Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Happy Easter!

Hey girls!

That ravin' beauty in the picture is a rabbit in celebration of Easter & THE NEW PET MY FRIEND IS GETTING! Oh, HAY its so ugly its cute! I want one too, i'm asking for it for Easter because mother told me the shih-tzu was bueno!

What are y'all doing for Easter?

I am so excited to be heading home today! My mother is hosting Easter with her family at our house this year. It will be so nice to have her side of the family over for the day! On Sunday, we are of course heading to church and then down to the lake to see Father's side of the family! I just love holidays!

I'm gonna eat SO much food, people wont recognize me when I get back! I freaking love when my mother, grandmother, & nana cook for holidays! Its never ending, and im always first in line (much to my familys dismay : ) )

Last weekend, I headed home because, I hadnt been home in over a month! I called my Grandmother to see if I could come to Charlotte and go to Church with her. I hadn't been to her Church in forever, but I LOVE it! The sermons are always short and sweet, and they have really good grape juice for communion!

Well, I got there Sunday morning, and walked in to be greeted by the usher! I walked halfway down the isle, and realized...I was in the wrong Church!


Bahaha, I walked out, and can only assume that the poor usher thought I just wasn't having it!

I walked across the street, and into the Presbyterian Church to find my sweet Grandmother waiting. I told her what happened, and now the whole church knows...why? why.

This weekend, im going to First Pres at home, and cannot wait to see everyone!

I hope you all have such a happy Easter!

Here are my latest adventures in a nutshell!

I just sent my final submission for the QVC Host position in yesterday! Fingers crossed : )

I have 2 commercials on hold, and an audition tomorrow in Charlotte!

LA in September is underway, so so excited!

Life is so freakin busy, as everyones is, so dont stop reading! I will post soon : )

SO many updates on "Teen Spirit" and everything else after this weekend, I promise!

Have a fabulous Easter!