Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey girls!

SO, shopping for Project Santa begins tomorrow, and needless to say I am the happiest girl alive! I countdown every year for PS to begin! Lately, I have been helping check out families, and order fruit! The Food Lion truck comes Friday, and oh my gosh I dont want it to end! I wish I could get a paying job doing something like Project would make my life!

I freakin love shopping for all the kids, and especially being in charge, well half in charge for the day! I always go with K, she and I are always in charge of the toys.

I have been helping with toys since I was 12, but last year I had to step up, and hold more responsibility with Project Santa. Now, I really feel like a part of the whole project!

K and I sit in our designated chairs and call out the names of these sweet children, then we all fill boxes with their Christmas wishes! We unload toys, and then divide them by gender, and age group.

However, every year when we shop, I just HAVE to play little pranks on K. This year is MY me when I say, what I got for us is gold!

I bought these HUGE ugly headset walkie know, so I can locate K when she goes astray from the task...hahaha!

I plan on constantly yelling "K, isle 5".

I think it will show how serious I take Project Santa, and make people run when they see these bad boys in their isle! WOO HOO!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

What A Wonderful Life!

Hey girls!

So much has been going on here lately, and I just need to write about it! First off, I took my last exam yesterday, and I am quite ready to have all of my grades posted, so I can move on with my Christmas Break!! I am so so so excited for Christmas! Project Santa cannot start soon enough, actually it can! It starts tomorrow!
Woo Hoo!
We are meeting to count all of the toys, and check out families! Its getting so close!
I cannot believe Christmas is already here!

I am actually a little bit sad that (some of) my classes ended! I really liked 2 of them a lot because the teachers were really nice, and helped me alot! Ill miss having them! It was truly a wonderful semester, and I will miss having classes with my friends! I hope next semester is the same way!

Also, last night my sweet friends K, C, J, and I had a Fa La La La Wine/Lifetime night to celebrate being finished with everything! It was so much fun! Whenever we are together, we always have the best time!
I just want to say that C recently started a blog of her very own, and I will just have to post the address, so you all can go and read it! Shes freakin hailarous, and one of the most positive people i've ever met!
Last night, we talked about everything under the sun, it was so much fun!
As far as school goes, I have another 2 semesters...whatever it will be over before i know it, I am just ready to be done with classes! Love the social part, hate the classes!
Today, I had to go return books, and MC was going to give me a whole $3.50 for 2 books could I pass that up?! Well, it was easy, because NCSU gave me $40.00!
While we were at school, we went to pick up a dress and a coat that K made for one of her classes!
I am NOT even exaggerating when I say the coat looks like a coat you could find on 5th Avenue in Saks!
Its a perfectly wonderful pink coat, with gold and white buttons!
Needless to say, I just might have to steal it when shes not looking!

In other news,
I found out this morning that I have a job interview for a Traffic Producer/ Reporter position, next Wednesday!

Y'all know when I get bored I send my resume out to any and everyone, and this time it paid off! I am so excited about this interview, and I hope it turns out for the best!

The man I would be working for seems like the nicest person, and says that many of the part time positions are held by college students! This excites me even more, because I will meet new people!

Also, last Saturday, I made my demo tape for News, and I was so excited! My good friend/photographer from a past internship was so kind and decided to help me film, edit, and copy it onto a DVD! He and I did a package during a walk for artheritis! It was great to see him, and work with him again! Also, I was so happy to learn more about editing, it is just not my trademark skill!
Now I can begin sending the tape out to stations!

I couldnt believe how kind the news director was! I couldnt believe he allowed me to use the equipment for my tape, that was just the sweetest thing, especially considering, if I couldnt find a station to help me make one, and I had to pay somebody...its $1,500!

Lastly, a few weeks ago, I signed a 2 year contract with a Talent Agency in NC. I am absolutely thrilled, because this isnt fake...for once, its really happening! I found out about them while I was in NYC this summer.

One rainy day, I got a call from a casting director after I had submitted my resume to the NY agency. I walked down a few blocks from where I lived, and met with him! He casted extras for Gossip Girl, and did a lot of Soap Opera casting as well!

He was the real deal...which is exactly why he didnt sign me! Haha!

It turns out, I needed a legitimate set of headshots, so instead of giving up on me, he told me about an agency here in NC! He told me he would forward my name to them, and for me to call when I got home. Well, I did just that! I went in and auditioned about 2 weeks ago. For the first time, I was asked to do a monologue, and preform on camera for my audition!

They decided to sign me, so now I have an agent!

I have to get headshots done, which I have scheduled for the day after New Years, with a woman they recommended!

Also, a new beginning! I am just so excited about all of this! They do not promise me work, but they will send out my information to any auditions they see fit!

Who knows where it will go, but I am looking forward to the experience, and meeting new people!

I truly believe that there is nothing you cant do if you have strong faith in God, and yourself! You just have to take chances, I love just applying for any and everything, and seeing what happens! Of course I am going to be told no at times, but thats okay, because something new will always come along!

I can clearly see now, that all of the things I have had the chance to embark upon are starting to mean something, my eyes are opened to more opportunities, and I am getting to do what I love all the time!

I expected so much to happen so fast, but now it is all unfolding, and at just the right time! I have a long way to go, and a lot of work to do, but I know that what is meant to happen, will happen. I just need to remember to keep praying, and doing all that I can.

One of the most important things that I have learned and will take with me forever, is that if I want something bad enough, I will have to take it upon myself to go and get it! I want to prove myself to this world, and most of all, to myself.

I love to embrace each moment, and experience that I am given! It makes the whole process of working toward my goals more enjoyable, and memorable!

I love to take things one step at a time, (yes, like the Jordin Sparks song...LOVE it!) and embrace each moment as if it were the goal I wanted the whole time! I catch myself smiling more each day, because little things truly make me the happiest! I will just keep working, praying, and hoping that everything will happen in time.

Even if I dont go any further, I am so happy right here in this moment with my life! (Ask me that in a month, and I might feel differently! Haha)

So many of my friends in NYC are doing great things too! One has a job with Teen Vogue, and she will do so well! That is right up her alley! Another one has an interview in a week with "O Magazine"! I think she will get it, she belongs in NYC! Another one is going to London to train for 10 weeks, and then starting a job with an investment bank! Hes worked really hard, and had tons of internships! Also, as I already mentioned, but just have to mention again, K is well on her way to having her own label one of these days! She makes the most beautiful clothes, and already has a label name picked out! So freakin cool!

I am excited for all of them, because they are doing great things! In February, we are doing a little NYC reunion, and I am really excited to be back with most all of them!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey girls!

So lately, I have gotten hooked on the show, Bewitched! I have watched it on Nick at Nite since I was a child, but lately I have absolutely fallen in love with all of the characters wardrobes, and attitudes! I love the way they all talk, and how simple that time period was!

All of the hair bows that Samantha Stevens wears have inspired me to pull my bows and ribbons back out! I have been afraid to wear them, because nobody else really does, but I love a good ribbon!

Also, the trench coats, with the beautiful buttons, and bright colors are goreous!

I think one reason that I am most excited is because, I feel as though some of my wardrobe already resembles the clothes worn in this show!
I think that clothing brands such as Lilly Pulitzer, J.McLaughlin, CK Bradley, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Boden, ect...have done a fabulous job at bringing back the 50's and 60'style!

These clothes show sophistication, class, and personality!
I think some of my wardrobe is very similar to "Samantha Stevens" character! Although, hers is much cuter, I have a few peices that resemble hers.
It makes me so excited, because I love dressing up!

