Friday, September 5, 2008

Naive Blonde

Hey girls!

Heres a sketch ass story, I swear there is never a dull moment in my life, ever!
I like it that way though, probably because i'm so used to it!
Half the time, its funny...or will be in a few short years!

Last night I went to a frat party with everyone and it was fun! There were probably 200+ people there, it got crazy. We left at 1 or so, and that was good because by then cops were there.

This morning when I got home from school, the cable guys were at the house installing everything. I am so excited! I finally have Lifetime back in my life! My roommate and I decided that it would probably be smart for one of us to be here while the other one went to class just because you never know! I stayed and waited for them to finish. It took them 2 hours because they talked to me forever!
I was just working on some French so when one of the cable guys started talking to me,
I welcomed the break!
He had this goatee, omg, it was out of control! Its really might just me but I think that's so gross! I felt so bad for him though because he kept saying he dropped out of school and he was doing this now.
He kept saying he had no skills, my Lord...pity party?
I was like look bud atleast your working that's always good! Hell, I couldn't hook up cable in someones house if I tried!
I like to think that made him feel better!

Anyways he asked me what my major was, where I went to school, my name, small talk.
After 20?'s I just assumed he would keep working because they had a lot of places to be today, and to be honest I am not all about being home alone with 2 huge men!

But no!

He didn't keep working, instead I was standing just in front of the tv switching channels, and I was wearing my Lilly shirt dress and okay girls, it has like pink and green flowers and like a goldfish printed on it. Anyways so this creeper is like
"Hey I love that dress, is that a goldfish on your bac"
After that I was like, lookin a little close there friend!
I really wanted to ask what else he had to do!
I just sat down...on the other end of the couch (its a big L shape) and turned on the a Spanish soap opera, because nobody watches that!!
I thought it would get his ass up and back to work!

Then he said
"girl, did you know you get 5 free movie channels, maybe we can watch one sometime...I am gonna come hang out with y'all!"

I just smiled and kept reading ( at this point I had been reading my new book "Are You There Vodka? Its Me, Chelsea." It is such a funny book! I added it to my collection!) Anyways so I was just trying to read and I really would have just gone to my room but while he was talking he did have stuff I had to sign and he had to tell me how to set up internet so I had to listen, and I will say he wasn't like rude or anything, so its not like I was scared. It just annoyed me!
Then at this point the other cable guy had come upstairs and he flashed me his pearly whites (he had about 2 of them left) and he said he was going to take a smoke break...great!
After he took his smoke break he came back in and set up some stuff, well some how we got on the subject of jail...I was laughing on the inside because I would talk to a cable guy about spending time in jail...geez!
Apparently he had done some time and I didn't ask why! But he kept telling me about all of the people he beat up in jail, and how when he had a repeated offense and went back to prison which was a little bit worse...they were good stories, he told me all kinds of stuff!
He told me if I ever go to prison to give him a call and he could give me some tips on how to survive! I made a note to do that if that day comes...
So, wow, it was just quite the morning!
Tonight the boys are coming to camp in the back yard and cook our pig for tomorrow. Earlier, one of them brought the grill over, and I found out my brother and his friends are coming back up for the weekend so that will be fun! I am getting so excited! It is going to be a good weekend. A bunch of people from the neighborhood are coming too, including the judge!!! That's gonna be fun! She is way to fun to be a judge. She throws all kinds of parties! I am glad we are getting to know her because that could help out later on haha.

We also have an exterminator coming VERY SOON!
Which is just an answered prayer because if i see one more nasty spider all bets are off, im just gonna sleep in the car!
I just cant stand them!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rollin on a River!

Oh my gosh! I am so excited! Today I had just the best day! No problems or crisis! YAY!

