Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Taste of Southern Hospitality

Hey y'all!

I want to share a few pictures of my favorite products from Port Southern. I am excited to become a brand ambassador for the company, along with a good friend of mine! If you haven't taken a look at their website, or their blog, you really should! I am so impressed! Both can be found on the left side of my blog, or you can visit Port Southern & The Port Southern Blog at your convenience.

The reason that I am truly taken away by this up and coming brand is simply because they exercise the value of true Southern Hospitality. The logo alone promotes Southern Hospitality, and as everyone reading this knows, I am a big believer in the South, hospitality, & good manners.

Here are some of my favorite products that Port Southern has to offer!

The Port Southern Polo

Port Southern's signature polo is one of the highest quality of its kind. A blend of old-school design and new-age technology, this 100% cotton pique will stand the test of time. The utmost in quality, a timeless design and Southern Hospitality.

My favorite part is still the fact that a portion of your payment goes to the Pineapple Fund.
- Double stitching creates lasting design- Garment-washed with softener- Two-button placket layed onto fabric- Signature pineapple logo on left chest
Colors: Black, White
Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
$59.26 (tax included)
25% until FEB 10
Next are the classic Port Southern CROAKIES!

Port Southern Croakies(My favorite item!)

Port Southern's custom croakies will keep your sunglasses in place and remind you to spread Southern hospitality every day.
- Original patented eye wear retainer from the Croakies brand with custom imprinted Port Southern pineapple logo- 16 inches long, 3/4-inch wide- Made of neoprene rubber
Colors: Hunter Green, Navy and Royal Blue
$8 (tax included)
Have a great Monday, and go visit their website!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Southern Point

Hey y'all!

I've just got to tell y'all about this classically wonderful Southern brand!
Southern Point Co.
Southern Points custom designed products are made with only the highest quality of fabrics out there to create the South's newest upscale clothing line. Each product is paid incredibly close attention to.

This ensures the highest of quality, detail, and maintaining that quintessential Southern look.
Whether you put on the Greyton Polo, Hadley Shirt, SPC Signature Tee, or even the cute set of croakies, you will see that Southern Point Co. is redesigning what clothing is, and redefining what good, Southern clothing can be.
The Founder of Southern Point Co. says,
We all have little things in our lives that lend a sense of home and place. For some, it’s a family recipe. For others, it’s a crisp newspaper and a warm cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. For me, it was a favorite shirt. I grew up wearing brand name polo shirts, and there was always a certain something in the look and feel of a polo that evoked a sense of the South for me. It’s a timeless design, and over the years, it’s come to represent a sense of tradition and style and class – particularly in the South.
After graduating from the University of Alabama, I moved to Birmingham to work in real estate. While I enjoyed my job, I kept returning to the idea of creating my ultimate, “favorite shirt.” Looking at the big name brands on the market, I felt they were all high on Southern style but lacking in a level of quality and comfort. I wanted to create a polo shirt that would stand ahead of the competition, offer higher quality, comfort, and design, while maintaining that quintessential Southern look.
At Southern Point Co., we focus on detail in both material and style and finish off each shirt with that classic polo logo. For me, the logo could only be designed after one thing – my dog, Greyton. Each Greyton Polo shirt is marked by a signature German Shorthaired Pointer logo. It’s man’s best friend representing man’s favorite shirt, and once you try our designs, you will understand that Southern Point Co. creates what a polo shirt should be.
Yall, he had me at hello!
This product is classic, and most importantly, Southern!

Here are the products you will find on the website!

First is the simple, yet preppy tee shirt!
The SPC Signature Tee

Southern Point Co. wanted to produce a tee that will not wear out quickly, and not to mention, looks great too!
These tee shirts are custom made with 100% cotton and then washed with enzymes to give it the comforting soft feel every southerner wants!
You may want more than one, which is good, because they come in two colors, green and white!
Also, as any good preppy tee should, this tee has a front pocket!

I will most certanily be ordering one!
$ 27.00

Next is the timeless Southern classic!
The Greyton Polo

Southern Point Co. has constructed the finest polo, using only the finest materials available.
They have incorporated in their designs what a true Southern Gentleman represents!


Their designs are absolutely timeless & are for those who seek to be a Superior Gentleman.
Which, here at the Preppy Pearl, we hope are all you Southern gentlemen!

Designed with the highest quality of Peruvian Cottons and blended with Lycra
Custom rib knit collar to ensure stability and shape.
Signature Greyton Logo on chest
Custom laser engraved buttons
Colored twill side vents, to give that dressy look when worn out.
SPC Hangtag
Colors: Bayfront, Powder, Magnolia, Shotgun Shell, Yellowhammer, & Shoreline

$ 68.00

Next is my personal favorite product,
The Hadley Shirt

Southern Point Co. Sport Shirts are for the Superior Gentleman who is seeking to exemplify the Southern lifestyle. (in my opinion, if you wear this shirt, you are doing just that!)
These shirts custom designed and are great for any occasion!
· Custom designed with 100% Cotton
· Custom colored button threads and button holes
· Laser engraved buttons
· SPC Hangtag
Sizes Small - XXL
Red Light. Blue

$ 85.00

SPC Signature Long Sleeve Tee


$ 30.00


$ 9.00

Southern Point Co. is a new line based in Birmingham, Alabama and is quickly growing
all acorss the United States.

Southern Point has been out 5 months and the brand is currently carried in over 25 fine mens stores in 6 states as they continue to grow.

They are about have a Spring release of 10 new polo colors, totaling up to 16!!
They will offer springy colors and of course southern traditional colors.

Also to be released are more spring pattern sport shirts!

Southern Points signature logo is something that is timeless and represents southern class, southern heritage and most important southern tradition.

For more information, please visit:

Or find this fine brand on Facebook by visiting: