Friday, June 19, 2009

9 to 5!

Hey girls!

So I will start from a few nights ago! It was the Lauren Conrad book signing at Barnes and Nobles in Tribecca. Kt, K, J, and I got there at 7, because our sweet boss bought us the Lauren Conrad book and we were going to have her to sign it! When we got there, our boss said to look for her, but we couldn't find her in the line because there were like a million people, so we told the staff our PR boss was there, and she wanted us to stand with her.
Y'all seriously, within 10 minutes the staff at Barnes & Noble came out and said "girls, we dont see your boss in the PR room, but we are waiting for Laurens people, and we will let you know when to come back" HELLO! AHHH! That would have been amazing, but being the Christian I am, I just couldnt lie, also it wasnt like it was Jake Gyllenhaull or Kelly Ripa, I will save my PR connection for another time...also im sure it would have backfired, so we said our boss was just in line. After trecking through the enormous store numerous times, we found her in the back, and it was a 3 hour wait! Also, we didnt have bands so we couldnt go, not to mention I was sweating like a pig from all of the excitement so it was probably better that I didnt meet a celebrity on that given night! My boss, and Amanda stayed though, and THEY MET LC! That is so exciting, and I was so happy for them!
On the way, the 4 of us took the subway! In the subway, we were all dressed up and all of the sudden, this funny man came by and looked at me, and my other blonde friends, and said
"Hey SUNSHINE, I said I was homeless not blind! You all good lookin' gals!"
I was like...thanks a lot pal, keep walking!! This lady in front of me was like rolling her eyes and mumbling "dear Jesus" under her breath haha!!
Once we realized we weren't going to see LC, we went to a restaurant up the street where we saw Will Ferrel, and Poppy Motgomery!! (What a New York Miracle!)
Actually, okay, so it wasn't actually them, just look alikes!
I told the owner he looked just like Will Ferrel, and so he took a picture with us! Then the girl I thought was Poppy, the owner went up and asked her, and not only was she not Poppy, but she didnt know who Poppy was! AHH! Excuse me, do you not watch "Without A Trace"!?

It was a great night! I actually talked to my ex boyfriend James, who I have had a hard time getting along with lately because of just some misunderstandings. I swear it was an act of God that we got to talk, and now we are on great terms, and I still have this overwhelming sense of happiness that we are finally okay!

I know thats weird, but I needed to just talk it all out with him, we were and luckily are now back to being friends!

Yesterday, I had to go in the office, and I felt so professional! I wore my black suit, with a red top, and pearls and...MY NEW GLASSES!! AHHH! They look so dorky, but I freakin love them! They are brown frames, and square! I dont wear them all the time, but one of these days I will post a picture! I was in Heaven!

Then, on the way home from work, I met this nice lady on the Subway who was probably in her 50's. She gave me great tips for the city, and shes from the Upper East Side! I loved meeting her, and we talked for probably 15 minutes! What a great contact!! she was telling me about her cute apartment and how she was from Ohio, but loves the city, just a really good conversation! I love when I randomly meet new people, it gives life a whole new meaning when you can branch out lik that!

Last night, K's aunt and uncle came into the city and took us to this great restaurant called "The View" for dinner, which was just so good! I had the salmon, and OH MY GOSH, I just loved it!
After dinner, we went to see the Broadway show, "9 to 5" It was just one of the greatest plays I have ever seen! I absolutely loved it! Allyson Janney was amazing as the lead role, and then the girl that plays a Dolly Parton type looked and literally sounded just like her! It was such a great play, I truly recommend it to anyone who is looking into seeing a play, it is too cute! I liked it even more than Mary Poppins! Seriously, the music was so so good, and everyone preformed so well! It had great humor too, and it was very girly! I just loved it!

After the play, K and I had a nightcap with her aunt before we went back to our hotel! After hearing a gut wrenching scream, I saw trick daddy to my right had spilt his white wine all over his dates dress. Luckily he didnt make mistake number 2 by trying to wipe it off, instead she kept saying it was no big deal, and he wept with apologies, doesnt he know just to buy her another drink and life goes on?! It was too funny though because they handled the situation well, poor guy though, he looked so incredibly embarassed! We had so much fun just people watching and talking about NYC, It was one of my favorite nights in the city! So much fun!

