Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Merry!

Hey y'all!

I have got to pop in and wish all of my readers, and bloggers a very MERRY Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful time with whomever you spend this perfect Holiday with!

I'll be thinking about all of you, and praying for all of you that this holiday brings great things, and is the start of your best year yet! I hope everyone is doing fabulous!

Merry Christmas, friends! Love to you all!

I will blog more after the new year, after all, it is one of my resoloutions!! I am so sorry I have been so slack, life has been crazy busy, as I am sure everyone's has been!

Blog soon!

Merry Merry!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mad For Plaid, 1973

Is this not the most handsome preppie EVER!? LOVE his suit!

Here is the blog I found it on!
I will post more later this week...stuff has been so fun & busy lately!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey girls!

If your blog isnt listed in my blogroll, and you want it there, leave me a comment and I will add you! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

I will post soon about all thats been going on, and a new brand I am working for! You will LOVE it!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Wake Up Muffy! We're Back!

Hey girls!

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a fellow preppy in New York asking me to do a review on the books, "True Prep", written by the famous Lisa Birnbach, and Chip Kidd (Lisa wrote "The Official Preppy Handbook" 30 years ago!) "Take Ivy", and the 75th anniversary of Sperry Topsiders!

I was/am absolutely thrilled that I was able to do a review on each product, however after reading "True Prep" front to back, the earlier post just doesn't do it justice!

I pre-ordered my copy from a bookstore here in Wilmington, and picked it up just a few days ago, when it hit the shelves!
THAT felt like Christmas, I was so so excited!

After just 2 days of sitting on the beach, I finished it! There are so many different pages with such perfect information for any preppy, I just have to share some of my favorte exerpts with y'all! This is just the best book!

If you havent gotten your copy yet, do it today!

True Prep!

*Old is Preppier than new!
Lets begin with the resoloutions every Preppy should know!

1 No drinking at lunch.
2 Call Grandmother once a week.
3 Get Belgian Shoes resoled. (thinnest cats paw rubber)
4 Sign up for tennis team at the club.
5 Actually go to team practices.
6 Have gravy boat reengraved.
7 Find Animal House and return it to Netflix.
8 Send in donation for class gift this year.
9 And send in write up for class notes.
10 Finally use Scully & Scully credit-maybe Pierpoint's next wedding?
11 Drive Mother to cemetery atlest once this year.
12 Order new stationary before supply runs out.
13 Luggage tags!
14 Download phone numbers into the thingy.
15 New facebook picture?
16 Work on goals.
17 Work on topspin.
18 Get Katharine to do community service somehow
19 Clean gutters or get someone to do them.
20 Repair hinge on broken shutter. Or else!
21 Finally hire portrait artist for Whimsy. (Shes eighty-four in dog years; not much time left.)
Although no matter what the book says, WASP.
Random Fact!
*Jake Gyllenhaal went to Harvard-Westlake School, & has the cutest dog names!
Boo Radley, Puggle
Atticus Finch, German Shepard
Preppies Priorities

Private School
I agree with this! Private School is worth every penny, I loved every minute I spent in Private School! Public was...just not great where im from, but if I had lived where they were good, I would have loved that too! Neither is better than the other, they just have differences! I still have the tee shirts, and sweat shirts from my old uniform at Sacred Heart, and still wear them to walk the Loop!

Second Home

Second Homes come in handy! After Mother and Fathers seperation, they both had a house to live in, and my Mother got to keep the house we all loved the most, while Father had to move! It was a great day! However, my siblings and I could still go fishing, or spend time at the lake whenever we wanted to. During my time spent at the lake house, I learned to water ski, skeet shoot, deer hunt, fish, golf-cart, dirtbike, play tennis, and of course spend time with family. We keep the old ugly truck there, that I learned to drive stick on...which, well, I never actually learned...just tapped a tree or two! I dont go much anymore, but I know that I will always have a few acres with my name on them! That gives me a sense of security.


I have personally only travelled for a long period of time, to New York City for three months. They were the best three months of my life, and I will never ever forget that experience! True Prep puts it best, "We may travel to see relatives, take a semester away, or go to rehab" Hey, these days, anything counts as travelling!

*Always fly Coach, why waste the $ on First Class?
*Try to squeeze in some work and school between travel
*Luggage carried should be made by a manufacturer of suitcases, not, say, a fashion runway designer. Also, a luggage tag is an absolute must!

Life Lesson: "Give your friends the shirt off your back, but wear it out first!"

Celebrity Preppies that Attended Boarding School...you'll be as shocked as I was!

*LADY GAGA- Convent of the Sacred Heart
*Steve Carrell- Middlesex School
*Kim Kardashian- Buckley School, CA
* Lisa Kudrow- Taft
* Huey Lewis- Lawrenceville School
* Elizabeth Montgomery- Harvard-Westlake School
* Bill Nye- Sidwell Friends School
* Zac Posen- St. Ann's School
* Boz Scaggs- St. Mark's School of Texas
* Vin Diesel- Dwight School
* Reese Witherspoon- Harpeth Hall School

There are SO many more!

A Few Fashion Rules!

*Women over the age of fifteen may wear a simple black dress. Women over the age of twenty-one must have several in rotation
* Preppies don't perm their hair
* Sweat Suits are for sweating...aka DONT WEAR Juicy!
* You can never go wrong with a trench coat
* Learn how to tie a tie

The Lacoste Crocodile.
2.8 centimeters
French Tennis Star, Rene Lacoste made this logo what it is today.

Fred Perry

.875 inch
British Tennis Star, Fred Perry introduced his logo in the 1930's

Brooks Brothers

.875 inch
The logo is a sheep suspended by gold ribbons. This is one of the most classic brands, and it will never go out of style.

Ralph Lauren

1.25 inches
Enough said, one of the worlds largest brands.

Vineyard Vines (WHALE REP!)

1.05 inches
Shep & Ian Murray created The Little Pink Whale

Prep Careers for the New Millennium

* Party Planner/Publicist.
* Nursery-School Assistant Teacher
* Contributing Editor, Vogue
* Divorcee
* Caterer
*Real Estate Broker
* Curator
* Tennis Pro

Sometimes, A Preppy says no.
Careers a Preppie wont be applying for.

