey whatever my agent wants, she gets!) , and the other I am a lifeguard...ahem who strangles herself to death trying to save a life in the film! HAHA! Lifeguard of the freakin' year!

That was my most exciting role because I had my first line!!

For the next few months, I will be living in Charlotte and working as much as possible. This new job is my dream job, and I freaking love it!

My career in acting has been slow, but I love every second of it! Everyday I work, i'm so happy! I would do a job like this for free!

There are so many things I have to update you all with, it is so hard to know where to start. I've had "writers block" for a while now, and cant seem to blog! I hope y'all still keep up though, because I am trying to get back in the habit of posting once a week! :)

Have a great Thursday!