Then, we took a cab back to the hotel, and I just had to get a midnight snack at McDonalds! I hate going in there, because to be honest, it freaks me out at night, but whatever! I needed my hamburger mighty kids meal, no questions asked, no jokes needed!
I mentioned I had a nightcap, so needless to say, I was a little tipsy on the way back. I was looking at my mightykids box when I noticed it was all about Ice Age...such a classic! I LOVE those freakin movies! In fact, to be specific it was pictures of all of the Ice Age characters! The mammoth was one of the animals, but my stupid self just wasnt thinking and said "is this a boar" and my roommate, with her jaw hanging down like "what the hell did you just say!?, " said, surprisingly nicely, "no, its a mammoth!" Then I proceeded to say, "I know what mammoths are, they are partially extinct!" I meant to say, they are extinct, I just couldn't get it out! She then goes "umm, Katie, they have been extinct, since the ice ages, hence ICE AGE the movie!"
I want to blame this on my blonde personality, but I just cant, so im blaming it on the nightcap and McDonalds...lets just stick to crossword puzzles on the box, and a toy inside, thanks!

Then, I was so happy, I was having the best night, and it got a little better when M came up! We planned to meet in the hotel restaurant for *another* nightcap, a margarita, but unfortunatly ( actually looking back, probably fortunatly for me) the hotel restaurant was closed! We ended up just standing in the hall and talking for like an hour or so! He has the best internship, and I love hearing about it! He is very smart, and we always have really good conversations about finance, and politics, oh and happy hour!

Tonight, a few of us are going to see "The Hangover" and then M and I are going to the "W Hotel" because someone he works with reserved a table, for drinks and orderves, im guessing! I am so excited!

Also, today I made my first trip to the cleaners, because 2 of my dresses need it, badly! M walked with me over there, and luckily because the weather here is nasty, he had a golf umbrella, huge so people let us through!

Oh my gosh, and heres another fun story!! So this morning, I was going to check the weather on, and much to my suprise, I saw that it would be "90 degrees and sunny!" YEAH! Finally a break from depressing weather! WOO HOO! Come to find out, much to my dismay, I accidently typed in Raleighs zipcode, so no, it was back to "60 and rainy". YUCK! Oh well, im getting more used to it though, and its not so bad!

Have a great Saturday!

Here are some pictures from the night of the booksigning, and the will Ferrel look alike!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reasons I Love New York City!

1.) People, People, People!
-There are people everywhere! I could trip and fall and id either a. be crowd surfing, or b. id bust my butt but the "whole town" wont be talking about it for weeks, because in this wonderful city bigger and better things are happening everywhere, and nobody is narcissistic! I rarely see the same person twice, unless I want to, or we are on the same train in the morning! Everybody here always looks so important. Walking to work is like a maze of brooks brothers, and Prada with all of these beautiful people! From Donald Trump, to the homeless man playing his guitar in the subway, everyone is noticed, and acknowledged in their own beautiful way! Its like a world of important people, no matter what they do! The people in this city are what I love most, so much understood respect for everyone!

2.) Everything delivers
-When we moved in, our RA told us "you could call K-Mart on 34th and have them deliver something as petty as a pack of "Peppermint Orbit Gum" in a matter of minutes!" I didnt do gum, but i've had food, shelves, and everything else you could think of delivered! Truthfully, everything is right at your fingertips, and just a phone call away in this city! This city is so cluttered with everything going on, delivery is essential! Also, many times its free! I love it! Some apartment buildings even have a grocery service!

3.) Close Quarters Everywhere!
-People here are a lot friendlier than people outside of New York assume. I used to be one of those people. Rather it be in a restaurant, or an apartment building, people are cramped side by side! I can hear everything the table next to me is talking about if I am out to dinner, and they can hear me! Regardless, people just focus on who they're with. Its wild! I think people are more like a big family here than anywhere else that I have ever been. Its not so much the "I care about you, how are you family" but more so the "i'm doing my own thing, and ill let you do yours" type of family. If I ever need directions, somebody will help me! Although, some people are pushy, especially on the subway, it is so interesting to me how people conduct themselves in a good way! Its not said, but its there, everyone here respects each other whether they see it or not. Nobody has been stabbled, kicked, or yelled at on the subway since I have been here, and that is so neat to me that so many different types of people live here in such close quarters, and yet we are all quiet but respectful of that person. Everyone can survive here with no judgment! Its awesome!