* Research Doctor
* Computer Scientist
* Any job requiring the question, "Any fries with that?"
* Meteorologist

The New Boarding School!
*How true is this?!
Lastly, The Preppie Playlist!

*My Girl- The Four Tops
* Build Me Up Buttercup- The Foundations
* (Sittin on) the Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
* Don't You Want Me Baby- The Human League
* Bad Girls- Donna Summer
* Love Rollercoaster- The Ohio Players
* Stop! In The Name Of Love- The Supremes
* Love Shack- The B-52's
* This Will Be- Natalie Cole
* Shining Star- Earth Wind & Fire
* Brick House- The Commodores
* Disco Inferno- The Trammps
* Got to Be Real- Cheryl Lynn
* Boogie Oogie Oogie- A Taste of Honey
* Good Times- Chic
* This Love- Maroon 5

I haven't even began to cover the chapters on The Country Club, or Shag Dancing...so buy the book!

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Its A Wonderful Life!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone has been doing well! I am so sorry, again, that I am so behind on posting! I love to wait until I have something worthwhile to post about, and more importantly have adequate time to post!

Life lately has been absolutely perfect! It cannot get any better than it is right now...which scares me, because life is a rollercoaster, I just hope it stays good for a while! Also, I hate saying that, but you all know i've had my ups and downs, we all do! The key is to just embrace the good, and it will always outweigh the bad. There are so many things that I could let stress me out right now, but I just wont, there are too many wonderful things to be thankful for!

My first peice of news is that, my pictures from a photoshoot I did in New York City over 3 months ago finally came! Also, I have been asked to come back for the Winter Shoot after Christmas! I am beyond excited, because everyone that I had the opportunity to work with showed so much passion toward their job, and showed me such a fabulous time in the city! LOVED them!

Also, the other day I got a call about a commercial that I sent my information in for. I went in for an audition, and was just cast in a Doritos commercial, filming here in Wilmington! I have my first wardrobe fitting today!

The better news is, this commercial is also being entered in a competition, and if chosen, it will be shown during the 2011 Superbowl! If not, it will still air as a regular commercial locally! I am so excited for this opportunity!

Last, I was recently cast in a Book Trailor. Book Trailor's are shown before movies in theatres along with previews, and the last trailor this company filmed was shown before Twilight:Eclipse, and "Alice in Wonderland"! I am cast as a New York City flapper, who was once a Southern Belle...so fun!

Also, at my current job with the Resort I work at here at the beach, I have been asked to intern in Marketing, which should be such an amazing experience! I love love love all of the managers there, so working with them will be so perfect! I will learn so much, because they are so smart! This job is by far the greatest job I have ever had! I have made so many new, wonderful friends, and am absolutely loving it! Working with the marketing side will be so much fun! I cannot wait to get to know the managers better, and learn more about a field I could possibly see myself working in one day!

Also, my neighbors here at the condo are so freakin' funny! I have started sitting down with them on a regular basis with a glass of wine, and just taking for hours! What I just found out is that the lady is the GM of another hotel here on the beach, they have an opening for a position in sales, and I interview for that on Wednesday! Of course, I havent graduated yet, but all of the interviews and such are great practice, and they can hold my resume until I do graduate! I am so excited!

I don't think I have been this content in such a long time! Don't get me wrong, im always a happy girl, but just to be so thrilled about every day because i'm always doing something I love, makes me realize how good life can be. Its so important to take advantage of every opportunity you want to, and be happy! It really is true that attitude makes all the difference!
The people I have met down here are just incredible, so nice, and so much fun! I absolutely love it! Of course, who couldnt be happy if you live at the beach!?

Every night, a group of us from work go to a spot right near my favorite Surf Shop, to have drinks, play pool, or just hang out! Its so low key, LOVE the people that work there too! Yesterday afternoon, we all went to watch football, and it was so much fun! I am apparently now a steelers fan, because I wore a black dress! Personally I like the ravens, because Michael Oher plays for them...but nobody here likes them! Im gonna need a reason for this, I didnt buy a navy dress for nothing!

This place is such a comfortable spot, because unlike beach bars, it is mainly regulars, and everybody knows everybody. Its absolutely perfect!

Lastly, I have started repping for a new company called Anchored Style! It's a fairly new company, and its absolutely adorable!
I will be posting more about that, along with product information shortly! SO excited, and you will be too! Working on give-aways, and gathering more info to share with YOU!

On another note,

Can y'all believe its almost Halloween?! What is everyone going to be?!

Personally, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I know some people see it as bad, but I really do like it, and I love the Horror Fest on AMC...every single Michael Myers movie is played back to back for days! Its so fun!

Now, dont judge, but I am going to be Elin Woods...
I bought the golfclub, bent it, and glued a "Tiger Beanie Babie" to the end...
I also got an Escalade rim, with a gold chain to wear around my neck...
& lastly, I have a sign that says
"Looking for Tiger"!

I know, I know, you may think thats so offensive, but honestly I love me some Elin Woods, and Tiger, although a wonderful golfer, makes me SICK!

To start off Halloween the right way, everyone from work is going to "Panic Attack" on Thursday! This haunted house is apparently the scariest one here! Its 11,000 sq. feet with everything possible that could scare a person to death! Apparently Disney puts it on, and puts half a million dollars into it, so you know its scary! I am so excited!

Yes, beach life is fabulous! I am just taking in every day, and am so thankful to God for putting these people, and this job in my life! I couldnt ask for anything more! I love it here so much, and am truly hoping an opportnity comes that will allow me to stay in Wilmington for a long time!

It isnt very often that I can wake up every day, and truly feel like I am in absolute Heaven! The beach is right beside me, I walk the loop as often as I can, I have a job & friends I absolutely love, and school is so much fun! My classes are fabulous!
Everyone down here is so happy!

I am also so excited because in just a few weeks its CORNHUSKIN time at Meredith, and of course i'm going! We have a whole group of '10 girls coming back! I am so excited to see all of my Meredith Sisters, I have missed them oh so much! I will keep you posted on that exciting event!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 80th!

