Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Girl Scout Dropout!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a good week!
I am home until tomorrow and then i'm going back to Raleigh to take one more exam and celebrate MY BIRTHDAY!

I got home yesterday I am so excited that its May! May is just a big month! It's my birthday, and Mothers Day! 2 fun holidays!
I actually gave my mom her mothers day gift a little early this year, and she loved it!
I got her like this Mary Kay set with an eye kit for depuffing, because this is a MAJOR beauty issue in the Garner family...we naturally have dark circles 24/7 so thank the Lord for this fun new kit! It also came with some other fun stuff.
I saw a cute VV polo I thought about getting, but it was a really ugly color, like fushia, so I had to pass...
I LOVE watching people open gifts, especially if they are happy! Of course Sam and Sarah and I went in together, but we wanted to get her stuff to have on the actual day so yesterday afternoon, Sarah and I went to Southpark because Sarah saw this type of perfume that we knew she wanted. Not only did we find that but I also got a new Burberry Weekend perfume, it has the best scent and I have been out for over a month so I was very excited!
They also had the Marc Jacobs Daisy but Sarah got that for Christmas the bottle that Daisy is in is so cute!
While mom and I were at the Marshall's in Durham, we found a LILLY PULITZER bikini in my FAVORITE pattern, so i'm a happy girl!

Sarah showed me the funniest you tube video...about a girl scout. I am a girl scout dropout, I think I only made it to brownies, and then the uniform was just not cute anymore so I had to drop out! Also, and this isn't here or there, but I was eating more cookies than I sold and it could have presented a problem...ENJOY this hailarious video!