Monday, October 18, 2010

Its A Wonderful Life!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone has been doing well! I am so sorry, again, that I am so behind on posting! I love to wait until I have something worthwhile to post about, and more importantly have adequate time to post!

Life lately has been absolutely perfect! It cannot get any better than it is right now...which scares me, because life is a rollercoaster, I just hope it stays good for a while! Also, I hate saying that, but you all know i've had my ups and downs, we all do! The key is to just embrace the good, and it will always outweigh the bad. There are so many things that I could let stress me out right now, but I just wont, there are too many wonderful things to be thankful for!

My first peice of news is that, my pictures from a photoshoot I did in New York City over 3 months ago finally came! Also, I have been asked to come back for the Winter Shoot after Christmas! I am beyond excited, because everyone that I had the opportunity to work with showed so much passion toward their job, and showed me such a fabulous time in the city! LOVED them!

Also, the other day I got a call about a commercial that I sent my information in for. I went in for an audition, and was just cast in a Doritos commercial, filming here in Wilmington! I have my first wardrobe fitting today!

The better news is, this commercial is also being entered in a competition, and if chosen, it will be shown during the 2011 Superbowl! If not, it will still air as a regular commercial locally! I am so excited for this opportunity!

Last, I was recently cast in a Book Trailor. Book Trailor's are shown before movies in theatres along with previews, and the last trailor this company filmed was shown before Twilight:Eclipse, and "Alice in Wonderland"! I am cast as a New York City flapper, who was once a Southern fun!

Also, at my current job with the Resort I work at here at the beach, I have been asked to intern in Marketing, which should be such an amazing experience! I love love love all of the managers there, so working with them will be so perfect! I will learn so much, because they are so smart! This job is by far the greatest job I have ever had! I have made so many new, wonderful friends, and am absolutely loving it! Working with the marketing side will be so much fun! I cannot wait to get to know the managers better, and learn more about a field I could possibly see myself working in one day!

Also, my neighbors here at the condo are so freakin' funny! I have started sitting down with them on a regular basis with a glass of wine, and just taking for hours! What I just found out is that the lady is the GM of another hotel here on the beach, they have an opening for a position in sales, and I interview for that on Wednesday! Of course, I havent graduated yet, but all of the interviews and such are great practice, and they can hold my resume until I do graduate! I am so excited!

I don't think I have been this content in such a long time! Don't get me wrong, im always a happy girl, but just to be so thrilled about every day because i'm always doing something I love, makes me realize how good life can be. Its so important to take advantage of every opportunity you want to, and be happy! It really is true that attitude makes all the difference!
The people I have met down here are just incredible, so nice, and so much fun! I absolutely love it! Of course, who couldnt be happy if you live at the beach!?

Every night, a group of us from work go to a spot right near my favorite Surf Shop, to have drinks, play pool, or just hang out! Its so low key, LOVE the people that work there too! Yesterday afternoon, we all went to watch football, and it was so much fun! I am apparently now a steelers fan, because I wore a black dress! Personally I like the ravens, because Michael Oher plays for them...but nobody here likes them! Im gonna need a reason for this, I didnt buy a navy dress for nothing!

This place is such a comfortable spot, because unlike beach bars, it is mainly regulars, and everybody knows everybody. Its absolutely perfect!

Lastly, I have started repping for a new company called Anchored Style! It's a fairly new company, and its absolutely adorable!
I will be posting more about that, along with product information shortly! SO excited, and you will be too! Working on give-aways, and gathering more info to share with YOU!

On another note,

Can y'all believe its almost Halloween?! What is everyone going to be?!

Personally, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I know some people see it as bad, but I really do like it, and I love the Horror Fest on AMC...every single Michael Myers movie is played back to back for days! Its so fun!

Now, dont judge, but I am going to be Elin Woods...
I bought the golfclub, bent it, and glued a "Tiger Beanie Babie" to the end...
I also got an Escalade rim, with a gold chain to wear around my neck...
& lastly, I have a sign that says
"Looking for Tiger"!

I know, I know, you may think thats so offensive, but honestly I love me some Elin Woods, and Tiger, although a wonderful golfer, makes me SICK!

To start off Halloween the right way, everyone from work is going to "Panic Attack" on Thursday! This haunted house is apparently the scariest one here! Its 11,000 sq. feet with everything possible that could scare a person to death! Apparently Disney puts it on, and puts half a million dollars into it, so you know its scary! I am so excited!

Yes, beach life is fabulous! I am just taking in every day, and am so thankful to God for putting these people, and this job in my life! I couldnt ask for anything more! I love it here so much, and am truly hoping an opportnity comes that will allow me to stay in Wilmington for a long time!

It isnt very often that I can wake up every day, and truly feel like I am in absolute Heaven! The beach is right beside me, I walk the loop as often as I can, I have a job & friends I absolutely love, and school is so much fun! My classes are fabulous!
Everyone down here is so happy!

I am also so excited because in just a few weeks its CORNHUSKIN time at Meredith, and of course i'm going! We have a whole group of '10 girls coming back! I am so excited to see all of my Meredith Sisters, I have missed them oh so much! I will keep you posted on that exciting event!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!