Hey girls!

This weekend was chaos, in the best way of course!

Did any of y'all do anything, or have any big events?!

This weekend was so special to me and my family, because it was my Grandmothers 80th birthday!

I am so so so excited for her, not only does she still look 50, but she is so sharp, and doesn't seem 80! She is my Mom's Mother, and lives just a half hour away from us. My mom is 1 of 3, and all in all, they live fairly close to each other!

We all met at my Aunt's house in Charlotte before going to lunch at a wonderful French restaurant to celebrate this special day! My Aunt always picks the best spots to eat for birthdays, or whatever holiday it may be!

My mother made the most beautiful, and tasty cake! It was a "Freccled Mocha Cake" with coffee icing, and red writing to say "Happy 80th!" It couldnt have been more perfect! It was funny though, because we only put 8 candles on the cake, but the matches kept going out before we could light them all...I think Grandmother was a bit offended...but we just kept telling her how fabulous she looks!

Another perk of the weekend was that I got to see my cousins, whom I rarely see accept for holidays! They are so much fun! I am the eldest grandchild, but Lord knows I dont act it! We all have fun, and play football, soccer, or just chase each other around the neighborhood...I LOVE seeing them!

It was a wonderful weekend, and the weather made it absolutely perfect!

I don't know about y'all, but part of me just isn't ready for Fall! Thoughts?!

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey girls!

I am so excited to post about a giveaway that nobody can resist!

This is a fun new initiative from Sperry Top-Sider – makers of the classic preppy boat shoe. To celebrate the launch of Lisa Birnbach’s new book True Prep, Sperry Top-Sider is hosting a contest which features the following prizes:

Grand Prize: a True Prep trip for 2. Enjoy a 3 night stay in classic Nantucket, MA, a $2,500 gift card to cover travel and meal expenses, as well as a special SeaBag gift bag packed full of island essentials!

First Prize: 3 winners will be awarded a True Prep fashion consultation with a stylist and a $200 AMEX gift card to purchase this season’s hottest styles. Also included, a pair of Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Originals, valued up to $80.

Second Prize: 25 winners will walk away in True Prep style with a new pair of Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Originals, valued up to $80.

Third Prize: 100 winners will receive a copy of the newly released True Prep by Lisa Birnbach, the 2010 update to her classic read, The Official Preppy Handbook.

Upload a picture proving that you're a True Prep and you could win a weekly prize of a pair of Sperry Top-Sider shoes and a medium Sea Bag. Perfect compliments to your preppy wardrobe.
Everyone who submits a photo is also entered into the Sperry Top-Sider True Prep Sweepstakes!

Y'all, I tell you what! I am ready for this contest, we are all winners here, because of course this benifits two of the preppies most favorite things: SPERRYS AND TRUE PREP!

Please comment if you e-mail and enter! I cannot wait to hear these results! If you win, I will do a post on the blog featuring you!

Love to all of my readers, you are amazing!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police Academy!

Hey girls!

Todays I have just got to tell y'all about a new shadow program I am doing with the Wilmington Sheriffs Department!

You may be asking why I am shadowing there, or if i've changed my major...again!


I am still Mass Communications with a focus in Broadcast Journalism, which is exactly why I am doing this!

Through my internships in newsrooms, I have gotten a lot of wonderful hands on experience interviewing law enforcement.

It can be fun, but it can also be nervewracking...and at times I felt guilty because I felt like I was getting in the way of their job!

I really want to immerse myself into the world of a Police Officer, and see what they go through each day to keep Wilmington, and themselves safe.

When making the call on whether to try to shadow the Sheriffs Office, I thought back to when I was interning with WBTV, and the dentist in my neighborhood got murdered. The Police Station in Salisbury worked so hard to make sure justice was served, but I vividly remember the day it happened!

I was walking with my mother up the street when I saw news trucks everywhere, one of them being WBTV! I rushed over to see if I could intern!

I remember the whole process, and how the news really needed information, but police officers couldnt give out certain information at the time. Then came the day when the afidavit was released...it was like Christmas! The Policemen, and the reporter I worked with got along so well, because he was so ethical and professional about the situation, and he was close with the Policemen.

I think its interesting on both sides, because media is media, and we need what we need...but there is a tactful way to attain information. WBTV was very very tactful, and I found it so interesting, and fun to be a part of the case!

I remember when they took Candice Jo Dry to jail for being an accessory during that case, and I watched with a mic, as the camera man and I chased her down as she was in cuffs walking with the policemen. We kept asking her questions, and the policemen had to keep walking, and keep their eyes forward doing a very good job.

Its just as hard for the media as it is for the policemen, but that day really stuck with me!

I really want to use this shadow program to take in all that Policemen do, and take it into account when I become a reporter. The purpose of this is to help me better understand, and know how to be respectful of the Policemens perspective on things. I want to always make friends with the Law Enforcement, because thats how it has to be. Dont step on each others toes.

Today was perfect, because I got to have this very conversation with many different officers, and get their opinions on the media, and how they like to handle it. I told them how I liked to do things too, and we really got to compromise, and talk about the best way to handle situations.

For my Social Problems class this semester, we have to pick an organization to shadow for 15+ hours (emphasis on the +, because 15 hours isnt near enough!)

I guess I could have chosen a homeless shelter, or another non-profit organization, but NO I chose the Sheriffs Office, and couldn't have made a better choice!

The first day of meeting everyone, I showed up...to the wrong police station!

I had directions to the Sheriffs Office, but of course, saw a sign that said "Police" so took a wrong turn, and ended up at the Wilmington Police Station...which is also HUGE, and so nice!

...Didn't I feel the fool!

Anyways, they kept a straight face (atleast until I got outside!) & gave me directions to the SHERIFFS Office!

When I FINALLY made it to the Sheriffs Office, it was one of the nicest Law Enforcement offices that I had ever seen!

However, as nice as the officers were, and the landscaping was...

