Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Miss NYC!

Hey girls!

Well, the title pretty much sums it all up, im homesick! I miss the city more than I could have ever imagined! I am so happy because I continue daily to keep up with many of the good friends I made while I was there! It is so crazy to hear about all of their lives, and how they actually DO go on after NYC!
We have all decided that NYC just wouldnt be the same unless we were all back together, but still I feel as though I should have cherished my time and experiences there more than I did!
When I was there, I really didnt take anything for granted, I knew what a blessing it was, and I felt like I was dreaming!
Even now, I think back on how wonderful it was to wake up, and walk past Penn Station, and Macys every single day to go to work! I miss seeing all of the familiar faces, and breathing the contaminated air in the subway (yes, I admit it, I even miss the subway!) I miss finding a new spot every single day because I would get lost, or sometimes just because I ventured around with my friends!
I miss my friends!
I miss having a nightly Starbucks hour with U, as we discussed all of the happenings of the given day, and people watched for hours! I miss having a pre Van Deimens G&T with KT, talking about everything under the sun and plotting how we were (ARE) going to have our very own talk show one day! I miss running up and down the streets of the Upper East Side in my monogrammed Seersucker dress, (which shocked people more than both of us running down the street!) I miss having drinks with Katy, and everyone in Coopers Tavern in our "spot" after work where we could fit 12 people who could tell stories that made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed! I miss running from room to room to have a random movie night, I miss wearing a pencil skirt every day to work! I really miss client meetings, and meeting all of the new people! I miss salsa dancing with Kevin, and singing "Dont Stop Believin" with everyone! I miss the cab rides, and dinner once a week at 12th and 2nd! I miss going to McDonalds across from home after a fun night out and getting a double QP every night for sure my arteries are paying for this! I miss all of the events that everyone was welcome to attend, because the city is just not a clicky place, I miss being my own boss, and learning how to hold my own! I miss working across from J, nect to K, A, and D. We had the best time! I miss seeing the Empire State Building every night when it was lit up! I miss New York Pizza, they rip you off down here, those slices were HUGE! I miss the attitudes, lifestyles, and beliefs of New Yorkers! I miss feeling like I could do anything I wanted to do, because HELLO I lived in the city of dreams, anything is possible! I miss people everywhere living but not noticing anything accept where they are going! I miss the simple things...those make us all the happiest! I miss so much more, I just could go on and on!

My favorite memories, well, I could write a book but here are just a few!

-Running down the streets of the Upper East Side with KT singing a song, and being free as a bird!
-Having the mic yanked out of my hand mid high note during karoke, because in NYC...its serious! KT and I were singing a little diddy for Michael Jackson, and the female version of Simon Cowell totally ruined our moment...whatever, whatever!
- Everyone meeting after work and just being together for hours on end! SO much fun!
- The subway...enough said!
- All of the client meetings!
- Living with my best friend in a room the size of a closet! Im proud, and also stunned we made it without killing each other! YAY!!
- MOST IMPORTANTLY...meeting my idols, REGIS & KELLY!

SO many more, but I cant list them all!!

I realize though, that I cant miss it forever, so I need to treasure the memories and be thankful it happened! A day doesnt go by that I dont laugh or smile about something that happened in NYC! I look at all of my pictures, and OH MY GOSH what I wouldnt give to have 1 more day! BUT, its the memories that count, and it was such a huge blessing to get to live there for the summer! I just loved every minute of it!

We have all been discussing going back to the city after we graduate and getting an apt...who knows what will happen!?
I know though, that I thank God everyday for giving me the greatest summer ever!

Will post more soon!