Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Non-Valentine Valentines Day!

Last night, for Valentines Day, my friends and I went to our local neighborhood bar because we heard a really good band was playing! We go a lot, and it reminds me of the bar in How I Met Your Mother...always the same people, and it's a good spot! Plus we can walk, so that's a perk!

We got to the bar, and I could already hear the band upstairs playing Lynard Skynard. As I was about to head that way, I saw somebody coming down the stairs with what looked like an Appletini! 

S'cuse me, I want one! :)

I got so excited, was this new?! Was it a Valentines Day special?! 

I didn't know my bar was that festive! 

Anyways, about 5 minutes, and crowds of people later...we finally made it upstairs. That's when I saw an unusually perky man blocking the entrance, taking the cover for what I assumed was for the band. Still though, this guy looked like he INVENTED Valentines Day- he was decked out. Hmm...I should have caught on...but I didn't.

I've never seen anyone so happy and bright eyed say "$5 for the event!”

We all just assumed the "event" was the band, paid, and went in! 

Oh wait, it gets so much better...

In about 10 minutes, I had gotten my martini, and was front and center with K, B, & M listening to the band. FINALLY! SO excited!

Suddenly, after M T & B walked away for a few, this older man came up and yelled “Have you done one of these before?” 
I assumed he was talking about my Appletini with a hint of grenadine (I know YUM, right?!) and said “No, this is the first time, but so far I’m really pleased with it!” 

About that time, M & K (two of my guy friends walked up) and the older man goes “Well, I guess it works out better for some of us than others”. 

At that point, I was so confused...why would an Appletini work out for some better than others!? WHAT WAS GOING ON?!??!!?

About that time, M goes “We HAVE GOT to get off the second floor, and get back downstairs!

Confused, and frankly a little mad, I said "I want to hear this band and drink my appletini, so NO, i'm not moving!"

That's when he said- "this is a stir event for, we gotta get out of here!"

...I beg your pardon, say whaaaaa???

I didn’t walk, I RAN downstairs, and I took my martini with me! 

We just crashed a event on Valentines Day! Like, what world does this even happen in?!

When we got back downstairs, I still had my martini, I could still hear the band, and we saw some of my neighbors! All in all, it was the best Non-Valentine Valentine’s Day! 

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey y'all!

Well, let me just say that I have't stopped laughing since 1 am yesterday! Here's why...
It all began when I woke up around 1 am to get ready for work. We started at 4 as opposed to 4:30, and I was a bit panicked about all of the snow! We were forecasting for up to 10", and if we're being real....i've never even seen 3"! My emotions were a serious mix of wildly excited, and fairly nervous about driving in this blizzard! (if you're reading this from Minnesota, don't judge me, I know you practically live in an igloo/blizzard conditions for most of the year!)

The snow is friggin' gorgeous when it's falling down, but when I can't see my car, I might trade in gorgeous for a few four letter words to describe the conditions! ;)

When I got up, and looked out the window, all I saw was the body of my little Volvo S40...the tires were buried under mounds of snow. I was livin' on a Prayer because I just had a gut feeling that I wouldn't be moving out of my parking spot! Last night, I parked in guest parking (even though that's technically not allowed) because HELLO...I didn't want the plows to cover my car in snow. I THOUGHT at the time, it was a good idea. BREAKING NEWS- It wasn't.

I made it out to the car (after slipping 3 times, falling 1) and started scraping. I lost a little pride (because I think my scraper is really ugly, and it's embarrassing to use) and pulled some muscles, but finally got all of the snow and ice off of my car! YAY! :)

After that came the fun part- starting the car, and backing it out! Of course it started, but when I went to back up, it wasn't pretty! I slid around for a bit, and almost hit the car beside me, (Sorry, neighbor Alex!) but eventually got out of my parking spot. At that point, I thought things were looking up...UNTIL I couldn't move! I was officially stuck in the middle of the road! I do pretty well in chaotic situations, so I literally laughed, and kept trying to gun it...and get out of the way. After 15 minutes of that...I threw my hands up, and I was totally over it.

I thought about my situation for a minute, and then BING it hit me! I did what I always do when I have a concern, I called the Police! I have a habit of calling the police when I need help. I mean, hello! That's why they're police...they help people! If i'm in a situation where I need quick help, I know who to call! ...I wonder sometimes if they'll eventually trace my calls, block my number, arrest me???!?!!!!? Let's hope not :). 

The neighborhood Policemen and I are pretty tight. I've had a few parking citations, (some call them tickets. I'd rather not.) and they know me pretty well. One of them loves the pink whale on my car!

Anyway- so they were so sweet, and said they were sending an officer right away! WOW- I love how nice everyone in my neighborhood is!

After I called the Police, I called my station to tell them my current situation! I am so paranoid about being late anywhere, so I called one of my favorite producers/my friend because I knew she would be really sweet and know what to do. 

A few minutes, and 3 Mariah Carey Christmas Songs later, The Policeman, Dave, showed up! Love him! What a nice guy! He rolled right up on me shoveling...ehh, handing the shovel to my friend to dig snow out of my tires.

We all agreed that Dave the Police Officer should bump my car with his to get mine out of the driveway. Station friend drove, I rode in the passenger seat, and off we went! We were able to get me onto the main road so I could drive to work! Hallelujah!!

Once we got onto the road, I jumped in the drivers seat, and sped off! Right as I was speeding off, Dave the Police Officer was like "ALL GOOD?!" I found myself yelling "GOOD TO GO" out the window...then attempting to brake, because DAVE COULD STILL PROBABLY GIVE ME A TICKET!

Braking was just NOT a good option at that point...

I slid around again, before yelling, No worries, i'm alive! (all while winking/hinting PLEASE don't give me a ticket!)

I think we all laughed together me
...they all laughed at me.
It's fine.

When I finally made it to work, I pulled in, and it felt like I was riding something fierce at Cedar Pointe! I slid in all directions before making it to the parking lot. Once I made it there, I saw someone with a plow truck clearing the lot, and a lot of people stuck in the snow! I just whipped my car into (what I thought was) a spot off to the side! Whoops! Stuck again!

At that point, I decided to give Trevor the Plow Guy my keys and I said "have at it, just run them in to me at some point!" He was like, well alright!

What a nice guy to park my car for me! Loved it! I

One might ask what it took to get my car out of that mound of snow?
I dont even care at this point...i'm turning the blind eye, and Trev Trev can plead the 5th, because i'm just glad I didn't have to drive it! :)

After work, I was walking out to the parking lot, and had NO idea where Trev Trev parked my car...I didn't see him to ask, so I was just praying it was atleast in the lot!

I saw my fav weatherman walking out, and he drove around the lot until we found my car (wondering why I gave my key to the plow guy randomly?) He and I have a joke now that I lost my car in MY work parking lot...that might be the first time that's ever happened! Such a "Katie" thing to do ;)

The day ended awesome, and in the end it made me realize how people are good. People are always there to help other people. I should do more of that, and if anything, that day made me want to be a better person...and it taught me to laugh at everything instead of fret over it. There IS light at the end of every tunnel! :)

Have a great Monday!