Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 80th!

Hey girls!

This weekend was chaos, in the best way of course!

Did any of y'all do anything, or have any big events?!

This weekend was so special to me and my family, because it was my Grandmothers 80th birthday!

I am so so so excited for her, not only does she still look 50, but she is so sharp, and doesn't seem 80! She is my Mom's Mother, and lives just a half hour away from us. My mom is 1 of 3, and all in all, they live fairly close to each other!

We all met at my Aunt's house in Charlotte before going to lunch at a wonderful French restaurant to celebrate this special day! My Aunt always picks the best spots to eat for birthdays, or whatever holiday it may be!

My mother made the most beautiful, and tasty cake! It was a "Freccled Mocha Cake" with coffee icing, and red writing to say "Happy 80th!" It couldnt have been more perfect! It was funny though, because we only put 8 candles on the cake, but the matches kept going out before we could light them all...I think Grandmother was a bit offended...but we just kept telling her how fabulous she looks!

Another perk of the weekend was that I got to see my cousins, whom I rarely see accept for holidays! They are so much fun! I am the eldest grandchild, but Lord knows I dont act it! We all have fun, and play football, soccer, or just chase each other around the neighborhood...I LOVE seeing them!

It was a wonderful weekend, and the weather made it absolutely perfect!

I don't know about y'all, but part of me just isn't ready for Fall! Thoughts?!

Have a great Monday!