Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You, New York! It's been a privilege!

Hey girls!

So, oh my gosh! I was totally beaten up a little person!
Crazy bitch beat me with her freakin cane!
Okay, so it all started when I was walking with my friend J to get Subway yesterday around 1pm. We were on the way back, and I was STARVING! I was kind of in a hurry to get up to my room before I passed out from low blood sugar!
Well, I pressed the UP button for an elevator! Before I knew it, 2 minutes passed, then 5, then (and no im not even exaggerating!) 10 minutes passed and still no elevator, but a line as long as the Brooklyn Bridge, and none of us standing there spoke the same language! SKETCH!
Well, okay! I was definitely in line first, and I really wanted to get in the elevator before the people behind me beat me to it! I'm a pretty fast runner, but some of these people were BIG so it wasnt even the distance to whichever elevator that would get me, it was more of the "weight limit" issue, and I wasnt getting voted out so Yoda 2 people back could get in!
YES! FINALLY! 10 minutes later the elevator on the other end opened, and I heard the BING!
I smiled real big, and took off to the door! I let the people get out first, or so I thought...
All of the sudden, I thought I stubbed my toe, when I looked down and saw a rude mudget looking me in the eye with the look of death! I couldnt help it, I almost burst into "Eye of the Tiger" because she looked like she was in attack mode!
Excuse me, theres plenty of room, and she ran right into my stomach trying to get out!
All of the sudden, she takes her cane (yes she was as old as a fossel!)
She took her cane, and hit me in the ankle...on purpose! Then yelled,
umm, YOU TAKE IT EASY! You just hit an innocent girl with your cane!
HAHA! Once I got to the room, I was telling my best friend, T what happened! Hes a trip, he told me I should have said something along the lines of...
"Bitch need to step back before I shove my Lilly Heel up her crazy ass!"
I like that, I wish I was quicker on my feet, literally!
I cant believe I was beaten up by a little person!

Yesterday my roommate and I went to Mood Fabrics! It was so so fun! Shes a fashion major and has to make tons of outfits for her senior show this spring! I cant wait to see what she makes, because everything shes made so far is soo freakin good! No lie...theres a few peices i'll have to beg her to let me keep...or maybe i'll just walk the runway at her show, walk *sprint* to my car, and speed off in this dress i'm in love with! haha! One of them seriously looks just like a Lilly!
Anyways so we were looking around, and it was so fun to be in there but the fabric is so expensive! Not that we were surprised, it is the fabric store on Project Runway!
Here are a few pictures of the store!

In happier news, I also found out recently that, as I mentioned before, I got an internship in Washington DC with ABC, and then found out that I got another one in NYC with CBS. After a lot of praying, and emailing the man in Washington a few times, I knew just what to do!
Washington man sent my resume onto Raleigh because he told me he wanted me to intern with ABC somehow! What a nice guy! Yesterday, ABC in Raleigh called and it was just the nicest conversation I have had in days! The woman I talked with had so much in common with me career wise! It was just great to hear about her days in the business! She told me about how she lived in the city for a summer as well, when she was around my age! She worked for a station here, and is originally from my hometown! She even trained one of the anchors that I interned with when she was an intern! What a small world! Also, I found out that I got the WECT internship on weekends in Wilmington! My cousins, and roommate live there and so it works out just perfectly! Another answered prayer!
So, my final conclusion is that I am going to still be a full time student with 15 hours, living with my best friends which I am so so so excited about! I worked it out so that I can work with ABC Raleigh a few days a week, and do Wilmington every other weekend or so! I am absolutely ecstatic about this! I just feel very happy! I get to do what I love, and be around everyone and everything that I love! I couldn't be more thankful!

Today is officially my last day in the city. It is the most bittersweet feeling! I am absolutely terrible with goodbyes, I don't handle them very well! I am also terrible with change of any kind, which is weird because my whole life involves change! I am just too sentimental, according to my mother, and ill be honest I agree with her!
Anyways, I am all packed up, and I am donating my sheets, pillows, and left over toiletries simply because I just have no room!
Tomorrow my flight leaves at 2:45pm, and my sweet Aunt will meet me in Charlotte where I will stay the night with her!