...on my walk in, I was greeted by some fine lookin' citizens smoking cigs, and talking about "why they baby daddy done been arrested for tha 3rd time! Dey wasnt drankin on da job, jus got fired for no reason..."

...Shoot girl, maybe you should sue?!

THEN, as I was going inside, I saw a brassy blonde light up what must have been the last Misty in the pack, with her classy pink "high heel lighter", and throw the empty box right on the ground

...guess shes not going green anytime soon!

Its okay though, I understand. She's just going through a stressful time! Her boyfriend stole a car so he could buy her the drugs she wanted for her birfday...thats so nice!

She lost her boyfriend, the car, and the drugs...its been a long day, sometimes you just need a smoke...i'm not judgin'!

Anyways, on to more serious talk!

So, I got inside, and checked in! I was waiting in the waiting room, and I saw Lt. S! He took me back to his office so we could figure out what all I would get to experience through the program! Well, I knew it was going to be fun the minute I stepped in because from what I saw, he likes the Tarheels, Diet Sundrop, and has a Blackberry...okay, HELLO best internship EVER! AHH So excited!

Some of the things I will get to do will be so benificial, and exciting! Things such as shadowing officers on patrol, shadowing officers in placing inmates (which is an incredibly complicated, and tedious process! Kudos to the officers who are placed in this position, they are amazing people!), and attending classes taught by Lt. S to officer trainees! This was all exactly what I hoped that I would have the chance to experience through this program!

It all began today...

Police Academy (2010)
Katie Garner
Lt. S
Sheriff D
Police Academy Students (Oh, HAY! cute Officers in Training!)

Today was the first day of shadowing, and I began by meeting Lt. S and the other Officers at the Training Center around 8am! I was so excited, and I had just the best time! They are all so respected, and respectful! Also, they are all incredibly smart, and care about each person!

The Officers in Training work from 8am-5pm (sometimes longer) training to serve Wilmington! They all did such a great job! I walked into the training center around 8 with Lt. S and there were 20+ guys doing a rigourous training routine called the "Pyramid".
...I didn't hate it!

The Pyramid consists of 45 sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and other stretches to help the trainees to push themselves as if they were having to fight for their lives on the job, and pull out all they have to finish the exercise! They go from doing 45 of each, to 40, to 30, to 20, all the way down to 5!

Its tough, but they made it look easy! They all work so hard! I was so excited to get to be a part of the class today, and meet other officers who were helping teach the class! One officer worked for the S.W.A.T. Team, and another Officer was the Cheif of Police in a small town nearby...we had a great conversation about the Blueberry Festival, and how much fun it is! Also, I met the Cheif of Internal Affairs, and he was just the nicest person! Lt.S, Cheif, and I all went and had a quick breakfast, which was so cool, because I felt like one of the Officers! It was so much fun to see all that they do, but on a serious note, it was very impressive how much work these guys do each day...they are the job! 24/7!

I am so excited to fill you in on more! I go back tomorrow, and get a tour of the station! I cannot wait! This is such a great program, and I am so excited my class gives me the opportunity to be a part of it!
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Happy!

Happy Happy 75th Anniversary to

From The Preppy Pearl, it is my greatest pleasure to extend the happiest of birthdays to my favorite shoe, the Sperry Topsider! I cannot believe this wonderful brand has been around for 75 years!

Sperry Topsider began in 1935, when Paul Sperry was inspired by his dog, as any preppy would be, and because of this inspiration we were given Sperry Topsiders!
Dogs are really a necessity to every preppy, without dogs, Sperry Topsiders would have never made their debut!
Sperry watched eagerly as his Cocker Spaniel, Prince, ran swiftly across the ice during a cold day in Connecticut. As Sperry was watching, he took notice to his dogs incredible ability to maintain traction on the ice. Turning over Prince's paw, Sperry observed hundreds of tiny cracks and cuts going in all directions. These wave-like grooves became the inspiration for Mr. Sperry's latest patent, called Razor-Siping™, and were instrumental in maximizing the traction and performance of the Authentic Original Sperry Top-Sider first introduced in 1935. Since inventing the first boat shoe, the brand continues to share their "Passion for the Sea" with those who enjoy the good life in, on and around the ocean.

The unique design, and incredible durability of this product is impeccable, and will continue to inspire the preppy lifestyle, and the beautful people who take part in it!

Speaking for myself:
I proudly own 5 pairs of Sperry Topsiders in 5 different colors. I will continue to buy them and wear them wherever I go, because not only do they look and feel fabulous, but they last longer than any other shoe that I have ever worn!
As far as Boat Shoes are concerned, there are so many different styles, and colors!

Don't miss out of the 75th Anniversary Edition Sperry Topsiders!

The Men's 75th Anniversary Authentic Original Boat Shoe

This one of a kind boat shoe comes in the timeless Off White Reverse Suede, and represents nautical style at its finest.

The Mens Winter Authentic Original Boat Shoe
Brown & Tan Suede

Mens Authentic Original Suede Boat Shoe

Black Suede, White Suede, tan Suede, Dark Brown Suede, Dark Green Suede, Grey Suede
Next are some options for the KIDS!

The Bluefish Boat Shoe

This is the classic Boat Shoe that looks great with that pair of khakis, and a fishing rod for a day on the boat! This shoe is the timeless classic, that's also an essential peice of every young mans wardrobe.

The Pelican Rainboot
This rainboot will have your kids WISHING for a rainy day, so they can sport these to school. Boots like this make puddles more fun!
The boots come in a solid Navy, which is the essential color for any Preppies wardrobe! Also, for the girls, these boots come in a Navy & Polka Dot, or Brown & Pink Plaid for just $38.

For Women, here are some of the best Boat Shoes!

The Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe


The Navy Deerskin Boatshoe can be defined as a classic boatshoe for any woman who wants to uphold a sense of class, while fishing on the boat or walking on the beach!
Lastly, enjoy these images from some of the preppiest trends in the world right now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Prep-30 Years Later!

Hey girls!
Two books that have recently come out have caught my attention!

The first book, entitled, Take Ivy was released on August 31st.

