Friday, February 1, 2008

The Spring Lilly Collection!!

Here are some of my personal favorites from the Spring Collection '08!!
$328.00 at In The Pink

$168.00 at In The Pink

$208.60 at In The Pink & $75.00 at The Pink Palm
$398.00 at In The Pink

$168.00 - $178.00 at In The Pink

$138.00 at In The Pink

$148.00 at In The Pink

Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 Preppy Things of the Week!

Hey girls!

Here are 5 of my favorite things that I have seen this week and absolutely fallen in love with! I hope all of you girls enjoy!!

1.) All of the blogs I have seen

I have loved looking at so many blogs with so many great things to offer. I love to shop, and everyones blog always has links to great stores, and where exactly to shop. KEEP IT UP!

2.) My Polo Sweatshirts with a black pair of Danskin leggins!
(Great for working out as well as just lounging around!)

Does it get any better?! You can look so casual while demonstrating so much class!! These are probably my favorite things to wear. Because I go to an all girls school, unless I am going out with my boyfriend, or out with the girls I really have no reason to get dressed up. It is still so important to me to keep a classy look though, its so important to keep up a good sense of style, as well as a good reputation! I have the Pink Pony hoodie too, but I dont care for it because I washed it one time and it shrunk 2 sizes!! Oh well, ill still make it fit until I order a new one.
MONOGRAMMED SWEATSHIRTS are a must too! I recently went out and bought a sweatshirt for 2$, and monogrammed it in bright pink! It looks very classic! Try it!!

(but not in my closet, I will wear those to bed any day!!)
These boxers come in such cute patterns! I love all of them, and they are very comfortable. They are around $35, which is verrrry reasonable if anyone is familiar with Lilly. Lilly Pulitzer has the most vibrant sense of style, and I just love everything. (Also check out the new SPRING LILLY! Its flawless!!)

4.) Burberry Weekend Purfume!

This perfume smells amazing, alot of my friends say that when they smell it now, they think of me because, yes, I do wear it all the time. It smells so good, I just cant get enough. I mean, its Burberry, enough said!

5.) Brooks Brothers Oxfords!
I just recently bought pink, and a pink and white striped Brooks Brothers oxfords. They are so comfortable, and NON-IRON! I am alittle rough with clothes sometimes, so the fact that they do not wrinkle is so great! I love these shirts, I cannot wait until Spring gets here so that I can wear them with shorts of all colors from JCrew, they also look great with Vineyard Vines Cord Skirts. Im sure they look great with everything!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls trip to Florida!!

Hey girls!

Every year, usually for birthdays, my mother, sister, 2 aunts, and I take a trip to NYC to SHOP SHOP SHOP! We are going this year in May for my BIG 20!! This past weekend though, we decided to pack up and head to St. Augustine, Florida. My brother and my cousin were determined that they were going to surf, which they did (even though it was 53 degrees and raining!) As far as us girls, no way, we shopped the whole time and we found some great stores. I went to a JCrew Outlet and found the cutest black and white dress, with a yellow tweed jacket. Also at Brooks Brothers, I got a pair of pink and white seersucker pajamas for 20$!! I have wanted them for about a year now but I could never find them in my size! I was so excited! They have them on the website, and they have some great stuff for guys too (I will take advantage of that for valentines day!!) Also, my roomate and suitemates are so fun, and they always have the cutest clothes (usually JCrew!!) We all share clothes haha, but my roomate just got the Zebra print skirt and I am soo jelous, it is probably the cutest thing ive EVER seen!!
I know thats a picture of white pjs from Brooks Brothers, but you get the idea!! Go buy a pair, they are so comfortable!!

Books of the Season!

Hey girls!
It has been forever since I have posted, I have been so, so busy and I know you all probably have too!! I hope y'all had happy holidays! Let me just tell you, over the past few months I have developed a new obsession...ETIQUETTE BOOKS!! I love them, and I bought about 10 over the break alone. They are wonderful if you need to brush up on your manners, or just simply to see how to act at a dinner party. My favorite books are of course the "Grits" books, they are absolutely amazing!! There are so many though, I want to buy them all!!