4.) Because there's always a "Happy Hour" somewhere!
-There's always a bar in every part of New York where I can find a "Happy Hour" any time of the day or night! I love that! Also, there are so many bars here to choose from, I may never even hit the same one twice, unless I find one I absolutely love!

5.) There's always something to do!
-Hence the charity cruise! I don't have to make arrangements months in advance to go to fun events! Also, I can just go walk up and down the street, and see more then I would ever see back home in a month! There is so much culture, and so many places to go. It will never, ever get old! Its amazing how everything is at my fingertips, all I have to do is show up! This is what living is.

6.) Everyone is equal!
-Nobody cares the color of your skin, hair, eyes, ect. Everyone is an equal in this city. It has really opened my eyes, and made me appreciate diversity much more! Everybody has so much to offer here, I love it!

7.) The Subway Art
-I love the tile art in the Subway for all of the different streets. Its so amazing to me, and nobody tears it up! That was even more amazing to me!

8.) Convenience
-Seriously! I have a supermarket, a subway, a post office, 24-hour mini marts, and restaurants all within a one block radius of my doorstep. That’s golden.

9.) "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!"
-I mean really! Its so true! It gives me a new sense of confi
dence living in this city! Its never a dull moment!

10.) Because riding the F train is like taking courses in Anthropology, Philosophy, Theology, Health, and Human Sexuality, Sociology.

Here are some pictures from my tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and other sightseeing adventures!

My Heart Belongs in New York City!

Hey girls!

Oh wow, the last few days have been so busy! I am just now catching up on days of missed blogging! I want to make sure I remember so much of this!

If i've said it once, i've said it 1,000 times,

So, a few nights ago, everyone met in the hotel bar again to catch up on stories! So much fun!! My friend CJ from the charity cruise came out as well! SO excited to see him, he is a great person all around! A little later on, A called and so CJ, K, and I all went to Lower East Village for dinner. We went to a cute place in the village! After dinner, everyone from the hotel was calling saying they were at a karaoke bar! Before I was ready for that, I needed a few more drinks! Also, it was fun for the 4 of us to be at dinner, just getting to know each other better! I begged A to take K, and CJ to that Chinese bar I mentioned in an earlier post! I seriously love the bartender there, he takes really good care of us. Luckily, A gave in, and we went!! I, of course got the lemonade again, and everyone else tried it too! CJ actually got bourbon on the rocks, and the ice cube they put in there was gigantic! I will have to post a picture! Trust me, it WAS more interesting than it sounds haha!

After that, we decided to go meet everyone at the karaoke bar. Of course right when I got there, my friend M had already requested "Don't Stop Believin!" (Glee version) YIKES!
I got up there after a little bit of practice in the cab on the way, I had so much confidence, I WAS READY! Oh, it was real pretty! Neither of us are really great singers, but its still fun! We just belted it out, and then of course our crazy friends started to join in! Some of them got so into it, it was hysterical.

Last night, I was just going to go to bed early because, and this is so sketch, but I swear I think my wisdom teeth are actually coming in, well one of them anyways! I can feel it, so im just gonna regress back to being a 1 year old and get a teething ring if this pain keeps up! I keep trying to chew a lot of gum, but I think that's actually making it quite a bit worse! One of my friends told me to rub whiskey to numb my gums, and I don't hate that idea!
So, Last night, I didnt get to bed like I had planned, because A called and we went and had much fun as always!
He called on the way in from work, and said to meet at 9:30. I was really tired and not wanting to go at first, but I am so glad I did! We always have the best talks, and hes hilarious! I am so glad I have gotten to meet him!
It was so much fun, as always!
He is actually going to Scotland all next week, so sadly, that was the last time ill see him for a while.
Everytime that I leave from the hotel to meet him, the same sweet bellhop is always working! He always helps me get a cab, and makes sure to tell the driver exactly where I am going. I know that's his job, but he does it so well!
He always is so polite, and always makes me say "Y'all" before I leave! Too funny! He thought I was from Texas at first, and its so funny because back home, in NC, my accent is lighter than most!
I dont know what it is, but everyone her is in awe at the word "y'all!"
Once I was in the cab, I was in SHOCK! I said a quick little prayer because, my driver was quite the character! It was too funny! He had a bluetooth in one ear, and was just to yelling at someone. Then in the other ear, he had an iPod ear phone, and in one hand he had some kind of drink (praying it was diet coke, and not rum and coke), and then luckily, (with the exception of when he used his knee to drive) his other hand was on the wheel! It was an adventure to say the least, but thats half the fun of taking a cab! The cab is always a quick trip, and every driver usually has their own way of going, so I see new stuff every time!