I decided today that I wanted to get a job because I have SO much freakin free time on my M,W, and F's!! I looked on Craigslist, but then found this site for my school where they have job listings. I thought babysitting would be really fun because I love kids, and the family that I had moved to Rocky Mount so I need someone new! I found this family its like a mom and her son and its every morning from 6:30am-8:00am and all that I have to do is get the cute little guy up and get him to his bus stop because his mom is a nurse! Its every other week, and the pay isn't bad at all! So that's option number 1...

Okay, so I saw Legally Blonde, and I was really set on becoming a Child Advocacy Lawyer, but then when I got to school I realized that I had no desire to memorize every law known to man (atleast that's what they told us we would have to do!) I did not wanna major in political science so I went with Communications instead.

I'm really glad I did, but lately I have gotten really into politics, and I think it's all just so interesting! I just got appointed treasurer of the MC Republicans Club and I don't really know what it entails...Anyways, so the other night me and some friends had entirely too much wine and it was a bunch of the boys, and me and they were talking politics so I wanted to see if I could keep up! I like to think I did well! haha! I just cant get over Sarah Palin's speech last night, AMAZING!

SO anyways, on my schools website I saw some jobs at Law Firms just as like a part time office assistant, and a filing clerk. I think it would be so much fun to work in a professional environment...again I can wear a pencil skirt and not need a reason!!

I always find that I do big things in spur of the moment times! I never really think things through, which for me is completely okay, but I feel like other people take such time to make decisions, and I feel like I am just all over the place!!

So as of about 2 hours ago I have e-mailed 5 people about jobs. I just saw that I have 2 interviews next week at different law firms, a babysitting interview, and my school asked me to do this phone-a-thon thing which I just don't think i'll be able to do! I always feel bad calling people and asking for money...I know how much I hate getting those calls unless its for cancer or something! Then its totally okay!

I think this will help me stay busy though, because 2 of my roommates work too from like 2-7 most days so really we don't get our walks, or dinner in until about 8 or so and I think I need to be doing something productive!

Okay on to another subject, so I am sitting with my boss at News 14 watching Oprah, and my Lord...Tina Turner is all of 68 and she can still move like a cheetah!! I cannot believe it, and shes wearing leggings! I hope at 68 my ass will still fit in leggings! GO TINA!
Cher is on there too, but i'm not really a fan...

There really isn't much going on here today, just hurricane stuff...and I did see a few handsome weather men in their fancy suits! I think that is going to be my favorite part of the job, I would just love to have an excuse to look my best everyday. I bet they feel so good about themselves, they are all like little Barbie and Ken dolls, just absolutely gorgeous!

Im sorry, but my boss is hilarious! We just finished dancing our asses off to "Rollin on a River!" I really don't think the news director was amused, but its a good song, he really should have joined in! Hes real professional! He doesn't really like dancing all that much, unless his live shot gets put through at the last minute, then hes all over the place!

AND, last bit of news for the day...
My agent in Greensboro called me today and wanted me to go to the Brooks and Dunn concert for some promotional modeling event, but I already made a hair appt for Saturday and can't do it! Whoops! I hope she calls me again with something else! I do love doing that, but I still like to make sure the jobs are going to be fun.

I hope y'all had a good day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LOVE McCains VP!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh! Today was a big day, way to much to do!

I had class at 11, so I decided to sleep in till 10 and it was the best decision i've ever made! I haven't slept in so long!!

Today didn't really get exciting until tonight, one of my friends in Phi Delt texted me and said they were having a party up the street so of course, I was going!

It should be fun, it was last time! I decided I was going to wear this new black dress from BR that I got this weekend, its an XS and it fit like a glove at the time, but now...oh my its a little tight! Last night me and all of my roommates watched 90210 and ordered pizza! See, I hadn't eaten all day, so I ordered a large! It was so so so good at the time, but my hips paid for it today!
I wore my leggins to class today, bout cut off my circulation!! OUCH! I have never!

So, i'm gonna wear it anyway with gold flats (that I also found this weekend!!) and go have fun!