This morning, I was packing and a friend stopped in to say goodbye! After I said my goodbyes, I got to thinking of everything I have been through this summer, how wonderful it has truly been, and then about how excited I am to actually get home!
I can't wait to actually get home and drive my car again blasting the Mamma Mia Soundtrack, or Tha Carter III as loud as I can, just because I can! I cant wait to eat chic-fil-a, and shop until I have no energy left! I cant wait to run up my driveway on Saturday morning, and give my sweet sister the biggest hug these arms can handle! I cant wait to fix a diet sun drop for the first time in 3 months and have long awaited porch time with my sweet mother while she catches me up on the goings on with everything! I cant wait to spend some QT with my brother, driving around while we listen to his cd of choice and let him tell me about his summer, and his great plans for school in the Fall! I cant wait to go to the club and have Sunday brunch with my family, and everyone from the neighborhood! I cant wait to share my adventures more than once with friends and family! I cant wait to go to church this Sunday and thank God for all that I was able to accomplish this summer! Everyone back home is so friendly, and I cant wait to see them all! I cant wait to laugh and get excited about all of the memories that I have made this summer with so many wonderful people, but most of all I cant wait to look back in a few years and remember all of the fun I had in this city!

I am so sad though, to leave this place, this city, where all or most, of my dreams came true! I feel like I have grown so much this summer into the person that I wanted to become! I have a long way to go, but this summer was an absolute privilege, a blessing that I will remember always! The people I met, the places I saw, the obstacles, and achievements, all combined into many memories, pictures, and stories!

I will really miss meeting everyone in Coopers Tavern after work for a margarita, and rant session. I will really miss the subway, and all of the characters I only have the chance to see in New York (actually, I wont miss that as much as I think! haha) I am really going to miss being 1 of 5 Katie's in our group, I will really miss Van Deimens, and the people that made it fun! I will really miss New York Pizza, and Amadeaus' Chicken Parmesan Pasta that I ordered at least once a week! I will miss the past 3 months! I loved each and every experience that I got to embark on! I will really miss being one of maybe 5 Southern girls, and people asking me where I am from because they enjoy my accent! I will miss client meetings, and having a job that made me feel so important! I will miss not wearing a pencil skirt everyday, and talking to other young professionals on the way to work! Most of all I will miss this city for all that it has to offer!

I am so thankful that I had my best friend with me for 3 months, because truly if she hadn't been here, I really could not have done it! People constantly told us we acted like sisters, and we didnt care because HELLO we definitely did at times, but in the end, you need your best friend here! Some people we met here definitely don't know what its like to have a best friend, they are crazy and only care about themselves! It was so nice to not be one of those people! In the end, we can both be excited because we made it in New York! I am so thankful that I made new friends, really 1 or 2 that I will keep up with, but still! I am so thankful for all of the directions people gave me, and for the woman who swiped her subway pass for me this morning when mine expired! People make really sweet gestures, and although that happens at home as well, it means more to me here because it makes me want to be a better person! If a complete stranger can be nice, so can I! I am thankful that I have seen what big hearts complete strangers can have, and also how crazy people can be at the same time! New York is the place where everyone fits in, and I am thankful most of all for that!
Thank God I can still come visit! Who knows maybe I will be back one day, and maybe I will get my dream job! I know now though, that if I made it here, I can make it anywhere! I admire everyone that I had the chance to meet, because they made it too! I am so proud of my friend K and I, we did it! Most of the time, we even smiled when things got rough, like the small cubicle of a room we lived in, or the nasty rusted shower, or even when we missed home so much we couldn't stand it! We still made it!

I'll remember experiencing the tears, smiles, excitement, disgust, pretty much every emotion a human being is capable of! I have experienced every emotion possible! Still, I remember laughing, and smiling because living here has made me a stronger person! I loved it all so much!
Thanks NYC, its been a privilege!

I posted a few of my favorite pictures!

Have a great Thursday!

My Very Favorite Pictures!