Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hey girls!

WOW! It has been forever since I posted! I feel like a slacker, but please dont quit following! I promise, a lot of hilarious (to you, normal to me) things have taken place and I am DYING to share my rediculous stories with everyone!

Y'all know my life makes any Soap Opera look like a re-run of (insert least favorite show HERE) Although, I have found that my life does resemble that of "Patsy" in the hit show "Absolutely Fabulous!"

Lately, I have been working a lot, and I MEAN a lot! Absolutely loving my job(s)!

Check out my IMDB page, soon to be updated, thank God!

Lets take you back...

So, in June, I was cast as CD/Carrie Matheson's Stand-In/Double for Season 1 in the new Showtime Series, "Homeland". I will be doing Season 2 as well!

Do y'all watch the show?

You totally should! It is absolutely amazing, such a nail-biter! I very much enjoyed being a part of the crew, and getting to know the cast & crew! LOVE working on "Homeland!"

Also, I am the new Traffic Girl at a News Station! LOVING it, and am so happy that those internships, and persistence have finally paid off! Not gonna lie, I despised every second I ever spent in a classroom...because I always knew I was meant to talk for a living, and every classroom I was in, that was totally not acceptable...RUDE!

17 (yes a victory lap in college) years of school taught me this in a nutshell:

When you make a career out of something you would easily do for free, thats a career! For me, its talking and acting! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I am truly so blessed, and so lucky to have this job. Literally have to pinch myself somedays to believe I get to do what I ACTUALLY want to do for a living! Its a beautiful thing! I get nervous every day, which is good I think! I love everyone that I work with, they are all so talented, and incredibly nice!

Thats my life as of lately!

What have you been up to?! How was Thanksgiving?!

Venus In Fur

Hey girls!
SO freaking excited for this upcoming weekend!
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was Carrie Matheson/CD's stand in/double this past season on "Homeland"
Occassionally, I would have the privilege of talking to CD about many different things, but I remember one day having a conversation about NYC. It was always very neat to talk with her, and everyone in the cast and crew! Such fabulous people, being around that every day, and being a part of it was an incredible experience! I am so ready for Season 2!
CD told me that her husband, HD, is doing a Broadway Play in the City called Venus In Fur!
Of course, I have to see it! Thats my Christmas gift from "Santa" this year, haha! A trip to NYC and tickets to this play! SO excited! Last year, I saw "Mamma Mia", "9 To 5", and "Mary Poppins"! This year, Venus In Fur! Very much looking forward to it, Broadway is amazing.
I am going up this weekend to see the CHRISTMAS TREE, and visit my NYC '09 crew, and of course to see the play! I am so thrilled! It will be such a great play, my friend U is going with me!
2 reviews that stood out to me;
"VENUS IN FUR has TASTE, STYLE and A FLAWLESS CAST. NINA ARIANDA lives up to her growing and richly deserved legend, and HUGH DANCY is HILARIOUS."

- New York Magazine
"A SMART, SEXY, HILARIOUS COMEDY by DAVID IVES, meticulously directed by WALTER BOBBIE. NINA ARIANDA delivers A STAR-MAKING PERFORMANCE that people will be talking about for years to come. HUGH DANCY is SMASHING."

- Vogue
I am so so excited to see this play, and be back home in the City! NYC is my favorite place, I have so missed living there! It will be so good to be back there, and I LOVE seeing Broadway plays!
I'll post after I see it!
Its also my friend D's 21st Bday this weekend, I am thrilled to be up there to celebrate with everyone! Can it be Friday NOW?!