Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 59th Annual Stoneybrook Steeplechase!

Hey girls!

This past Saturday, Port Southern attended the 59th annual Stoneybrook Steeplechase, in Raeford, North Carolina

It was a perfectly wonderful time, filled with 5 horse races, and many new faces!

I woke up at 4am, got ready, and headed to High Point to meet the rest of the Port Southern team! 4 of us went, and J graciously drove. As we started out, the GPS was not in our favor! We got turned around quite a few times! It was making me laugh, because of course, I am wide awake, but it was so early, nobody wanted to be lost!

Eventually, we got on the right track, and ended up on the highway we wanted to take. Ironically, the GPS did NOT! It was more of a back road, which turned out to be a great surprise! It was absolutely beautiful the whole way there! I saw beautiful lakes, trees, and landmarks.

Now, here's the first HILARIOUS moment of the day! So, as we were driving through Southern Pines, on the last leg of the trip, we noticed this ugly teal Astrovan pulling up beside us! Oh, also, "Trish" (the I dotted with a heart!) was being hauled from behind.
Trish was an old blue, rusted boat, with a busted windshield! ...Beauty!

As the van was driving, we noticed a cop getting closer, and closer! First it was behind us, but HELLO, we didn't do anything! Then, it creeped up behind Trish, and so we could only assume they were checking plates!
Anyways, as the cop is right behind Astro, C totally called that she thought the cop was gonna pull them, and 2 seconds later, it did!
Poor van! Poor Trish!

After that, we saw the first sign for "Carolina Horse Park"!

We finally pulled into the park, and got to the race around 8:30! The boys got out, and let us girls sit in the car (because the ground was quite wet!) They went to see how we could go about unloading everything. We brought our own tent, banner, and of course, items to sell!

We wondered about the crowd that would be there, because it is a smaller town, and it turned out to be a very interesting crew!
Let me give you a visual!

Okay, so, this race was more like a fair!
It was 8:30am, and to the right of us was a food tent! They had already began to cook steak, and oh my goodness, it smelled so good! On the left side, there was a family running a tent full of tye-dyed stuff! They had tye-dyed socks, shirts, skirts, and much to my surprise, bathrobes! Haha...cuteee!
OH, there was also a Mechanical Bull, HILARIOUS!

Now across from us was a different story! There was a cute, cute tent that was selling painted picture frames! They were more high-end, and the owner had the CUTEST Lilly dress on!

However, beside her was a Kettle Corn maker, and his wife! Okay, he was crazy/hilarious!

He kept coming up to our tent, and saying the most random things!

He walked up out of nowhere after about 10 minutes, didn't say hey, just "You can punch me in the face, kick me in the gut, but you CAN'T kill my spirit!"

This continued all day, and we got a free bag of Kettle Corn!

Also, about midday, these cute guys in bowties, and madras came up to look at Port Southern. I talked to one of them for a good 20 minutes. He is going to COFC Law School, and he was beautiful! It was good to see at least 4 people that had cute bowties on!

It was a wonderful day! Here are some pictures from the day!
Tanglewood Steeplechase is next, and its on my birthday!