Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Hey Y'all!

Oh wow, today has just started out wonderful!

As you know, when I get bored I apply for jobs haha, so I applied for this job last Tuesday at a CPA firm in Raleigh. It appeared to be very professional, and the dress was checked on the sheet as: professional(!! my suits won't go to waist after this internship is over!!) , and it was just the most perfect position!

So, I sent my resume, and cover letter which never let me down (thank the Lord in Heaven!) and 15 minutes later I got a phone call at work.

I interviewed this morning at 10 and stayed until 11:30 talking tennis, and politics with everyone in the place! The absolute sweetest, most personable group of people I have ever met! I first met with the cutest lady in the world, 62 year old Daisy! She and I will be working together be it that I get hired, and she is just the nicest person! She told me that she thinks her granddaughter and I look alot alike, and asked if I was a natural blonde. This absolutely made her one of my favorite people, as my hair was darkened and I keep thinking its brown! What an angel!

I wore my banana Republic black and white tweed suit with pearls and my sunglasses proudly on my head (people say don't do this but it compliments me) I thought it was funny as I was walking I looked at myself in the window to make sure I was lookin good (don't we all, c'mon girls don't lie!) I realized that I posed a striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap when she arrived at summer camp in her suit hahaha!! Too funny!

Then, I met the CPA's themselves who were intimidating at first, but then I got used to them and found out one of them is an avid tennis player!

I then met the office manager who was from New Orleans and we both went to Catholic schools, I was only supposed to talk to her for 5 minutes, but we talked for 30 about everything under the sun!

They said they have more interviews but they will decide soon, and I am just hoping and praying because their firm is very small, in an office building, and they are like a big family! I also love the professional environment, and I cannot say that enough! I am supposed to interview for a babysitting job tomorrow, but girls I think that this CPA job is irresistible! I really think it will look nice on my resume, as well as provide an excellent learning environment for me to work in with little to no yelling, and criticism!! Thats a huge plus because I don't like criticism.

Last night, E came over again and my roommates and I all had wine and talked for hours and hours, then my roommate and I decided to make macaroni and cheese at 3am. We were so hungry for some reason, and just not tired! Those nights to me are the most memorable, and so much fun!

In other news, I love my GRITS books, as you know! Well I e-mailed Deborah Ford, the author the other day about the GRITS clubs, and she e-mailed me back and we have a phone call on Monday to discuss starting clubs around NC, so if you girls are interested let me know and I will keep you all posted on here! I am so excited to talk to her, she is an amazing author, and honestly a celebrity!! Hello, she wrote the book I keep beside my bible! LOVE being a GRITS!

I hope you all have a great Thursday, and if you are taking exams best of luck!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, The Holidays!

Hey y'all!

Well the holidays were great for me, and I hope y'all's were great too!

We spent Thanksgiving in SC with my cousins...and their METAL DETECTOR! I love a metal detector, and we seriously spent half the day looking for "treasure" (They are 8 and 12!) They are so cute, and it was a lot of fun! It was the best Thanksgiving I have ever had, because for the first time in years, we spent it with my moms family and it was just such a beautiful day!

Well, okay so E and I have been out twice since I last posted, the first time was Sunday night. I got back to school from home around 7:30 and he got here at 8. I had a glass of wine, and we watched a personal favorite, "O Brother Where Art Thou". Could that soundtrack be any better?

We had a great time, the only downfall is I caught the freakin whoopin cough (okay not really, but it feels like it!) while I was home, so I told E I was gonna be lookin like hell, and he better match! I had on my leggins, uggs, and VV green not totally hell haha! We just talked for hours, I eventually had to go to bed at 12:30 because I just felt awful, but as most of you girls do...I faked feeling good for a few hours while he was here! It was well worth it because I love spending time with him!

Then, tonight, I went to see him at Campbell. I left and got there by 7:30, just in time for "Christmas at Campbell", a chorus concert that amazes me! The only semi-awkward part was my ex was singing, and he flashed me a big grin when he saw me!

After the concert, we were heading to get dinner, my ex leaps out in front of us, to say a quick hey. It honestly was so good to see him after 6 or 7 months! He gave me a big hug and then his new girl walked up and introduced herself, she is really sweet and looks a lot like me. I'm not kidding, she really does. Shes really cute though, and I am so glad they are happy! He hugged me again when they left and that makes me realize it is not as awkward as I thought which is such a relief! If he hadn't started dating someone, I never could have started dating E!

After we saw them, we went and ate Mexican and then I went and saw a friend of mine from home who goes to Campbell and it was so so so good to see her!

After that, we went back to the apartment and watched a movie until 12:30!! I couldnt believe where the time went, I still had to drive back to MC!! Haha!

I got back about 2am, but it was such a fun night!

I am seeing him again on Wednesday for dinner and I think I may go there again because it is so much fun, the school is so pretty and it is in such a quiet little town!

I hope everyone had a good Monday!