Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey girls!

So sorry I haven't posted lately, I have been so busy!

It snowed at least 4 inches here, and I was so excited! It was so beautiful, I think snow and Christmas lights (if done tastefully) can do wonders for a house/yard!

My friends and I went for walks up the street in the snow, normally I build a big snowman and go sledding, but I didn't bring a sled with me to school, so because we were absolutely desperate, we tried to use our McCain signs. They FLEW, but lost the will to slide after a few hills! Walking was so much fun, and we saw some of the cutest kids with their sleds, they were all so excited!

When the girls and I were walking, we saw this beautiful little house for rent just a street up from where we are now. The house is 5 bedrooms. Our living situation for next year is so crazy/confusing right now! I am good to live wherever, as long as I live with all of my friends I could care less! The rent here really is not outrageous but we have had a few issues, and so we are looking for another house. Also, I am so excited because, a good friend of ours might move in with us and so we would need a bigger house anyway.
Who knows, I called the Realtor and she was as sweet as she could be! We are touring it Saturday. Everyone is in a panic about what we're gonna do, but I feel like it will all work out like it is supposed to.
I absolutely hate drama, but it seems like its always there, it is funny hearing everyone argue/compromise on what we are going to do! That's what we all get for going to an all girls school! At the end of the day though, we are just excited to have a house and not be on campus!

Well, I officially broke up with E! I feel like such a bitch, but let me just tell you what happened! I really wanted to break up with him over a week ago, but we had set a good friend of mine up with a good friend of his and we all went on a double date last week. I asked E to make reservations at The Melting Pot. He promised he would, and so the night of the date we were all really excited. Actually, I was just ready for the thing to be over, but so excited for Al and K!

Well, I told the boys to meet me and K at my house by 7:30...

E got here at 6...seriously!

I was nowhere near ready!

I answered the door with my hair lookin a curly mess! From the time E got to my house, to the time we all got home from dinner, he was so rude to everyone he came in contact with! He talked badly about everyone he could think of, including some people I have never met which is so rude! You never do that!
Al, my friends date, finally got to the house around 7:30 and we all had a quick glass of wine before dinner. That was fun, because Al and K really clicked and they are about to have date number 2!!
E said right as we got to The Melting Pot that he hadn't made reservations at either place (Angus barn was another suggestion) because they didn't allow them. Y'all I have reservations made at the Melting Pot so many times, I know you can make them! Well, we get there and it is an hour wait!! It was already 8:30 so we didn't want to wait an hour.
It was absolutely packed, and I was not surprised! That place is so good!
After we decided not to wait, we went to another nice place downtown and it was a 2 hour wait! I was a little upset at this point because there was really no where else to go, all of my favorite places downtown had a wait as well. We ended up going to...
a Chinese restaurant
...needless to say it was not what any of us had planned! I mean, it was okay, Al, and K got to talk a lot, but the atmosphere was not what I wanted! It worked out though, and that's all that matters.
Later that night after Al had left I told him we are not going to work, along with a lot of other stuff hoping to get my point across. I felt so much better! He just stared at me, and said he would call me the next day, he couldn't take it all in. I told him there was no need, I made my point and I was happy.

Anyways, so its a never ending story, but its finally over, hes just out there and I liked him so much better when we were just friends! He got really possessive and needy when we started dating, and that's too bad because he was such a fun friend!

In other news, my landlord decided shes throwing a cookout for my house, and her other rental houses. Haha, I am really excited about it! It will be fun because its another house of 4 guys, and then some girls that I know from MC! It will be fun to get together. I have never had a landlord who is so hands on, or does stuff like this, she is so nice!

I hope y'all have a great Wednesday!