Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Finds!

Hey girls!

Well, I am about to do the usual Thursday night with the girls and go to Fosters. I am excited, but for some reason I am so tired! I have been straight tired for 2 days!
Sadly, I think its because I started doing my work out and it has made me so sore! HAHA! Its funny because I really used to be in great shape, but now my sorry self cant even do 200 push ups and sit ups without gasping for air! AHHH! What in the world am I gonna do?

I have such a fun story to share with you! Today in one of my classes, we had to act out a scene from a short story about A.) A girl named Sally getting abused by her boyfriend, or B.) A school girl named Sally getting abused by her father...what FUN topics! Of course, there were other stories to choose from, but everyone did this because the others either had tons of curse words which I will not preform in front of a class, or they were extremely boring!

Anyways, so today was my day and I decided that since we had to make up our background and who we were, I would be Sally's school teacher reporting the abuse to a Social Services Officer! I absolutely loved my props! I took in all pink and green notebooks, a pink stapeler, and I wore a black dress with a pink jacket! AHH! It may have been a sad story, but I attempted to brighten the scene!

At the end everyone can comment, and everyone said they liked my color coordination! Have I mentioned I have class with the preppiest girls! They all did really well too, one of my good friends needs to just drop out and go to Hollywood, because seriously I felt like I was watching her on TV. It was amazing. Everyone did such different interpretations of the same story, and some of them were so emotional and some of them were just plain interesting!

Also, I decided to go to the beach with one of my roomates this weekend for somebodies birthday party. I am excited, my pale figure needs some sun!

I have to just tell you girls that I have been getting my spring wardrobe ordered, and last night I ordered the cutest pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, if you have never seen them, they are really sporty kindof like Oakleys, but the lenses are much better in my opinion! They are a bit pricey, but worth it! I rarely, if ever, buy expensive sunglasses because I always break mine, but I had to get these because I will be able to wear them on the boat, or just out and about! They are really cute! They have them with blue lenses, but I got black. I secretly really want blue, but everyone said blue looks more manly so I went with black just to be safe! As an added bonus, they are sending me some "camo croakies"! I am not really much of a camo girl, so maybe I will give those to someone.

Also, I got the cutest Mountain Hardware Jacket! It is Olive Green which sounds less then attractive, but really is so cute! I have wanted one for a while, and my North Face is finally too short in the arms, so I decided this one can last me for a long time!

I wish spring would get here already! The day I can finally wear a sundress is going to be the happiest day of my year!

Have you all found anything cute for spring? I am sure you have! If so, let me know!!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Questions Answered!

Hey girls!

I am gonna answer the fun questions you all asked!

All Things Southern & Preppy
Which Etiquette Book is your all time favorite?
My favorite Etiquette Book that I have ever read is "What Would Jackie Do?"
It is my all time favorite because, the cover is flawless, and the advice and quotes throughout the book are very influential!

Europafox asked,
What is your favorite holiday destination and why?
My favorite holiday destination is Denton, NC! I know, nowhere special, but that is where I spend my favorite holiday! CHRISTMAS! I also love Denton because its so tiny, and everybody knows everybody! I know you were most likely expecting a response other than somewhere so plain. For me, its not necessarily the place I go, but the atmosphere that absolutely makes my holiday so wonderful! I also loved going to Florida one year to visit my cousin with all the family for Thanksgiving, the drive was pure HELL but when we got there, it was beautiful!

First University, Then The World asked,
What is your favorite indulgence?
Some gals love Chocolate, I love Lilly accessories, shoes, and dresses! I order a Lilly every chance I get, and I love being around Lilly anything! Lilly Stationary is becoming my biggest indulgence!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars asked,
What are your top beauty tips?
My beauty routine in the morning consists of:
Flossing, Listerine, and brushing my teeth to keep them white, that's an essential part of being beautiful!
Drinking warm water with lemon juice, because that keeps my skin healthy, and it keeps me thin and feeling healthy!
Also, applying make-up. I believe in keeping it simple somedays, and wearing a lot the next! I use Bobbi Brown foundation, concealer, and bronzer with brown eye shadow, and eye liner at the top and inside my lids.

At night:
I walk 2 miles a night, then do 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups
After that, I do my usual Retinol routine to prep my skin for spring and get rid of unwanted freckles, and blemishes! Retinol is expensive, but it is worth every penny!
Then, I apply a hint of Jergens to wake up with some fun color.

Each day, I also drink at least 3 bottles of water to keep my skin healthy, and cleanse out toxins!

I couldn't just give 1 tip!

I guess if I had to, it would be the Retinol! Absolute pain when I use it, but makes my skin silky fresh after it peels! Also, it prevents sun damage!

Well, there you go! I hope you like those answers!