Monday, November 2, 2009

My Push Up Bra Will Help Me Get My Man!


PLEASE watch this, and laugh until you cant breathe...I did!


Have a great Monday!

Condiments, NOT Condoms...

Hey girls!

Happy belated Halloween!

I had such a nice Halloween, so relaxing! Also, the kids that I saw were all just absolutely adorable!
I had plans to possibly go to Wilmington with my roommate and see my cousins, and then, as the week went on, I had planned on doing the Hillsborough Hike with some good friends of mine, and being an NCSU Cheerleader (I would have to view that as a scary costume, because im a Tarheel fan...through and through!) Anyways, as the week began to wind up, some last minute plans helped me make my decision to go home and spend some QT with my sweet mother! I was so tired from Cornhuskin' practice...will explain this in detail after Friday!! Also, I was just tired in general, I think everyone is! There really wasnt much going on in Raleigh, besides the Hike! Last year, my roommates and I threw a houseparty, but this year, Halloween really snuck up on me, and I hadnt even gotten a costume!

On Halloween night, my mother and I were taking turns handing out candy! These adorable children from all over Salisbury were driving in and out of the neighborhood ready for some candy!
They were dressed up as pirates, Freddy Kruger, Snow White, a Princess, ect...just too cute!
A lot of the neighborhood kids were apparently out of town, so for about an hour, it was nice to have kids from other areas come and get candy! After about an hour though, all of the streets were filled with cars, and people screaming...not exactly our neighborhood! It got kindof annoying...

Going back to the little girl dressed up as a princess...OKAY, she was hailarious!
So this little girl was actually...not all that little! She had her share of happy meals, and even if she wasnt smiling, she was because her cheeks and dimples were just so puffed out...can I please have her?! Thanks!
I love little chunks, they are all so freakin' cute!
Well, okay, so she walks up the walkway to the door, and of course once her feet hit the walkway, she was twirling like a princess, and singing a song
...she also kicked one of the light up pumpkins because she said "mommy if I kick it, maybe it will get big like Cinderellas pumpkin!"
Umm...after 3 kicks, the light just stopped blinking...thanks Cinderella! haha!
Once she got to the doorway, I said,
"Look at you, arent you just the most beautiful Cinderella I have ever seen!"
She promptly corrected me, saying,
"Im not Cinderella, IM A PRINCESS!"
Now let me just tell you, this little girl was literally like 6 years old, and her freakin boobs were bigger than mine...didnt I tell you, I was a 12 year old for Halloween!
SO, as she was telling me she was a princess, she leaned over and squeezed her dress together! HAHAHA! She said,
"See, im all growed up!"
...and proceeded to put a spell on me.
Im just sayin', someone needs to define "princess" for her! Overall, though, she was absolutely adorable! Just CRAZY!
Throughout the whole event, her mother was dancing behind her, and then approached the stairs with her pillowcase, and said,
"Umm, I really like rolo's, sprees, and lollipops!"
Umm, I really miss when people just said "Happy Halloween, and took candy! Suprises are more fun anyways!
All of the neighborhood kids are so polite, and when I used to Trick-Or-Treat, I absolutely loved the suprise of seeing the candy after I got home!
In a way, I really wanted to give her a "Halloween Fruit Cup", but I gave her sprees, and said, "Happy Halloween"
Real modest for a 6 year old...too funny!!

Next, and no this is NOT a joke, a 17 passenger van pulled up, and I heard,
"Ju'Quavia, get da hell outta da damn van, and find me an almon' joy!"


CRAP, I knew I shouldn't have "tested" the candy, AKA eaten all of the almond joys/tootsie rolls! Now id probably be shot, because I just had to leave the reeses cups and kit-kats untouched...DAMN!

Okay, I was really hoping Ju'Quavia, wouldn't come knock, knock, knockin on my door. Once the van was stopped...brights still shinin' in all the neighbors eyes, atleast 20 children came to all of our doors, and they were all adorable, but it was their mothers that got me! Holdin' the 3 day old in the dinosour costume, with a pillowcase! The first one I saw was just a story in itself! I looked at the baby, who was literally probably 4 months old, and I was holding sprees, but said "Oh, let me give y'all a sucker for that baby"
The mom says "Nah, he like sprees, thank ya white girl, yo house is purty!"

Well okay then, I guess he like ER's too, because thats where he'll be going after eating those sprees with no teeth! Im sure his mom will help him though, so im not worried!

Now, dont get me wrong, I love love love for any and all children to come into the neighborhood and get candy, but its when people come that arent children with pillowcases, and then...they come back 2, or even 3 times! Also, if your going to drive, dont park in front of driveways, and take up the whole street, thats just not fair to the children that DO live in the neighborhood! Some people couldnt even get their golfcarts through all the cars, and thats just not right!

Lastly, every year, we make hotdogs for the neighborhood in the back yard, so everyone can mingle and get together on Halloween and catch up!
Well, we sent some people to the back to get a hotdog.
1 little boy seemed to be looking for ketchup, and so I said,
"There are condiments on the table beside the grill"
His eyes got HUGE, and he said,
"DADDY, they got condoms up in here! How many you want?!"
I was, oh my gosh, blushing, and so mortified! I quickily corrected him and said I meant ketchup!! AHHHH!

Again, excited the neighborhood welcomes everyone, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much! We shut off the lights by 9, and then went to visit some neighborhood friends.

Overall, Halloween was so much fun, and im so glad I spent it at home, but wow! Some stories are just unforgettable! HAHA!

Im back at school now, getting ready for Cornhuskin, and getting very excited! We got spirit packs yesterday, and my mom and sister will be here Friday! Sarah is bringing a friend of hers too, and the other girls moms are coming, and we are all staying at our house! It will be so much fun!

Have a great Monday!