Also, tonight one of my roommates and I walked around our neighborhood, the houses are so cute!! I love them, I really want to meet more of our neighbors! After we got back to the house, we put together an exercise machine she brought back in the basement, it took us print out directions, and 2 hours to get that bitch together!

We decided that we would put her machine, my machine, and then some pads down there because we also have an entertainment center and we are going to put a TV with the FIT channel, or out Pilates tapes 24/7! I am so excited, HOME GYM!

OMG! I love love love McCains choice for VP! She is so fun! She has a lot of baggage, and I really do feel bad for her poor daughter because she didn't choose to be in the spotlight, but Sarah Palin is amazing! I really hope they win! Working at News 14 has forced me to love politics! Apparently when election time really comes around they order everyone dinner and we work overtime!

I hope y'all had a good day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Hey girls!

Labor Day was so much fun this year! My mom, sister, and I just shopped the whole weekend away! We found some great stuff, if you are near a Banana Republic or an Anthropoligie, GO! The stuff is so cute right now! ALSO, I found a cute suit at Ann Taylor Loft, one is a tweed dress suit, and then a houndstooth pencil skirt. (both for work!) We went all around Charlotte and it was a full weekend. Then we rearranged the whole house, and are slowly getting things the way my mom wants them! It looks so great so far! I walked in when I got home from school and it was so nice and fresh, it was like a new house haha! I always get excited when stuff gets redone, or just little things get changed! I love to decorate and paint!

My dad came home one night to see me before I went back and that was nice to see him. I think hes working in Raleigh one day next week too so who knows, I might see him again soon! On Sunday, we went to SC to watch my cute nephew get baptized...I LOVED their church! Their preacher dressed up and acted out a play for his sermon, also he was so handsome (can I say that? oh well I just did!)

Then we went back to my Uncle and Aunts with everyone for a big lunch, I love holidays!

My Grandmother rode with us, and I love the woman but my gosh I think its time for a hearing aid! I have never had to repeat myself so many times, she kept asking,
"Katie why is it so hard to get into UNC?"
I wanted to say,
"For the 18th time I didn't apply there,, thanks for asking!"
but of course, that's just not a nice thing to say so over and over I just kept saying,
"I didn't apply so i'm not sure!"
Apparently a good family friend of ours got rejected but had a great record.
Stuff happens, there are tons of schools out there! I could have never set my sights on just one, what pressure! I am so happy at the school I am at, its so perfect for me!

Now I am at News 14 and there's not a lot to do today! We are watching Hurricane storm footage and oh my gosh! It is just awful! I told my roommates, how cool would it be if there was a camera set up on the beach...I really just want to see the waves!
I once bought a video of Hurricane Floyd from The Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach and I was watching it and you heard all of these people saying,
"Oh there goes another huge wave, and another roof! AHHH"
Well, im sorry I didn't see that because the camera was apparently in front of a boarded window while the "video" was being filmed haha!

I would just love to see the waves, I do feel so bad for all of the people! That would be so hard. I still think anything to do with storms on the water is really cool though, more so if nobody gets hurt! My favorite thing to watch is lightning on the water!

I had to re download itunes last night because we got new laptops and I forgot to back up my music (400 songs!! whoops!) but its nice because now I can start over and any trace of illegal music I "might" have downloaded is gone! I downloaded these 12 songs that I just can't stop playing!

1. Here I am- Rick Ross

2. Disturbia- Rihanna

3. All Around Me- Flyleaf

4. Champion- Kanye West

5. Break The Ice- Britany Spears

6. American Boy- Kanye West

7. A Milli- Lil Wayne

8. Aint No Mouintain High Enough- Marvin Gaye

9. One Step At A Time- Jordin Sparks

10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

11. Viva La Vida- Coldplay


I love love love rap music, the words are so gross, but the beat is so good! Apparently I don't look like I like rap, but oh I do!

AND Mamma Mia, does that need an explanation, its so good! I still need to see the movie!
Here are a few things I found, I dont have time to post everything! Have fun shopping!