Good clothes make me feel confident!
Its nice to know that the style is coming back, or maybe it just never went away!
Also, there was one sand colored trench coat that I saw with oversized tan buttons! My jaw was absolutely beautiful!
These clothes that the characters wear are exactly how I love/want to dress!
I cant believe I havent picked up on this until now, but I was flipping channels, and caught an episode, now I love when it comes on so I can get fashion tips! haha!
The clothes remind me so much of Lilly Pulitzer, especially vintage Lilly!
Every character is so proper. and well spoken. They never curse, (well, atleast while the cameras were rolling haha!) and it seems like a very conservative time period. I do wish I could have experienced it, todays society just isnt as safe, or conservative as it seemed to be back then!
Lastly, I just have to say that Dick Sergent, the second Darrin Stevens, is the most handsome man!
Now, I know, i know, its just a show, but I can remember my mother, and grandmother telling me stories from when they were growing up, and it was such a simple time back in the 50's and 60's. I just love hearing about what all they did, and how much fun they had! The hair back then was beautiful too!
I only wish times were more like that now!
After living in New York this past summer, I learned that each day is a new day to make an impression, and make your mark in this big world! You never know who you will meet.
Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits from "Bewitched!"

Also, there are so many people I admire when it comes to style, and etiquette.

Another person I absolutely love Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!

My mother told me of a time that she was in New York City, and saw Jackie O walking down the opposite side of the street. My mother said she had on big sunglasses (her trademark, of course). I am sure she had on a classic outfit! I just love looking back at her outfits, and also that she was a classmate of Lilly Pulitzer!

Samantha Stevens in Bewitched, and Jackie O are both my fashion icons for right now!

I am a huge fan of both leading lady's hairstyles, too!
I wish I could get my hair to do what theirs did!
Here are a few of Jackie O's outfits that I absolutely love!

Also, I have been doing some Christmas Shopping, and my sweet mother has been ordering some of my Christmas presents!
I am so excited to add a few peices to my wardrobe. I have a book that I read a little over a year ago called "The One Hundred". It gives remarkable tips on what should be in everyones closet! I am reading it again!

I ordered a Pink Trench Coat from Banana Republic yesterday, it has 4 tan buttons down the center, and is about knee length!

These coats are my favorite, and Banana Republic ALWAYS has them! I love paring them with a Little Black Dress, and a cute pair of flats.
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mimosas Before 12 = Betty Ford OR Someones Birthday!


All of y'all go to The Fashionable Leopard and wish this girl a very happy 22nd birthday!


We started out the morning with mimosas in her cute new Champagne glasses, so exciting! Tonight, a bunch of us are heading to 518 West to celebrate!

Its going to be a great day!

Happy Birthday my friend!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksmas Weekend!

Hey girls!

This weekend, 2 of my closest friends had their annual "Thanksmas Mountain Weekend!"

This weekend is personally one of my favorite weekends of the year! On Friday afternoon, 11 Meredith Angels headed from Raleigh to Tennessee! It was a four hour drive, and the entire weekend was filled with so much laughter, and fun! I have so many great memories from this weekend. It was truly so nice to spend time with the girls! I have known most of them since the first week of my Freshman year.
On Saturday, we headed into Blowing Rock, and I did some Christmas shopping! We ate lunch at a great BBQ spot, and spent some time downtown. Next, we hit the outlets! We got back to the house, and had a wonderful dinner! After dinner, her parents built a fire! We made s'mores, and had a great time! Sunday, we stopped in downtown Boone on the way out, it was so pretty! Such a great weekend!
It became true this weekend, that we could go years without seeing each other, and once we do, we pick up right where we left off! That is just the best feeling!

These girls, along with my sweet roommates have truly become my sisters over these last 4 years, and I am just so thankful each day to be blessed with such wonderful, beautiful friends!

It is going to be extremely hard to watch this year end. I am not good with goodbyes, actually, thats an understatement, im awful with them! I'm way to sentemental, and I get almost depressed when change occurs. I am already beginning to get emotional, and "miss" my friends...lame I know! Its all just very bittersweet!

I wont graduate until December, but most of the girls will be graduating this May. They are all going to do such great things, and I am so excited, but so sad that this is our last year together!