Once I finally got there, "A" and I decided to walk down a different street than we usually do, and see what restaurants we could find. We found the CUTEST places! Some of them were so crowded, so we just made a mental note to go back! One place was so so so Southern looking! It absolutely made my night to see this cute little restaurant surrounded by a white picket fence, and flowers everywhere! AHH, absolute Heaven! Unfortunately, it was too crowded to eat there.
We kept walking, and found this adorable restaurant about a mile up. The decor was awesome, it was dim lighting, and old wooden tables with flowers on the table. Absolutely beautiful! I think a restaurants atmosphere is such a big part of the whole experience!
Since we went with red wine last time, we decided to order this wonderful white wine and switch it up! It was so good, really cold, and cold wine is always better to me!
This was funny!
So, im sitting, gazing at the cheesecake that the big fella across the room is eating wishing I had ordered that, and also wondering how in the world he was going to eat it all! Then, I looked at him, and Free Willy clearly knew his way around a birthday cake! He was scarfing down the cake, with his bottle of wine, and all of the sudden, the unthinkable happened! I heard a CRASH! I looked up, and just spit Teramisu everywhere! Why? Because Free Willys chair broke and collapsed from underneath him! AHHHHH!!! The leg of his chair, literally fell off! It reminded me of "Shallow Hal"
I would just die if that ever happened to me! Well if I was morbidly obease and that happened to me, the poor guy just laid there and waited for 3 waiters, which turned to 5, to pick him up and it was really sad, but come on...your laughing too!

The restaurants main focus was on the Wine and Dessert, so needless to say we split this great Tiramisu!
It was truly the best Tiramisu I have EVER put in my mouth! So good!

Tonight is going to be great! Lauren Conrad's book signing is the event of choice with my PR firm! I am really excited! I have heard a good bit about her new book, and although I may never get around to reading it, it is so much fun to meet celebrities! My British friend, "T" is begging me to get her to sign something for him! He is madly in love with LC, and it is too funny! I may just take him with me so he can meet her, I swear I think he would pass out!

After that, the girls and I are taking my adorable boss out for drinks! I cant wait, it is going to be so much fun! She is one of the nicest, most optimistic people I have ever met! We just found out she has a law degree. Honestly, I feel like she is a very interesting person, in a good way, because she has done so much stuff, and its kind of inspirational! We are all really anxious to hear her story!

Heres some pictures from the past few nights! ---> The Ice Cube!

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning, Sunshine!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, I am loving work today!

I wore my favorite outfit! Granted, it is not very "New Yorkish..." more preppy, hence why I love it! I wore my Brooks Brothers Baby Blue Oxford Shift Dress, Ralph Lauren Pearls (that T and L gave me to remember my Southern roots :)), White Polo Cardigan (tied around shoulders!), Lilly Pulitzer straw and pink flats, Louis Vuitton Purse, and Louis Vuitton Laptop Bag! (Yes, purse is from Canal St.) but it holds everything! LOVE IT!
I wish my ears were pierced so that I could have worn pearl earrings!

I rarely ever post outfits, because I dont know that website that everyone uses to pair outfits for their blog posting (if y'all know it, fill me in! :))

Anyways, so the plan for tonight is KARAOKE! Apparently, since I have been out of the loop, Tuesday nights are the new Karaoke nights, so like I said in my last post...M and I are gearing up to sing "Don't Stop Believin'! (GLEE Version!)

Also, the Countess is having a book signing tonight at Bloomingdale's in the LILLY section!

Have a great Tuesday!

The Interns Confessions!

Hey girls!

I know I mentioned this great new blog in my previous post, but again

The Interns Confessions

is such a great blog!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, I have so much to catch you up on!

So here we go!