Take Ivy was first published in Japan in 1965. Once published, this particular book set off an explosion of American-influenced "Ivy Style" fashion among many people, mainly students in the trendy Ginza shopping district of Tokyo. People embraced the "Ivy Style" and made it their own, living the preppy lifestyle.

Take Ivy is now considered a definitive document of this particular style, and rare original copies are highly sought after by “trad” devotees worldwide. The book released 8/31 is now readily avaliable in the English language!

Another new favorite," True Prep", was released on September 7th.

True Prep was written by Lisa Birnbach, the author of "The Official Preppy Handbook".

"True Prep" provides a new view on the old world that Lisa Birnbach turned into an international best-selling book thirty years ago. "True Prep" looks at how the old guard of natural-fiber-loving, dog-worshipping, G&T-soaked preppies adapts to the new order of the Internet, cell phones, rehab, political correctness, reality TV and…polar fleece.

How you feel about the increasingly serious changes of the prep lifestyle is up to you, but "True Prep" uncovers the changes, and how a preppie in today's world must adapt.

I have read "The Official Preppy Handbook", & have recently started "True Prep". I am so excited to complete both books, highlighted with all of my favorite points, and compare them.
Birnbach does a perfectly wonderful job describing the lifestyles of preppies, and portraying how one should look and act.
Here is an excerpt from the New York Times!
They do an excellent job talking about the new book.

If you have read either of these books, let me know what you think! If not, read them!

Look Cool Going Back To School!

Hey girls!

Here are some things from my favorite hot spot to find cute back to school, and every day accessories to complete your fabulous look!

A. Tierney has all of the cutest accessories to help you get to that "Best Dressed" Superlative you want this year!

My personal favorite product right now is the NEW Clip Sheet!

Just this Summer, A.Tierney presented:

Its absolutely perfect for school, work, or just to display on the kitchen counter as a to-do list!

The Clip Sheets come in 4 different designs!
-Pink & Green with Tennis Rackets
-Blue & Red with a Lobster
-Yellow & Blue with an Anchor
-Dark Pink & Dark Green with a Turtle
...pinch me, im dreaming!
This is too cute for words!
Priced at just $16!
They are perfectly wonderful for any and everything!
Now, if y'all are anything like me (which lets hope you're not!) you just can't hold on to a ponytail holder to save your life! Well, A.Tierney has set out to eliminate that problem, & they did so in the cutest way possible!
Never be without a ponytail holder again, and it can also double as a tennis ball for all you preppies out there! :)
In total, there are 150 bands that make up the ball, and they are made in various color combinations!
What a GREAT thought!
I ordered mine today...in pink of course ;)!
Priced at just $15
(I spend $15 a week on packs of 10 trying to keep up with them!)
This one is even a brand name...HOW CUTE!
Next is a personal favorite!
Girls, we just have to have our Nantucket Headbands, what would life be without them?! I dont even want to think about it...
These headbands are such classic pieces, & come in 12 different designs!
Every gal should have one...or 12!
I am ordering the "Pink Sailboat" & "Football" patterns as I write this to you...multi tasking at its finest!
They are priced at just $15, now to book the plane ticket to Nantucket!
Going back to school, I like to look different. I like to stand out, and show my teachers that I can look cute, and the cuter I look, the smarter I feel!
With the A.Tierney Notebooks, you can be the cutest gal in class, and do your best work!
What do I always say?!
"Look your best, do your best!"
Why not add a preppie touch to your boring brown desk, and coordinate those notebooks! You will look great!
Small Notebooks are:
4x6 with 48 pgs.
Large Notebooks are:
6x8 with 48 pages
Each Notebook comes with a special tag to add your own personalization, or A. Tierney can do that for you for just $10. (I would let them too, they do a great job with monogramming!)
These Notebooks come in 4 colors!
-Hot Pink
They are priced at just $12!
These are so adorable!
I am a huge fan of these hats, because with the sun being as bright as it is, these hats will help protect your little ones from sunburn, and skin damage later on down the road!
These charming, and sporty hats are typically fit for children ages 2-5.
They also come in 8 precious designs to match your toddlers personality!
Priced at just $19.50.
Also, this hat can be personalized by A.Tierney for just $10!
Next are the:
These belts are absolutely adorable, and add color to any and every outfit! They are charmingly preppy, and add a touch of class to your childs wardrobe!
The belts come in 6 designs, and typically fit children ages 2-10!
Priced at just $19.50!
Check out A Tierney today, and do some back to school, or back to work shopping!
Have a great Wednesday!

You can find A.Tierney on Facebook, or Twitter!

A-List Pieces for Your Collection!

Hey girls!

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite pieces from "Pieces".

"Pieces" has done such an amazing job with their custom pieces, and they produce the most wonderful things for your home!

Take a look at everything I have to show you, but dont stop there! After reading this post, please visit the website! You will not want to miss everything this company has to offer! Its just perfectly fabulous!

Also, I have got to share this amazing news with you!
The Atlantan's Sept/Oct issue features their A-List desgners and their top finds/inspirations of 2010!
I am so excited to say that "Pieces" very own Lee Kleinhelter is featured! She looks absolutely fabulous, and graces the pages headlining the peice on "Who's Who, and What's What"!

This is a huge honor, in my opinion, and even more of a reason to check out this company's website! Its obviously making its way to the top! I dont know about you, but I plan on joining them on their journey to the top, and doing some serious online shopping! SO proud!

Here are a few of the newest peices that I would love for you all to check out!

The Custom Pieces Pendant & Pouf

This Custom Pieces Oversized Pendant & Tibetan Goat Pouf is a wonderful piece.
-Dynamite drum pendant avaliable in different sizes and colors with gold clover chain. This piece is hand-made in France. It is avaliable in small, medium, and large sizes.

The Custom Pieces X Base Table

This X-Base Table is handmade. White poured resin top with smooth high gloss finish. Resin color and base can be customized to your liking. Contact Pieces to purchase this beautiful piece today!

The Custom Pieces clover Mirror

This mirror is just perfection at its best! It is a favorite of many, and is readily avaliable in the custom size of your choice! Mirror hand-forged heavy iron frame. Standard finish options are: white, black, and chocolate lacquer and french gold, warm platinum and brushed. Contact Pieces to order yours today!

