Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Newest Intern!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I just found out that I got my internship at WBTV News 3 this summer!!! I am so excited to work with them! I still remember when I went to interview, and I just prayed I would get it because I was really shy at the interview. Guess it worked!

Needless to say I am going to HAVE to go shopping before it all begins! I really want to wear cute business clothes! (Does Lilly make those?!) I am so thrilled because I can actually wear a pencil skirt and have a real reason!

Also! The Southern Womens Show is coming to Raleigh on the weekend of the 26th...I will be at Foxfields which will be fun, but is anyone going to the Show? I have heard great things, I think my mom and some of her friends are going. I told her to bring me back somethin' cute!

Today, I went to get my hair done...for the 3rd time this month! Let me just say, as unhealthy as that is, and I may be using rogaine before im 23, my hair is naturally a very dirty blonde color. UGH!
I wanna be a blonde, so ever since the 10th grade I have been highlighting my hair...this year though I decided to color it all over and see what happens...
Well, it was cute for about 5 minutes, and then I saw someones mugshot on the news whose hair looked a lot like mine...NASTY!
I also had the roots from HELL in a matter of days!
Let me tell ya, it was lookin' real cute!
Some women can pull the look off great, unfortunately it just wasnt meant for me.
My Mom and I were walking and she said
"Sweetie, you have got 5 colors growing out of that head, we need to fix this!"
So just until I could get an appointment, we did a box kit...which she was not excited about and swore she wasnt even going to have anything to do with! My mother is a bit traditional, and box kits are just unheard of, she wont mess with them on my hair!
Eventually after a bunch of lies about how my self esteem was so effected by my 5 hair colors, I just needed to do this, she agreed to do it. I dont think she bought anything I said, I think she just wanted me to shut the hell up, and see why she disagrees with box kits!
I was doing the kit, and OMG they have some strong chemicals! All of the sudden, I couldnt breathe!
It turned out to be much darker than im used to, and even turned a little ashy/grey take it as you want... but thats okay because anything that bad can surly be fixed! Trust me, my head is proof. I like my hair to look like Kelly today I got it done from my stylist here in Salisbury, I was so excited, she has done my hair for a long time but since I had moved to Raleigh, I hadn't gotten to see her.
Let me just tell you, after my mishap, I have an ongoing appointment every 6 weeks starting today.
Now it is finally a pretty good blonde, it looks very natural and I am so excited that I got it where it needed to be.
I also had 4 biopsy's done this week for skin spots, eww...2 of them were on my face and 2 on my back. The doctor thinks that they are absolutely nothing but just to be cautious, we took them off.

Needless to say, it has been one hectic (but good) week! It has been so pretty outside, it was like 80 degrees the other day, so i'm happy.

Check out these latest websites, I found the cutest stuff for this season!!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nancy Grace

Hey girls!

Ok, please tell me y'all love and watch Nancy Grace?!

I think shes great...please just listen to what she said tonight!

2 funny things of tonight's episode:

1.) Talking about a mom that left her 3 kids at home to go to the liquor store...
" The mom was supposedly out buying birthday presents for the kids, which she had promised!"
"HEY, I didn't know they sold toys at the liquor store!"
2.) On Lane Bryants break in and shooting sad!
"Lane Bryant has now stepped up to the plate and is offering a reward for details on the killer, you think they would step up to the plate and invest in some surveillance cameras!"

Shes so quick!

6 Unimportant Things About Moi!

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Six Un important Things About Moi!

1.) I was born on Mothers Day, and I like to think that I am in the running for one of the best gifts shes ever gotten. ;)

2.) I love to be loud, and laugh all the time. Seeing other people laugh at something I did, meaning to or not, makes my life much better!

3.) I love Lifetime Movie Network, I watch a movie everyday with my roommates! They are so good!!

4.) I am writing an Etiquette book, i've collected them for a long time, and they inspire me so I thought why not write one?!
So far, I am the only one that's read it...and its been very well received! Haha!

5.) I love rap music!

6.) I wish I could stay a kid forever, its so much fun!

A Few More

Here are a few more, I didnt want to put too many up, but I love taking pictures! I hope y'all all had great weekends too! The only thing I didnt like about formal was my tan haha, I tried this new Jergens Express lotion, and idiot me got the "medium/dark skin tone, and well you can look and see it turned me a little darker than I would have thought...but its okay because it was dark on the dance floor haha! Anyways, I love jergens, but I think I will just get the light skin toned from now on!!

PS: CAROLINA LOST! Is anyone else keeping up with the tournament?

Have a great Sunday girls!

Pictures from the latest MC Events!

Mother Daughter Tea and Formal!