Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catch Y'all Up The Best I Can!

Hey girls!

So, yes it has been forever and a day since I have posted! School has been keeping me way to busy lately, and I have had absolutely no free time! I am attempting to get everything done that is of importance before my trip this upcoming weekend! So let me fill you in on things! I have some stories, news, ect.

So, first of all, I found out this week that I am interning with an awesome PR Firm in NYC. I think that will work out perfectly!
I found out that I didn't get the ABC internship this go round, and David Letterman wanted me for the Fall. Unfortunately, I cant do that because I will be in school.

I was offered 5 PR internships, and after looking and calling many people, there is one that I will be taking! I wanted to take another one, but the commute would be the death of me, and I just cant deal with that!

The ABC lady in DC and I have been in contact for almost a year, so I thought it was sketch that they passed me up!
I e-mailed her back and asked what I could have done better on my resume.
She e-mailed me back, and she is the absolute sweetest person, and she told me that I was "over qualified" for their summer internship because they wanted people with experience but room to gain, and she said they thought that I had done so much and had too strong of a background, so she told me to follow up when I graduate for a job.
Okay, that was really sweet of her, it could have been just an excuse...but hopefully she was serious! She is just the nicest person...and she always used exclamation points when she e-mails me, and I do that a lot HELLO we would have fun working together! You can tell she is a happy person!

Needless to say, it was a nice thing to hear, and it made me feel much better. So for the summer, I know the PR Firm will be just great! I still have another year to add more to my resume and to gain more experience, but none the less, I was still utterly disappointed! My mother says I am fortunate to have an internship in NYC, and shes right. In a sense, I know that I am not unqualified for everything I want to do, I think that I just need to slow down and start small, and not get upset when I do not attain every internship that I would have liked to. A PR Firm, and the Lilly Store will be pure Heaven. I need to learn to be more thankful!

Also, I need to find a job because I want to experience everything about NYC while I am there. I was praying about it, and then I realized that the Martha Stewart show was hosted by the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Avenue...exactly where my PR Firm is! I called them the other day, and they were so so sweet, as every Lilly Lover is!
Needless to say, I sent my resume to the manager, and she is going to meet with me Friday to discuss a summer job!

Also, okay so here is the story of the year. Let me prep y'all! My friends and I, we like to have a good time, we (almost always) keep things classy, but we do get crazy!

So the other night, a good friend of mine from Chapel Hill asked me to go to dinner with him. Of course I said yes! We are just friends, but it was a lot of fun. We went to Mellow Mushroom and stayed for about 2 hours just talking and catching up! The table beside us was absolutely crazy! The waitress said they had been there for 4 hours! They were drunk! Y'all, they were jumping off their table, singing at the top of their lungs, and it was really wild! I felt so bad for our poor waitress because she was waiting on their table too! Eventually, they left, and broke so much glass, she had to clean it all up! Poor thing, I almost wanted to get down there and help her! I'm surprised they weren't kicked out, but it did make dinner more fun!

My date and I were just laughing and attempting to talk over everything! I was so impressed because he talks more then I do, and that's always a HUGE plus, because there is NEVER any awkward silence!
After dinner, we were talking about politics and because of that talk and the knowledge I now have about the economy in America...I am now and forever suffering from chronic stress!
It is just plain scary! UNC knew a good bit more then I did, and he proceeded to fill me in! Right now, things just aren't lookin' good!

I was so excited when he called the next day to tell me that CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD WAS COMING TO RALEIGH!!! AHHH!
I love General Johnson, hes getting old, but he preforms like hes 20! Its amazing every time I see them!
Also, UNC and I both love shagging, and learning new steps, so I couldn't wait to go!
I was so excited because my roommate came with us.
Now, here is what impressed me!... UNC not only pre-arranged a cab before even getting to my house, but he brought my favorite bottle of wine that we had talked about briefly the night before!
Okay I am gonna speed this up a bit, and get to the part where my roommate got the stomach virus, she hadn't felt good earlier, and she had not had too much to drink, but started to feel dizzy so she came and got me. I helped her out in the bathroom, and then told her not to move, UNC and I would get her a cab.
Well, I left the bathroom, and as I was leaving this sweet old lady and I started talking. She said that she has been coming to Chairman for years, and said not to worry if my roommate, our friends ( a bunch of MC girls were there!) and I wanted to have a good time...she had her fun! She then took a wet paper towel and wiped my stamps off, smiled at me, and said "live it up!" She was probably 65 years old. It cracked me up! I was like look lady if I get caught, im sending them to find you!

Here is the funny part!! At least a bunch of us think so! I sooo put my foot in my mouth on this next move! Im going to apologize early to all of the Pegs reading out there...your name isnt my favorite, but blame your parents!

After I called her a cab and all that, I went back in the bathroom to find her.
Her stall door was shut, obviously, so...
I POUNDED on the door, and yelled:
"K, open the door, I got you a cab!!"
All of the sudden this crazy voice says:
"This isn't K, Peg here."
Hello, I knew she simply had to be lying...I left for 2 minutes...and the name Peg is kinda funny! I thought she was making jokes, so of course, (foot in mouth) I yell:
"Stop joking around, lets be serious nobody is named Peg anymore, open the door!"
And, an angry annoyed voice says...
"Once again, still Peg here."

HAHAHA! Poor Peg! I cant believe I insulted that poor woman, just trying to take a bathroom break and all hell breaks loose!

I then went to find UNC, and get my phone. Turns out K had texted me that she got our other roommate to pick her up...FML!

(ps if you havent ever seen the expression FML...please take a break and go to! It will make your day!)

After that, since I knew she was home, UNC and I shagged for another hour, saw some more friends, and then left.
On the way home, we had a cab driver named Antone. He was about 500 pounds, and was telling me how he was recently divorced. I told him I was obsessed with the show "Cheaters" and if that's what was up, he should send in to the show!
He didn't appreciate that, because apparently HE had cheated on his wife...Thank you Gin & Tonic, for allowing me to put my foot in my mouth twice that night!

The rest of the weekend, I have been doing ridiculous amounts of work!! I packed for NYC last night, and although I am just staying for 2 days, I packed for a month! Better to be safe then sorry!

When I interview at the Madison Avenue Lilly store, I am going to wear my Lilly Goin' Bananas Shift Dress, with a white cardigan tied around my shoulders, pearls, and a gold bracelet with gold flats. What do y'all think?

I am going to be on the lookout for Regis and Kelly...updates soon if I see either of them!

I hope you are all having a great weekend!