You can find more information on "Pieces" through their facebook page, or on twitter!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love this company! I value their products, because they are made to perfection, and the customers needs come first. Contact them today to order your custom pieces, and make your home a custom pieces home!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank You For The Sugar Doll Award

I was awarded the Sugar Doll Award by The Pink Washingtoniette. I absolutely love her blog, its so cute! She has an adorable website too! You can see it here!

As a recipient of this award, the rules are to share 10 things about yourself and pass on the award on to 10 others.

1.) I love God, my beautiful family, my wonderful friends, Etiquette Books, and the South more than anything in this world!

2.) I have dreams, and that is what I surround my life around. Any dream that anyone dreams is attainable...I think you have to enjoy the whole journey, and not just strive for one thing.

3.) My favorite restaurant is a place at Wrightsville Beach called Fish House...Bridgetender comes in a close second, and they are on the same street!

4.) Audrey Hepburn and I have a lot in common through our personal lives, and her book "What Would Audrey Do?" inspires me.

5.) I love mission trips, and anything to do with teaching children about God! My mom and sister just went to Jamaica, and it looked absolutely amazing. I think mission trips have the amazing ability to change your life, and restore faith.

6.) I would rather sit on my porch at the beach and watch a lightning storm over the ocean, than go out to a bar any night of the week! I love sitting on a porch!

7.) Lilly Pulitzer is and will always be my homegirl!

8.) "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane" I love laughing more than anything...although occasionally I laugh at the wrong times!

9.) I think the movie Eat Pray Love, MAY just be as good as the book!

10.) I love living at the beach!

*I also love blogging, and reading all of your cute blogs each day brings a smile to my face!

I tag anybody who has not yet taken this survey!

Have a great Thursday!

Welcome Back!

Hey girls!

I have been on a blogging hiatus for a few weeks, my laptop broke at the beginning of the summer, and I have just not had the time to send it off! Our school computers block blogging...and facebook! AHH!
I have been making due with my roommates MAC, and of course my trusty Blackberry Storm!

This summer has been the best summer of my life, I have really grown, and accomplished a lot of my goals thus far! Basically, school sucks, and is truly not my cup of tea...AT ALL! BUT, I did make a 100% in my class this summer, and am currently finishing up the second mini session, a history class that literally makes me want to run off to Hollywood, get discovered, and show my dear parents that college was not necessary for me...none the less, I do love the school I am finishing up at in Wilmington, and have made some great friends! There is always a positive side to everything, but really my goals are becoming more and more evident to me, and I finally see what I want, and where I want to be.

I will start back to when I quit blogging last! SO much to tell all of you!

In June, I got a call from Wrightsville Beach Magazine, and I was so excited! I was just about to move to Wilmington, an they wanted me to come in and do a photoshoot as a print model! At that point, I was about to start working for Lumina News, and Wrightsville Beach Magazine is partnered with the Lumina News. None of us put that together until the day I arrived for the photo shoot!
I had my hair done at Harbour Club Day Spa in Lumina Station! They were very sweet, and I now use them to get my hair done! Everyone working was so friendly, and happy! I absolutely loved having my hair and make-up done!

I was featured in the June 2010 Issue in an article called "About Face".

You can read it here!

Just two weeks ago, I flew up to LaGuardia Airport in NEW YORK CITY! AKA, my favorite place in the world! I had been e-mailing JCrew for 6 months, and finally got the opportunity to do a go-see for modeling! I would of course work in print modeling!

As I arrived in New York City, I took a cab from LaGuardia into the city to photoshoot #1. This photoshoot was for Citizens People, and they spent 3 hours with me, and a few others who had agents and resumes, and took pictures. Basically, if a company sees my picture, I get a call, and a paycheck if it is something I would like to be a model for! This was a very exciting and promising opportunity! What a perk!

After the first photoshoot, I met up with Robin, my boss from Haute PR last Summer, and good friend of mine, as well as Janie who I was staying with! Janie is interning in SoHo for a childrens book publishing company! She is very driven, and I cannot wait to see where she is in 10 years! Robin is still CEO of Haute PR, and doing an excellent job! It was so good to be back at "work" for 2 days! We went to eat at Tao, a wonderful restaurant with the best Mango Martinis this girl has ever had! Love them both, and it was so good to see them!

Later as the trip progressed, the go-see approached! I was so very excited!
As I got to the Corporate office of JCrew, I went in, portfolio in hand, and met who I had been waiting to meet for quite some time...it was the most exciting experience I have ever had! I ended up doing a photo shoot, and taking many test shots! After it was all said and done, I signed with them, and basically this means that whenever something comes avaliable that they can use me for, I get a phone call, and fly up there and we DO WORK!
I am so so excited about this, it is all so random, but I know that this is what I want to do, and where I want to be! Life is too short to do anything but be happy! I truly believe God has a great path for everyone, and the one he has for me is very non traditional, and I will continue to work my little ass off until it gets me to the top of where and what I am supposed to be!
I love love love where I am at right now! I am going to keep pushing and climb higher! I think of JCrew as a stepping stone, and there is more to come, I will never never never give up, or stop! I enjoy the whole journey, and each thing I do, I remember to thank God, and keep pushing, after all, he didn't give me all of this energy for nothing! :)

After the go-see I took a cab over to Gold St, where my good friend S was, and met him to see his new apartment! As I got out of the cab, I left my FAVORITE black dress in the back! I could have DIED! AHHH! I have been looking in every Ann Taylor I see, and havent found a replacement, but atleast someone's day was hopefully made when they found the dress...needless to say, I was none too happy!
S also lived with me last summer, and is now a great investment banker! He lives in the financial district, and his apartment is unreal! I fell in love with it! From the roof, we had a view of the entire city, and could pinpoint each area! It was fabulous! We spent the day wandering all around the city! We went from the Financial district to midtown, Times Square, Rockafellar Center (where we invaded the LEGO STORE, and it was AMAZING!) They have EVERY color, and design you could ever imagine! However, I was taken back when I saw the "vintage people" on sale for $10.00, and, s'cuse me, those were the lego people I PLAYED WITH! YIKES! VINTAGE?!
Anyways, after the lego store, we walked to Greenwich Village, Lower West Side, Lower East Side, and then into Chinatown (where we had some wonderful chinese tea, thank you S for introducing me to a new favorite!), and then to canal St (which S had never been to, but could talk those street sellers down in price like nothing I have ever seen...he is a banker, it is his specialty!), after that, we met up with Janie, and took the Subway back to his place!

