Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Embarassing Moment #...I've Stopped Counting!

Hey girls!

The other night when I was home, my brother and I were sitting on the porch listening to music on his new Mac Book!
& YEAH, I am SOOO jealous!
Our school fortunatly/unfortunatly gives us a laptop, but at his school, they are required to buy one. He wanted a Mac and so thats what he ended up getting! It came with a free iTouch too, hmm I kind of want one! Oh well, atleast I can admire it from afar!

We were sitting on the porch, and Sam says,
"Lets see what our top played song on iTunes is"

Of course, his was something really good, I think it was 2am by Slightly Stoopid.
Next, it was my turn, and mine was...
KENNY G: Forever In Love!

WTH! So funny! Sadly, so true! I love me some Kenny G!

I didnt realize I was a 60 year old living in a 21 year olds body...go me!
Oh well, I do love Kenny G, but I swear I thought he was gonna fall out of his chair when he heard me say that! Even I had to laugh...hard!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Life After NYC!

Hey girls!

WOW, it has been an eternity since I posted, and for that I am so sorry!
How was y'alls Labor Day? Mine was way too quick!!

Well, okay I will start you wherever I can pick up!

About 2 weekends ago, I went to the beach with my roommate! It was so much fun, as always! We went to see 2 of my cousins that live/go to school at UNCW!
I have seen these guys every weekend at the lake since I was born, we are a tight knit family, but never ever have I had the chance to actually hang out with them just for fun and go out! Let me tell you, it was the most fun I have had in a long time! I couldnt stop laughing, smiling, and having the best time. I was so happy!
My cousin C, is 24 and he actually works in Wilmington. Lucky guy! My Nana has always said we are the male/female versions of each other! Hes very energetic, and talkative. Hes such a great guy! My cousin T, is 21, and he is like the nicest person you'd ever want to meet! He is my Nanas favorite, we always joke! I got blessed with great cousins!
Around 5pm on Friday, My roommate and I stopped by T and C's apt for a glass of wine and a boat ride. Unfortunatly, the weather had other plans, and so we couldnt do the boat ride because it started raining! Instead, we sat on their deck, listened to music, and told stories of our summers! Our other cousin, A, who is also really fun, lived with T and C this summer in ILM, and loved it! I wish he could have been there with us! E, my last cousin goes to school there too, but has a house a little further away and I couldnt get a hold of him! He is the funniest one! Very out there, but very smart! Hailarious! I miss my boys! My brother sister and I always see them, and its so much fun! It was a nice reunion! All 7 of us are pretty close!

After our wine, we went back to K's house for dinner! Her mom made the BEST dinner! It was enchaildas, and OMG they were so freakin good!

After dinner, we sat and talked about NYC, and funny stuff from the summer until around 10 when we headed back over to C's apt!

I had never been to the beach bars, I had eaten at the restaurants my whole life, but was never old enough to go to the bars, so C, T, K, and I were going to go! I was so excited!

K's brother and his friends were going to meet us out too, because C and her brother are the same age, and I was excited for them to meet!

We got to the first bar, and it was just the 4 of us! C and I began telling stories from when we were kids, and omg they were so funny! They may have been funnier just because we had a glass of wine, but I dont know, we had some wild times as kids! He told some good ones about my Dad, and my uncle too, which were fun to hear! I was excited to think back and remember old times! We laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time!

Every 15 minutes, C gets bored and likes to go to a new spot, so thats what we did! At spot #2, we played fooseball, and loser had to buy everyone a drink! Well, whoever had the privilage of playing on my team, the COUGARS,...lost!
I mean, it wasnt me...HELLO it was obviously my teammate!
Sadly, T left after the 2nd spot, but he was so sweet to come out because he doesnt drink, but he decided to come hang out for a while! T is probably the cousin with the biggest heart, hes so nice to everyone! I was so excited I got to see him for a bit!

Well, eventually we made it to The Palm Room and we were playing pool!
This was my game face...

...notice my buck teeth sticking out...the power that was gonna go into this shot!