One of my good friends recently got engaged! I am just so happy for her! She and her finacee are so cute together, and they are going to be so happy! Her ring is absolutely gorgeous, and she is so happy! This weekend, in the mountains, we looked at bridal magazines, and talked about all of our excitement toward her future! AHH, what a big time! My friends mother set up a beautiful dining table for us when we got to the Mountains! It was so cute because L's chair had a wedding magazine, a diamond ring paper weight, and a heart!! The rest of us had mini diamond rings, and wands! SO cute! She told us "our prince would come!"

Here is a picture from the night L came to tell K, JL, SB, and I she got engaged! YES, we were in our pjs, and had removed all make-up, but this moment HAD to be photographed, because she is the first girl in the group to get engaged!!!!!

Here is the picture we took in the Mountains looking at her ring! YAY!!!!!

Here are some other pictures from this weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crane & Co.

Hey girls!

As the Holiday Season approaches, I am so excited to order some new stationary for my post holiday thank-you notes!

I always shop at one of my favorite spots. I loved to visit Crane & Co. in Rockafellar Center on the way home from work!
Crane & Co. not only offer stationary, but also, great pieces of valuable information for correspondence! Normally, I focus on Emily Post, but how wonderful that Crane & Co. promotes how to write a note on the beautiful stationary they provide.

Here are a few of the gracious tips they offer toward correspondence.

How to Write Thank You Notes for Gifts
Etiquette dictates that a thank you note should be written to the giver of every gift you receive. Handwritten notes are a simple, elegant and thoughtful way to express your appreciation for gifts of any size.

The steps to writing a proper thank you note are as follows:
Greet the giver.
Express your thanks.
Say something nice about the gift or its intended use.
Mention the past, allude to the future.
Repeat your thanks.

I cant wait to write my thank-you notes this year!
I have always loved to have great stationary! It is so essential to each an every person, because thank you notes are an absolute must! At least, that's what I generally use mine for!

Crane & Co. provides the most beautiful paper.

Here are a few of my Holiday Favorites that I have added to my wishlist this season!

My first choice, I have had my eye on for quite some time! The colors are so beautiful!

Initial & Name Personalized Letter Sheets

This stationary is so classic, and the initial at the top just makes it!

25- $105

My second pick is gorgeous as well!

Monogrammed Ecruwhite Correspondence Cards

Also, as I was paroozing the website, I found a section entitled "The Essence of Etiquette" I got so excited, I just have to share it with you!

The Essence of Etiquette
It's not about rules, it's about guidelines that help make our personal and professional relationships more comfortable and effective. We tend to feel more at ease when we understand what others expect of us. The etiquette we follow when sending a letter or invitation, like etiquette in other areas, revolves around three basic building blocks: common sense, courtesy and usage.
Common Sense The foundation of etiquette is common sense. On an invitation, for example, you must convey essential information if you want your guests to show up at your event. Your guests need to know who is inviting them to what function. They also need to know the date, time and place. A properly worded invitation includes all of that information and presents it succinctly and coherently.
Courtesy Courtesy, the spirit of etiquette, makes for better and more rewarding relationships. It also requires us to be considerate of others. You may come across some guidelines that might not work in your situation. If you followed those guidelines, you might, perhaps, offend someone you love. Is your relationship with that person more important than the wording of your invitation? If so, courtesy demands that you find an alternative. Etiquette is proper only when it facilitates and strengthens relationships.