The next morning, S and I woke up at 4:45 to go see Lady Gaga at the Today Show! I didnt realize the stage was so tiny! 4 blocks were blocked off, 18,000 people were there...and yes it was a bigger crowd than "Beiber Fever" haha!

S and I stood beside the flags in the back, across from the Lego Store for the first hour, and we saw her preform "Alejandro" (excuse the spelling!), and "Bad Romance"! She was AWESOME, and freaking TINY in person! Then by 6:30 we decided to walk around and see the stage! I ended up pressed, struggling for air, against a brick wall while some of the largest bitches tried to push their way through the crowd...oh also some kid threw up due to fear of crowds...FOOL, dont come out then! I was disgusted, still though, I had to see Lady Gaga,
...or did I?!
It got to be about 8:30 when she still hadnt come out to warm up, and since we had already seen her once, we decided to head over to "Good Morning America" to see the love of my life, Sam Champion!
Well, we got there, and the show had already moved to Central Park for their concert, but I did see that if you arrive at 6:45, you can go into the studio...thats what i'll be doing next time! I would also LOVE to see Kathie Lee and Hoda!
After that, S went back home for a nap, and I headed to the agents office I had an appointment with at 10! I stopped in some stores along the way to kill time, and met a bunch of new people! Everyone I met was from down South...so cool!
The agent I met with was great, but wanted me to re-do headshots so they could make $ off of them...I just had mine done, so politely declined, and said I would come back the next time I was in the city! I love my agent here in NC, and dont need a new one just yet.
Loved the Today Show, loved Lady Gaga, and loved walking arounf NYC at the earliest hour of the morning! Great day!

The next week, I took my resume and headshot by every casting office in Wilmington, and have been getting calls about extra work with One Tree Hill. I was supposed to shoot today, but of course had class! Its okay though, im hoping for more opportunities! Its all so exciting!

On another note, on Tuesday and Wednesday, JL, and C came down to visit! We met our friend MH for dinner at Bridgetender! It was so good for all of us to get together! We had a great visit! MH is about to head out to Cali, and C is about to head to Boone...JL and I are in Wilmington, so it was good to hear everyones plans! We are all doing new and exciting things, and its very different than being in school in Raleigh...very bittersweet!

Saturday my cousins and I went out to the beach bars! There was a surf competition at the beach that weekend, and so they were packed! Especially Reddogs because thats where the after party was! I ended up at 22 North! My roommate stayed with me at the condo, and our other roommate and her boyfriend met us out! I was so happy she was in Wilmington for the weekend, it was a perfect surprise!
Everyone surprised me in the bar and started posing as models yelling congratulations...I couldnt stop laughing, so funny! I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my neck...After a few G&T's our poses looked more painful then pretty, but always good times! It was so fun! I absolutely loved seeing SB & JB, and all of their friends...much needed reunion!

Also, my mother and sister just left for a mission trip to Jamaica, they will be gone for a week, and I am so excited (and a little jealous of) for them!

I have gotten to know so many great people from work this summer! I started working as a hostess a few weeks ago, and I am loving it! The people are all around my age, and we all have a great time. Its a perfect summer job, and its nicer than an internship because IT PAYS! I will keep you posted on that! Its been wonderful!

Thats been my life lately, its been a crazy, wonderful few months! I move next week into my new condo, and cannot wait! I hope you have all been well! I will be catching up on blogs from here on...so looking forward to reading what you have all been doing!
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, Hey!

Hey girls!

Okay, so here are some serious updates on whats been going on in my crazy life! I cannot believe I have waited so long to post, now there is so much to share, I have no clue where to start! First off, my poor computer (piece of junk) broke! So, I am in the process of sending it off to be fixed. I luckily have T's mac to work off of while its gone! CFCC computers block blogs and facebook...WOW I might actually get work done!

My computer broke right before graduation! It was the week between when classes ended, and Class Day/Graduation were going to take place! I was having porch time, and my computer up and dies...RUDE!
So, needless to say, I have been without MY laptop for a long while, and its causing anxiety...I need it back STAT!


Class Day was, and will always be my absolute favorite tradition at Meredith College! The Lil' Sis class gets up at 4:30am, and goes to pick daisies for the Daisy Chain. They work all night and day to make it look absolutely perfect. Class Day began around 4pm. All of the Seniors lined up in our white dresses around the Amphitheater, and then processed in to sit in the middle. Our Lil Sis class proceeds to come down the stairs surrounding our section as they hold the Daisy Chain, and go into the courtyard. We all got up and made a circle around the courtyard, as our Lils watched us file in. Then, all of the seniors hold hands, and watch as our Lils make a "10" out of the daisies. After they make the 10, they file out to go sit down, and we go and rip the chain, and all take a daisy to remember that moment by! It is so beautiful because everyone is in their white dresses, and its such a fun thing to do with the sister class! We sing songs to each other, and of course there were speakers. Our class president spoke, and did a wonderful job! One of our class advisors, he's hilarious, was getting up to speak and BROKE HIS CHAIR! He just fell backwards, and the chair snapped! I was laughing, but thankfully so was he! At the end, some of us cried, and some of us laughed...overall, it is just so hard to say bye to your sisters, best friends, and even some of the teachers!


I spent a week with the girls down at Myrtle Beach in my friend K's condo, and it was so nice to spend time with them after graduation, it made it a little easier to say "see ya later". I hate goodbyes, I never ever say them! It is ALWAYS "See ya later!".

