Thursday, January 8, 2015

Enough is Enough.


Apparently this has caused quite the stir for many girls across America.

Look- my two cents (read it or don't) is this...

I have been wearing what some of these sorority girls in these tweets are calling "real" Lilly Pulitzer my entire life.

and guess what...I am thrilled to see Lilly hit Target. I can't believe how rude people are being about it. Why would Lilly not expand to provide prints and products for those who want to enjoy the look and feel of this amazing brand?

I adore Lilly. 

I have always adored Lilly.

I love the story of how it began.

I wore it to every Debutante Party I attended, and when I was a student at Meredith College, a preppy all girls school, all of the girls wore a different Lilly almost every day! The first week of class, we would have a "secret" competition to see who wore the best prints!

I don't buy it because people consider it "High End". I don't wear it so people will think I paid a wild amount for a dress. Truth be told, 

I wear it because it embraces my personality, and makes me so happy. Without Lilly Pulitzer, I don't know how I would dress. 72.4 % of my closet is Lilly!

That being said, cost should never be why you wear such a gorgeous piece of clothing. 

The dresses will be cheaper at Target...and in custom prints. 
...what's the problem here?

I don't know about you, but for closet thanks you! That's just more colorful dresses I get to hang up, and new prints I can bring into the mix. 

I will never ever turn my nose up at Lilly expanding their brand, and making it more affordable so everyone can enjoy it.

Every time I put a Lilly on, I can't stop smiling. I would wish that for everyone- and am so glad that now many others will have a chance to wear the clothing. 

I know Lilly like the back of my hand. I love the brand. I respect the brand. To me, it will always be amazing and beautiful. 

Anybody that wears Lilly looks elegant, and I am thrilled that Target will be helping everyone feel fabulous.

I wear Lilly for the colors, and patterns. They are loud, and bold- a lot like my personality. I don't wear Lilly so people will assume I paid $300 for a dress, I wear it because it makes me feel more like myself. I wear it because it's my brand, and I was just really taken back by these tweets. It makes me sad.

You can get Lilly at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, on EBay, or in a Lilly Store. Target is a fabulous option! 

That's my rant- I just can't stand seeing tweets from 20 year olds about how they're upset Lilly will be at Target. Pretty sure at 20, 30, 40...hell all the way to 99...Target is a girls best friend. 

I'm also pretty sure as a 20 year old, I never would have been able to buy Lilly after Lilly on my we should all be excited and not so stuck up. 

Again, coming from a girl that has worn Lilly since practically my Baptism, I can't wait to give my wallet a break- and be able to buy Lilly anytime I want! (I am in Target at least 3 times a week- so watch out Lilly P, i'm comin' for ya!)