I accidently missed because one of our friends backed into me while talking to someone, and AHHH

My poor pointer finger gashed open on the metal bar on the pool table!

I really didnt want anyone to notice, and then my friend M, who I actually just met when I discovered he was a nurse or something, and he was with our group told me to go wash my finger off, and that nobody saw what happened accept me and him, and he wouldnt tell! Haha! I went to the bathroom to wash my finger off, and OMG it was almost to the bone where it scraped, honestly it probably could have used a stitch! The owner gave me lots of band aids, and K's brother knew what to do for it, so it turned out was, afterall, just my finger!

It really didnt hurt, but it was just so gross! Needless to say, I lost that pool game! I felt bad, having to leave the game and all, my poor teammate...NO actually I am AWFUL at pool, so in spite of my pain, im glad that my teammates got to win a game haha!!
Everyone with us, and even people I had never met were so so sweet! They all kept coming up and asking if I was okay, and like 20 people were trying to help me! I was completely fine though! Everyone kept asking, "are you scared of blood?, dont worry, does it hurt" just really nice!" I was actually just sitting in a chair laughing talking to another friend on the phone, and then C came up and said we had to get a picture of my hurt finger!
There ya go!
I was really glad we had a big group with us, and that my cousin was there!
I absolutely loved the beach spots! It makes me wish I had gone to UNCW, because I have been there so many times, especially when I was younger, that I knew exactly where I was, and I saw a lot of familiar faces!
Well, on the way home I got really hungry, so we went to Vito's Pizza, where I used to go everyday after Surf Camp at Wrightsville (YES I was a tomboy, and NO I dont wanna talk about it! haha!) and I got a HUGE slice of pizza! It wasnt as big as a slice of NYC Pizza, but it was BIG! Well, after my slice, I was still hungry, but the pizza place was about to close, so oh well!
It was raining by that point, so I took it upon myself to flag down a minivan cab haha, these people were already in it, but told the 3 of us that we could share! We did just that, mainly because I saw that my main man in the back seat had a large pizza in his lap!
We got in, and I looked at him with puppy eyes, and (scratched my cheek with my hurt finger) said,
"hey, I noticed that you have a pizza in your lap, oh my gosh, can I have a peice!? I'll pay you!"
He replied, being the 28 year old single fool he was,
"If I can have your number, consider it done!"
Okay, so our stop was up, because we only went up the road, and this guy was staying in the cab, so I agreed...
before you judge me, get this!
I got out of my cab all smiles, with another slice of pizza, and he left in the cab, all smiles, with... the number for Meredith Security!
YES, thats right, all sketchy boys that ask for my number get Meredith Securitys number!
its every Meredith Angels right! For saftey!! I knew Officer S wouldnt mind!
I was full, and not sorry that I gave him that sorry, do I know his last name, religious affiliation, and marital status?! I dont think so! I just wanted a slice of pizza!
Well, after that C took a cab home, and K, R, and I walked back to her house to go to bed!
Just another fun adventure!
I had to wear a splint on my finger for the next two days, and I kept trying to come up with a good story about "savin someones life, and sacrificing my finger", but you know, I think it would be more than a hurt finger, so there was really no way around it! I had to be straight up about my lack of pool skills!
It was so much fun meeting new people, and seeing T and C, I wouldnt trade it for anything!
Life is good!
On another note, school has officially started! My classes are great thus far, and I seriously dont dislike a single one!
This is a rarity, and should be celebrated, because normally, I hate all of my classes in general!
This semester, I have classes with a lot of my good friends, and my teachers are just as nice as they can be!
My favorite class so far is French! My teacher is so nice, and makes it so much fun, I want to do as well as I can!
My other favorite is Business, our teacher is so chill about everything, and very easy to get along with!
Also, I love my PR class! Its my only 8am, but honestly, I wish I was taking more 8ams! I get up at 6 or 6:30 every morning to study anyways, so its so nice to go ahead and have class in a quiet building, get a good parking spot, and see my friends!
I love them all so far!
I have my first few tests this week, and feel very prepared, we will just have to see how they all go! I am excited!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!