The fashion show that K and B put on! K had been sewing all semester long, making these beautiful dresses, and outfits for the show! I knew they were good, but when the show took place...it was absolutely perfect! She and B did a wonderful job, and it was so much fun to model in! I was the first one to go out, and I was n-n-n-nervous, but once I hit the last level, I bout kept walking in my "Lilly Like" dress right on out the front door to the car where I was gonna ride off with my new favorite outfit!
After the show, my mother, aunts, and cousins all went to eat at a Cuban restaurant right downtown! It was so good, and such a fun night for us all to be together!

Another senior girl did a Fashion Show, and I was going to model in it, but had the Jubilee Party instead! However, I did get to be in her photo shoot! Her stuff was awesome too, here are some pictures!


Now, like I said there was a Julep Party! Do I ever miss a great social function, not if I can help it! T and I decided we wanted to go to the Mint Julep Jubilee~Kentucky Derby Celebration in Wilmington just a few weeks ago! It was held at the beautiful Poplar Grove Plantation! Mainly so we could meet people, and start doing stuff in Wilmington. Lord knows, I met the most fun people! The Junior League of Wilmington is amazing, I just sent in my application today! I've always known I wanted to join the League! My mother was a member in her hometown, and has warned me numerous times that it can get very busy, but I would just love to do more in Wilmington, and meet more people! It was such an incredible day! The Junior League of Wilmington did a perfectly wonderful job hosting the event. It was SUCH a great day! Read more about it in the Lumina Newspaper!

The same day as K's Fashion Show, I got a call from Lumina News! I sent them my resume back in March, but they have been so busy! They called and told me they would like to interview me! I was so excited! I agreed to meet with one of the editors at Port City a few hours before the Jubilee.
One of the requirements to see if I was fit to be an intern was to write a story about an event. The editor asked me if I wanted to go to a Wine Tasting, but then realized that I could do a story on the Derby Party, and it would be just as easy! I happily agreed!
When T and I got to the party, I went ahead and told the check in table that I was interning with Lumina News, and would love to get some quotes for a story! I am telling y'all, I absolutely love the Junior League! They were so sweet, and I got to meet the co-chairs of the event and talk with them for a good bit about what the event meant to them!

Afterwards, I sent K, our new friend from the Jubilee, an email, and she sent a mass email to make sure I got quotes for the story...I was so excited! 5 people, including co-chairs responded with quotes! They were the most wonderful, heartfelt quotes, and looked so great in the paper!

Another article I wrote is about Port Southern! Go check that one out while you're at it!
I was so excited to get published, and to write stories for such awesome events! I am looking forward to Thursday when I begin my internship with Lumina!

Speaking of Lumina, they partner with Wrightsville Beach Magazine, a monthly publication that is so much fun to read! Well, about 7 months ago, I was sending my headshot around bridal shops, newspapers, magazines, ect. letting them know I would love to do some modeling, to use in my portfolio! Ok, seriously! Prayer, and determination both work miracles!! Just last Friday, I went to the studio and did a photo shoot for Wrightsville Beach Magazine! They emailed me and asked if I would do some beauty shots for a plastic surgery ad! OF COURSE I would! It was so much fun! I got to go down in the Lumina Station to the CUTEST salon and have my hair and make-up done! I have since decided to make that the new spot where I will actually have my hair done! They were all so so so nice! I cant wait to go back soon! After I had my hair done, I went up to the studio, where we took a lot of pictures! Everyone that was there was so sweet, and im so excited because I will get to intern with them this summer! CANT WAIT!

My most exciting, and probably far fetched news is...

So, about 7 months ago while I was emailing everyone my headshots, I decided why not send them to J.Crew, and a few other places wherever I could find e-mails. Well, I know i've already posted about it, but I got in touch with J.Crew, and they offered me to come to NYC and do a "go-see"! I am supposed to go up there around May 31st! My friend Janie, who I lived with in NYC last year is living up there, so I am going to stay with her! SO excited! I doubt anything will come of it, but you just never know!

My take is, life is short so enjoy every minute of everything you do! It can be crazy, so far out of the box (ahem, JCREW), that you cant even believe its your life, but its yours. You make it as great or as awful as you want to. Life has handed me a lot that I really don't like to deal with, and I will admit, I kind of live in the clouds with these crazy dreams, and I do a lot more than I should, but if it keeps me happy, take it one day at a time! I feel like its so important to enjoy the whole journey, than just trying to reach 1 goal! Every day something should make me happy, and it should be something that I can smile about. So far, I can't complain! Never a dull moment.

Yesterday, I went to register at CFCC. I got there at 11am, and didnt leave until 7! It was insane! Everyone was really nice though, aside from some people giving me the death glare...Gwendolyn the advisor...she rude! But okay, heres what happened! So, my High School transcript was sent 2 weeks ago! Well, the guidance counselor at my High School must have been in a hurry (ill put it nicely) and sent the wrong Katie's transcript...there are 2 of us with the same first and last name!
CFCC was so so sweet, because I told my sweet mother what happened and she went to the High School. Fortunatly, they accepted a faxed transcript, because my real one arrived this morning! I really believe the nicer you are to people, the nicer you get treated! LOVE the admissions office at CFCC! I see the same women every time I am there, and its really nice because they know me and I know them! It makes it easier to get stuff done!
I got up at 6am this morning, got ready, and headed to what I thought was my 8:30am class...but NO! I walked into a class, full of people, but it wasnt my class! It was Music 111...my class starts in June! AHHH!
I am taking 2 classes this summer, and so luckily one of them starts tomorrow!
It was too funny though, and I was shocked that I didn't even care, I usually get pretty distraught when stuff like that happens.

I spent most of the morning in the library getting stuff done, and then when it came time to print stuff off, alls I had was my card. I don't carry change, so this guy gave me a quarter...YAY! I was able to get all of the busy work out of the way, print stuff out, and go on my merry way!

Tomorrow my internship with the news station starts, and I am so excited! I go in at 9, walk across the street to class, and head back over after! Its going to be a great day!

I love being at the beach, although I am really missing my MC girls, and OMG I miss my mom, sister, and brother! Luckily my mom and I talk every day, but I am about to die for her to come visit!

Here are some pictures from 10th Night!