My good friend and fellow intern has a cute blog! I want her to have lots of cute followers so she will keep it up, because it is such a fun blog, and she is such a fun girl!
Her blogs name is The Interns Confessions

In other news!
My Aunt, as I mentioned, was doing her best to hook me up with "A", the recent Wake Forest grad that now lives in the City! I'm not hating it! :)
Well, as you know, he called the night that I was on the Charity Cruise (tipsy!!) Obviously, I was so nervous ALL DAY after the cruise, because he was supposed to call me back, but I wasn't betting on it, because you know, I sounded awful! Well, much to my surprise, he called me around 5 the next day and said that he had made us dinner reservations around 9 in the Lower East Village! I was so excited! I absolutely love when a date makes all the arrangements, because all I have to do is show up! It did shock me though, because it was already 5, and I needed time to pick out a cute outfit! Couldn't believe he already had everything planned!

Around 8:30, I took a cab, and met him on the corner of 12th and 2nd! We both got there around 8:45 and went to this great bar to have Gin & Tonics before dinner! It looked like a hole in the wall, with an older vibe! Of course, those type of places are unexpectedly always the best! After drinks, we went down the street to this adorable restaurant! It was Italian, and oh my gosh, just gorgeous! The decor was very old fashioned, lots of dark wood, dimmed lights, and wonderful service! I will have to find out the name! I cannot believe I don't remember!
When we sat down to order, everything was in Italian, and looked so good! Now, I have one rule on first dates, I never order pasta or salad! So, as tasty as the Boar, and the Suckling Pig looked, I decided to go with the Salmon, and mashed potatoes! He actually got the Suckling Pig because he said it sounded interesting! Both were of course, delicious!

When we sat down, we decided to order a bottle of wine. A asked me if I preferred red or white wine. Of course, I warned him that, although I loved red, it usually stains my teeth. After I drink red, I either look like I was punched in the mouth, or a Wino who needs an AA meeting, and fast!...either of those scenarios are not so attractive!
However, A turned out to be a red wine guy, so I let him pick out whatever he thought would be good! He ordered a bottle that the restaurant specialized in, and it had a certain spicy taste to it. It was different, but I loved it! We made that wine last over 2 hours! We just drank and got to know each other! It was so much fun! We have a lot in common, and I was really surprised!
After dinner, we went to this sports bar for another drink, and then on to this Chinese bakery/bar...random combo! It was great though! The bartender at the Chinese place was hilarious, he took his job VERY seriously! He mixed us this lemonade and soy sauce, with Grey goose. I wasn't so sure how that would taste, but it turned out to be great!
A and I ended up ordering different drinks each time, so we could sample each others, and at times we even traded! Some things are just too strong for me!
Every time that he made our drinks, the bartender would look us deep in the eye, and start shaking our drinks with every bit of energy he had, haha! He seriously looked like he was dancing to techno music while shaking my margarita! Then as we would taste them, he would cross his arms and wait for the "I love it" nod! It was too funny!
After that bar, my feet were KILLING me! I wore these new Lilly flats, and unfortunately hadn't quite worn them in! A put me into a cab, and we said goodnight! It was atleast midnight, so I was ready for bed!
When I first met him, I had never seen him, so I didn't know what to expect. He had played Rugby in college, so I thought, okay tall, probably built, who knows!
Well, when he walked up, he was very tall, and REDHEADED! I love a redhead!
He was very attractive, but not so gorgeous that it was intimidating. I hate going out with gorgeous guys, it really is hard! A was extremely sweet too! I mean, I am sure we will be just friends, but he will be extremely easy to hang out with, because we had so much in common! It was a great blind date haha! I had blind dates, I have never been set up in my life!
Of course the next day, my Aunt, mother, and Grandmother called to see how it went because his parents are my Aunts good friends! It was too funny, and at dinner we showed each other the e-mails my Aunt, and his mother had sent us. It was exactly like they were trying to set us up, and we both agreed, it worked quite well!
I am seeing him for brunch on Tuesday, so I will have to post more about that!

So here is my newest Subway story!
The other day, I boarded the F train to go to work. Unfortunately, this woman was on board with her guitar don't get me wrong, I get it. Everybody has to make a living some how, but I was in no mood for a guitar solo at 7:30 am! Well, apparently I wasn't the only one! Don't get me wrong, she wasnt awful, but it was so awkward. Some people threw a dollar or 2 at her, but this one man just started yelling at her about how much she sucked, and she was nothing special! SO rude! I mean, it was 7:30, and she was annoying, but my Lord, someones hostile! Needless to say, he did not give her a dollar! This woman kindof reminded me of Pheobe from Friends! I was glad to be out of that subway, and will surely remember my iPod next time.

