Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hey girls!

I hope that everyone had a great week!
I have just got to vent, because WOW this week has been the most hectic week ever, it was way to crazy!

We had our Spring Formal last night, and it was a lot of fun! A group of like 12 of us all went together! I took a boy that is from my hometown but lives in Raleigh, and I also took another good friend of mine from Salisbury...he was really coming up to go with my friend because her date had something important come up, but I called T that day and he made the trip! Such a great friend! He is the sweetest thing,
We all had so much fun together! I was so excited because at the formal they played all kinds of music. I love rap music, and they played lots of that and my personal favorite...BEACH MUSIC! They played Celebration and some girls started a Conga Line haha!
Before dinner, we all went and drank at my dates house, and then we went to dinner at Cafe Luna downtown Raleigh. It was really good, one of my new favorite places. This cute table of older couples stopped us on the way out of the restaurant and asked what we were doing, and we told them and they went on and on about how much they used to love college dances, it was so cute! One of them went to MC and so she was all excited! After dinner, we got a Whitehorse to take us back to my dates house to drink more and then we went to the dance.
At the dance, we snuck mini bottles in, and then T stayed on K and SB's couch that night! We had to sneak him out the next day, and HELLO we could go to honor council if they find out we had a guy stay in the dorms, so he kept telling people "she" was looking at MC for the softball team...people actually bought it and I was dying laughing! Priceless!

Have a wonderful Saturday!! :)