Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey girls!

OMG! It has been snowing here all night long! I am ecstatic!!! I think as of right now, we have close to 5 inches, but the sleet is still coming down pretty hard (or maybe its just the wind blowing what has already fallen!)
Either way, this is awesome!

Part of me wishes everyone was in Raleigh, but hopefully some will still be on the ground when we all get back next week!

I cant wait to build a snowman!

First, I really want to go for a long walk! I absolutely love walking in the snow, its so much fun, and a bit more of a workout! Then, I might just have to hibernate and watch movies all day! Luckily, I brought home some good ones! Im going to watch "The Women"-My new favorite movie, "Vacancy", "Georgia Rule", "and of course as many seasons of FRIENDS & The Office as I can fit into one day!

It is the weekend, right? Relaxing is great!

I have a strong feeling that I wont be going to class on Monday, but hope we don't miss too much, because I really don't want it to cut into my spring break.

Last night, I woke up at like 3am, and expected the snow to have stopped, but NO it was still coming down so hard! I thought I was dreaming, but clearly, I WASN'T! We really haven't had snow like this in a while. I wonder how much we will end up getting over all!?

I do have to say, its nice to have to relax, i'm really not one to just sit still, but the snow is so beautiful, you almost cant help but feel like your in Winter Wonderland, and reality just doesn't exist. At night, or at least last night, the whole neighborhood was so lit up, it was like Christmas!

My mother and I went to the grocery store to stock up, but oh wait a minute, half of my hometown already did that! Let me just tell y'all, there was NO MEAT, NO BREAD, 4 cases of water, and NO FRUIT left! People were laughing, and panicking...but really, it was crazy that the store was THAT cleared out! Its funny that just a few inches of snow can make people crazy! My prayer is that we don't lose power, but if we do, oh well! I will just have to keep playing in the snow!

My sister is at The Homestead this weekend, so of course shes already been in the snow, but she called this morning to see how much we got here! Its so much fun! The roads aren't even cleared yet! I'm shocked, but its really funny to see some of the neighborhood kids making snow angels in the middle of the street, that really never happens!

I hope if you got snow today, that you enjoy it! If not, its still a Saturday, so enjoy that!

I will post pictures later!

Have a fun day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Commercial!

Hey yall!

I dont know if anyone knows who Jimmy Johnson, the FOX Football Analyst is, but he is also the new spokesperson for Enzyte, the male enhancement pill...haha.

Well, a few days ago, my agent sent an e-mail about being an extra and shooting a commercial & infomercial for a "male enhancement". NOW, let me first say, this is not something I would have normally considered, but since I have an agent now, and it was a paid job, I just really wanted to do it...because I have GOT to keep getting stuff on my resume.
Also, I love anything I can get my hands on that deals with acting, because it truly does make me so happy!

Well, the shoot was in Charlotte, and I, along with 15 others, got chosen. I skipped classes today, and came home last night so I could be there on time today! There were over 200 extras from all over with all kinds of agencies!

My call time was 9:30, and so I got there an hour early., just never know about traffic.
Once I was inside, a girl in front of me in line started talking to me! I was so excited, because I didnt know anybody, and HELLO we had the same Joes Jeans on, so we became fast friends! She looked like she was my age, but she is actually married with 2 kids and a good bit older. It was neat, though, because she gave me great advice about acting, and is actually from Raleigh too! We had plenty of down time to sit, so we just discussed how we believe that everything happens for a reason, and timing is key! We both discussed projects we had done, and how we believe that you have to enjoy the whole journey! Like today, yes it was just an extra part, but it made my world! I was so happy the whole time I was there, because I was actually a part of a legit commercial, and I met so many wonderful, dedicated people! I believe that treasuring things like today, are just as fun as if I were to land something bigger! We were the extras in the crowd, but noticed that there were cheerleaders and football players! We wanted to be cheerleaders, but I now see, that time will come, and I want to enjoy every step I take, because I will appreciate other jobs I get so much more! I know after today, that this is something I really am glad I am pursuing! I hope I get another opportunity soon!

After I signed in, I got placed for my part. All 200+ of us were football fans, and we did, I swear, over 50 takes! It was so so so much fun! We got to cheer as Jimmy did his speaking part, and football players tackled each other! Then we had to reenact leaving the stadium over 25 times! It was awesome!

Seeing how much time, effort, and work goes into a commercial is absolutely amazing. I was so intrigued by all of the props, how realistic the football field was, and how many people it takes to really make a commercial. I thought shows, movies, and commercials were put together by just filming everything in order, but NO! The way the producers chop up the scenes, and then make them flow together is so amazing! It really is such an experience!

Even if I never make it big, its days like today that I feel important like I actually accomplished something that makes me happy! Everyone was encouraging one another! I saw so many people I KNOW will be stars!

Im so excited for one of my friends I met today, because she is meeting with an agent tomorrow based in LA. She is going to do so well, and is probably going to move there, and work! I am so excited for her!

Also, there were these two guys that sat in front of me, and they were so funny! I just loved it! Of course we all got props like popcorn, and a fake drink! The crowd in front of me was throwing popcorn, and then we all introduced ourselves! It was just so exciting!

That was my day today, I hope there are many more to come!

Have a great Friday!