Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hey girls!

Oh my goodness, I just found out some disheartning news, well actually I dont care because ill never use it, but my mother, well thats another story! I found out that I am doing extremely poor in my French class! Don't get me wrong, in all actuality, I do care but it sucks because I am just not a fan of foreign language! I keep telling my mother and teacher that if I had any desire at all to learn it, I would just go live in France for a year! I don't think either of them want to hear that though, so I am gonna have to study really hard for a while...ugh! :(

I was royally pissed that I had a bad grade in something so petty, so I decided to do some retail therapy! ;) I found some cute things and I had to post them!! All of the cute stuff is coming out for Spring, and believe it or not I dont know if you ever go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx but those are like my favorite places ever!! I found tons and tons of Lilly and Vineyard Vines!!

Jcrew: Chain Print Merino Sweater Dress.

I just got this dress the other day! It is really cute, and its short too so its great for Spring!

I love printed pants, shirts, ect and bright colors!! So heres some more stuff from JCrew that I loved!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Lilly for Cupcakes?

Hey girls!

This is my last post of the day, I promise haha...I keep forgetting to include stuff, Oops!

On the day of Sarah's confirmation, we had a big luncheon and had cute little cupcakes made with white icing, and blue crosses. I would have gone with pink, but to each his own! Also mom said it had something to do with the day, so its whateves!
Anyways, I wish I had pictures!
We had a ton left over so we thought we would share some with our fairly new neighbors because they have a lot of cute kids, and they just moved in so we want to make a nice impression!!

Well, Sarah and I ran the cupcakes over, chatted for a while, they thanked us and then we went on our way! Then, just 5 minutes later, their daughter came to our front door. What did she have in her left hand, she had the ticket to make them my new favorite family in the neighborhood!!! She had a LILLY POLO DRESS! Promptly, she said
"Thanks for the cupcakes, we saw you are Lilly lovers too, and this doesn't fit me, so you can have it!"

I wanted to say,
"Honey, I will make you cupcakes any day of the week, if you come bearing Lillys in return!"
but instead, I just simply said
"You are all truly great neighbors, I am so thrilled! Thank you so much!"
I was beaming from ear to ear!

Needless to say these neighbors are a gift from God, I mean Lilly in exchange for a few pretty cupcakes, these girls have sense and they are so so sweet!!

Spring Excitement!

Hey girls!

Here are my 5 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait For Spring!

I already busted out a Lilly dress at church this past Sunday, yes everyone else was in black and tights, but not me...I just couldnt wait any longer!! My mother said it was too cold, but HELLO, the church had the heat on, it was hot in there! I had to wear some color!

2. Walking in the morning!
I love to walk at like 8 am, and lately its been so cold but there is nothing better then getting up early on a Spring day and walking in the warm with all of the fresh air! Also, walking just wakes me up!

3. My mothers flowers!
Each Spring, my mother always re does the window boxes at our house! So beautiful! I love pulling into my driveway on a weekend home from school and letting them be the first things I see! I can't wait!

4. Long drives in the country!
In the Spring we tend to spend a good amount of time at our lake house. It's about a 30 minute drive from our home and its all country! I love to ride with all of the windows down and the sunroof back with my song of the hour as loud as it will go! Its so pretty in the Springtime!

5. Cookouts
I love to have cookouts in the spring with friends and family. (Okay I admit it, I love going home!) I cannot wait for the first cookout!

I got this cute idea from

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Eventful Weekend!

Hey girls!

I am so excited about how many people read my last post. Im really sorry I havent responded, I never know whether to respond of y'alls blogs or on my own post?? What do y'all do when you have a response??

Anyways, today was a big day! My little sister was confirmed in our church this morning! She looked just beautiful, and did a great job!

Let me just tell you about this past weekend.

My friend had her 20th birthday party, and it was too much fun haha...we all have those "nights". We took a birthday shot and then had a few drinks together, and then I was DONE! We all came back to school to go to bed around 1:00 and I was not in top shape the next morning. I had to wake up at 8 am with the hangover from hell and go to my hair appointment 2 hours away in Salisbury!
I was just praying that I wouldnt get sick the whole time!! After my hair appt, which went very well, I got at least an inch cut off, I went home and took a power nap! Of course, I felt horrible about the whole thing because I couldnt help my mother do anything at all!
Luckily, Saturday passed, and Sunday, both sides of my family and a lot of family friends came and went to church to watch Sarah get confirmed!
After the beautiful service, it was back to our house for lunch...SO MUCH FUN!!!
I finally got to pull out a Lilly Pulitzer dress with a white polo cardigan!!
At lunch, my mom made so much food, I always love when everyone gets together there is nothing better!!

Later that day, Mom, Sarah, and I went to Walgreens to get some things, and there was a nasty man in need of a shower, detox, and a haircut standing outside yelling "Hey Goldilocks!" as we were rude!
I swear, do the antics ever stop?!?! JUST CONFIRMED HERE!
People are seriously disturbed! Ugh!

After the madness calmed down, we took a nice long golf cart ride and saw a bunch of our cute neighbors, its always so good to be home! I cannot wait for Easter...does anyone have any big plans?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Palm Sunday!