Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hey girls!

It has been so long since 've posted, but it has been a great, fun holiday with little free time! I am so sorry, but I hope all of you had wonderful Christmas' and are planning to have a great New Year as well!

Well, it's hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone. I got so many great things, so many new etiquette books, dresses, movies, gift cards, ect. I was so happy on Christmas morning! Although, I did get the J Crew "Crewcuts" marching coat in pink in an XXL and it is too tight in the shoulders! AHH! So I am going to Southpark tomorrow to exchange it. It is beautiful though, so I hope somebody will buy it and love it!

Project Santa was amazing, I got to help shop for toys, and that was an adventure! We had to take Our State Magazine in everywhere we went to prove we were a "real" organization! Then, I got to give these little 5th graders a tour of the church we work out of, and they were just too funny! They helped me clean out the toy closet and re organize it, after a while they got bored and started throwing toys at each other, oh and then at me...umm thats a no-go!
Then they started throwing toys at their teachers, that's when they went from the toy closet to making up fruit baskets!

Well, the next day, I got to help call out names for toys and for 2 days straight I got to the church at 8am and didn't move from my chair until 8pm. It didn't phase me at all, because I was so busy I guess. I told my family that if I could have a job like that all the time, around people I love, and doing what I love my life would be absolutely complete! If only we all could be so lucky to do what we love every day! My name has been on that chair since I was 10...I wrote it in sharpie so nobody would ever forget that I sit at the table, and call names every single year! I absolutely love it!

Also on Christmas Eve, I finally got to control the Project Santa book! Its a long story, but we had a bit of a crisis and my Grandfather asked me to do books because he had to direct routes. This was a huge deal to me, and I was so excited that he would trust me with that...maybe I will even get a business card next year! Also, it happened because after going on a route, which was very sad, I was told by my grandfather to stay at the church and handle the routes and paper work because he only had 2 hands and he had to much to do haha! This was such a big deal to me, because I have never been allowed to look at, much less TOUCH the book! I got to file papers, and call out routes, and my friend C helped me with directions, hes a genius! He works at WXII News and said he wanted to get me an interview with a news director, how great! Also, this guy and his wife that I always do routes with paid me the nicest compliment I have ever recieved! I am only putting it on here so I never forget it. He compared me to Caroline Kennedy...I dont believe that, but they were both so sweet!

After the madness, and chaos... C and I were returning cars to their lots since we borrowed them to run routes, and at first I got to drive this awesome Suburban...and I decided that I really want one someday!
HAHA! C had to drive a mini van, and I was DYING laughing!
No offense to mini-vans but men just look so funny in them.
Well the second go-round, he had a truck and I had this ugly fusha "Windstar" mini van. Those are not bad, but this one had engine trouble!
Again, no offense to you if you love mini-vans but I am more of an SUV girl!
So we are driving, an C is flying in his truck, and makes this turn.
Now y'all, I am supposed to follow him, so I go to turn the curb and AHHH I hydroplaned and skidded in the mini-van! HAHA!
It was real pretty! I, and the rest of the people on the road, laughed...and we laughed hard! Apparently, its a mom car for a reason!
The tire tracks are still there! It wouldn't have been as great if it hadn't been a mini-van taking the turn at 45 mph!
I looked like a soccer mom that forgot a Christmas present!

We got the vans returned and then Gerald, the biggest redneck in Denton came to pick us up! He is one of my favorite people! When C and I got in his truck, I sat on his gun and screamed! HAHA! Gerald said he shoots birds from the truck while driving...thats when I began to hope we would make it back to the church...alive! He looks just like Santa!

I am so happy because I have had a chance to catch up with so many of my good friends over break, a friend of mine and myself have started walking the entire golf course each day, and talking about everything under the sun! She goes to school in Raleigh, and we have made it an absolute priority to get together at least once a week, because there is just no excuse not to!

I am going to a New Years Eve party tomorrow with E, he is coming back to Salisbury to go with me. It is a party that my friend from High School throws every year, and I am so looking forward to it, because it means catching up with so many old friends! I never lose touch with the people that are coming to this party, because if we do...we know that once a year we will always pick right back up where we left off and it is great!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!