My other story is,
The other day, I was about to board the Q train! Well, I noticed that this man had been following me, and was staring at me. I don't just mean making eyes, like making gross gestures, and staring at me! DISGUSTING! I had seen him at the stop before, I see a lot of the same people daily, and I had always found him to be kindof odd!
Well, I also see this woman on the subway everyday, and of course, we wave! (secretly because I know she could save my life with her attitude, and shes just a big girl!)
Well, that particular day, she was sitting in one of those double seats, so even though it was kinda tight, when we boarded I did my usual wave, and then much to her surprise, I slid in next to her! She said "girl, i'm all about wavin' but I don't know about cuttin' off our circulation!" I said "girl, I wouldn't normally do this, but I got a problem, and you gotta help me solve it!" She smiled and said "whose ass I gotta kick to ease ya mind?!" I glared at the man...still making weird glances at me...eww, and she said "let big momma take care of business for ya!"
Oh, I did!
She got up, and went over to the man (there were maybe 5 people in the Subway car at the time, its an early ride) and she said "you messin' with my girl, you gotta go through this (as she shimmy's, and points to her angry face!), and I don't think you wanna do that because I do think I have no problem kickin' yo ass!"
She then went on to say how she used to be a resident at a women's prison, (im hoping she meant she worked there!) and how she learned a thing or two about predators.
Also, apparently her husband was a renowned cheater, and she hadn't yet healed from the pain...basically nobody wants to mess with her!
I love friends like that!
By the time it was all said and done, the mans eyes were huge, and he apologized to her hahaha! She then came and took a seat, next to me, and we shared a smile and a "pound it"! Right after that, she crossed her arms, and glared at the man for over 3 stops mumbling!
I may have caused a big problem, I've been checking the obituaries daily! Oops!
Oh, the Subway! I just love it!

This week is a big week at one of my firms!
I just found out that I have 4 book signings to attend this week! Today, I am going to see Windy Williams, and Joe Scarborough! On Wednesday, I am going to see Artie Lange. Then, on Thursday, I will get the chance to see LAUREN CONRAD! Lastly, on Friday, I will see my personal favorite ELIZABETH EDWARDS!
I am just so excited for all of these great opportunities! I cannot wait to hopefully take great pictures and enjoy every minute of it!

Yesterday, my roommate and I decided we would go explore Times Square and take cute pictures! We walked for like 4 hours, and got the best pictures! I cant stand to take a crooked picture, so it took a while for some of them, but Times Square is amazing, and I had to take all that I could. Eventually, we saw Rockefeller Center! That is my favorite spot because that is where all of the major News Buildings are! It was beautiful! I got a great shot of NBC Studios, FOX News, and Radio City, also the shops there are just great too!
Quickly, I ran into Jimmy Choo, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and so many more! Of course, a lot of looking, but they were all so much fun!
Also, I saw my favorite store in the whole world...CRANE & CO! They have beautiful paper!
After that, we were so thirsty, so where the ice skating rink usually is, there was a great restaurant set up! We found out, that at the time they were just serving drinks and desserts, PERFECT for me! I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri, and my roommate had a Pina Coloda! Such a perfect afternoon snack!
After that, I just had to see St. Patrick's Cathedral!
As I was wandering over that way, we ran into a Puerto Rican Parade! Quite the cultural experience! It was really neat, it just took a while to cross the street!
Anyways, when I finally did get across to the Cathedral, I got some beautiful pictures both outside, and inside of the church! The ones inside turned out a bit dark, but I am hoping I can brighten them up!
St. Patrick's is the most beautiful church I have ever seen! Granted I am not Catholic, I did go to Catholic School from 1st through 8th grade, so it was a great experience! I love the Catholic Faith! My roommate said she would love to get married there...I can only imagine the cost and the waiting list! What a perfect spot!
Outside the church was a gift shop, I had my fingers crossed for a long sleeve white tee shirt, but unfortunately, they didn't have them!

On a negative note, the place that I am staying still has not brought me a dresser! I am still currently living out of a suitcase which I am extremely ticked about because HELLO, I paid upfront for a dresser and internet, and I barely have internet! I have called at least 5 times, and I am thinking if I call today and it doesn't get done, my father will call, and that would not be pretty! He gets things done!

I will post more later on! Have a great Monday!
I will be posting pictures later!