Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey girls!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while! Wait until you hear why!!

First of all, I have gotten the sweetest e-mails from some of y'all and let me just tell you that I go to the doctor Thursday and will finally figure out what in the world is wrong with me, or if its nothing. I am really looking forward to getting that over with!!

Second of all, I have been working with WBTV this summer as y'all know and it has been filled with a lot of exciting, and interesting stories! Some are really bad, but I LOVE covering & watching them!!

Well one story this week was so scary...and real close to home!
I woke up last Thursday to head out to the park around 8 am and there were 3 cop cars turning down the road in front of my house! My jaw dropped, because cops don't generally come into the neighborhood! Everyone is really close in the neighborhood so I thought they had finally caught the drug addict teenager that lives up the street, hell I was wrong! Hes still shootin' up, but guess what they DID find!

A doctor that lived up the street was MURDERED!!! AHH!!
My sister came home from bible school and she was like "Katie guess what happened on our street?!" I assumed that some kids bike was stolen, or something stupid like that, but no it was so bad!

I thought at first it was just a random murder, but it was intentional! To be honest he has always been really strange to me....just a weird little man! But still, I don't think anybody ever deserves to be murdered!

Yesterday I was walking with my mother and Sarah, and I saw the WBTV live truck! I wasnt scheduled to work, but I really wanted to so my walk turned into a sprint and I went to the truck! Luckily, my favorite camera man was there, and then this reporter that I never met. She asked me if I could get any neighbors to talk about it, but no I just couldnt do that! I did eventually get to start on my demo tape, I am going to use this story because nothing has happened like this in 30 years in Salisbury! I wish I could have used a different story just because I feel like such a bitch working with the news, and then being friends with the neighbors and family...but the camera man says thats just what happens in news, so ill just do my job!

I am just gonna tell you that WBTV tells the story much better then I can, so I am going to paste what is on their website...its such a crazy story! I will put videos up too (the blonde interviewing is me!) I really do feel awful for that poor family though, and all I can do is pray for them.

People in the neighborhood already think that this is going to be a lifetime movie!

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!