Usage, the third building block is usage. Etiquette has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. Many of the customs that were proper 50 years ago have faded away, like a gentleman tipping his hat. Likewise, many of the customs we practice today will be outdated 50 years from now.
A Natural Evolution As old customs become obsolete, new ones take their place. Not long ago, for example, reply cards were considered improper, even offensive and insulting. Wedding invitations were always answered in your own handwriting on your own stationery. As our lives became busier and busier, many of us no longer had the time to sit down and hand write a reply. Since hosts and hostesses could not risk not receiving responses, they began to send reply cards with their invitations. This made it easier for their guests to respond. The courtesy extended to their guests was a common-sense approach to the problem of late and never received responses. As more and more invitations were sent with reply cards, reply cards became more and more acceptable. Today, they are sent with almost every wedding invitation.
In other words, at some point the traditional way of responding to wedding invitations was not working. Common sense suggested that a solution was needed. The solution was simple: Extend to guests the courtesy of an easy-to-use card with a stamped, pre-addressed envelope. This solution worked and through its usage reply cards have now become perfectly proper. These three building blocks — common sense, courtesy and usage — are the basis for all the guidelines that social etiquette provides.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Pieces!

Hey girls!

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching! I couldn't be more excited! I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite websites! The furniture, and all of the accessories that go along with it are just absolutely gorgeous!

Look around, and dont hesitate to treat yourself to a little Christmas Cheer! WOO HOO!

Here are just a few of my very favorite pieces, and accessories!

The Poodle Ornament

.Hand crafted
.Unglazed matte white
.Comes with hanging loop & blue ribbon
.Each ornament is boxed
.Perfect for holiday or to display all year long!

Yellow Stitched Bird Pillow

.Inspired by Mexican tapestry
.Embroidered yellow on white linen
.Feather/down insert
.Ties in back to close

The Lemon, Pear, and Apple Pillows
(Because, you cant just order 1!)


Of course, I need a couch to put my new favorite pillows on, so, in my dream world, I would choose,

The White Bamboo Loveseat

.Unique faux bamboo side rails
.Faux bamboo base and legs
.Newly painted white semi gloss
.New custom made upholstered cushions
.Chocolate brown durable fabric

For my future kitchen, I would just love to have these chairs!

The Red Chippendale Dining Chair

.Faux bamboo detail Chippendale style
.Newly painted red orange
.Original cane seat
.Chocolate brown outdoor fabric
.Custom made box seat cushions
.Tailored ties in the back & self welt
.Frames show some cracking and imperfections from history
.Original frames have been repaired


Now, for such beautiful chairs, in my dream world, I need a table that is just as beautiful, so I would choose this one!

The Faux Bamboo Metal Dining Table

.Newly painted white semi gloss
.New glass top
.Faux bamboo detail
.Metal surface shows some age


Please visit Pieces whenever you get the itch to do some shopping, or even just to look around! All of their items make me smile! I love the bamboo furniture!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wear Tucker Blair!

Tucker Blair

The Tucker Blair Classic Chatham Polo recently made its long awaited debut! You can take a look at it on the website, but for your convenience, here are a few pictures! All 3 colors are included here on the blog!

I hope you love it as much as I do! I know for a fact, many of my friends will be graced with one of these fabulous polo’s for Christmas!

Along with the polo’s, are Key Fobs, Sandals, Dog Collars, and Belts. If you, or your significant other are a mix & match person, you can buy different needlepoint patterns for each item. However, if you are into matching, each item comes in each design!

I own each of these headbands, and love them! My favorite headband is the pink with white polka-dots!
This may or may not be because it was featured on Gossip Girl!

Tucker Blair goes above and beyond to satisfy each customer’s specific needs.

On that note, custom products are also available! College products are growing each day throughout the Tucker Blair family, and we would love nothing more than to serve you, and your Alma Mater!

Being the Tucker Blair Representative for my school has been an absolute honor! The company is incredible to work with, and the customer service is impeccable! As far as reputable, Tucker Blair is one of the most reputable clothing companies in the business. They did not just waltz their way into the world of Preppy Clothing, they took the time to develop, and grow a great product name. A lot of hard work, time, and effort is put into Tucker Blair on a daily basis!

Trust me, I love it!
I’m excited to be able to share with you the products that this wonderful, high quality clothing line has to offer!

For more information on Tucker Blair, or their products, please visit the website at, or contact Taylor M. Llewellyn ( today!

Have a great Monday, y'all!