Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not Going Private!

Hey girls!

Thanks for all of your e-mails, they absolutely helped and I have decided not to go private because I still want everyone to be able to read, I know how disappointing it is when blogs that I love go private and I always want to read, I am just so excited that y'all all are reading my blog!! Thanks!

I just got back from a 4 mile run, and I found a dollar on the ground haha...I love when that kind of stuff happens! Today was a great day, my friend and I talked about studying abroad (shes going all next semester!!) and of course we took a lot of breaks because I dont have my puffer, and I cant run like I used to. Today I also was randomly looking through my bag of stuff from the Avon Walk that I did last year and there was all kinds of stuff, but I found some J.Crew gift card for like $25.00 and I was excited because I had no idea it was in there!

I got an e-mail today from a really cute tie company,
Their ties are all $75.00 and I have never heard of them but they look cute. She wanted me to host a show, I cannot decide if I will or not, so I decided just to post it here first, it seems like it would be fun, y'all can go look at them.

Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hey girls!

Today me and a friend of mine had lunch at this cute place downtown we always go, he and I always get the same things every time! The men that own the restaurant know us well, and they are always so sweet! Its a good spot!
Then we went and rode around looking at the historic district, there are so many great houses for sale right now!
That is a hobby of ours, we have been picking out our favorite houses since we were 13! I would seriously love to live in a cute historic district house one day!

Oh my gosh! another thing I have taken up again is running! It hurts, but it will be worth it! My friend begged me to start running with her, so I agreed. We have started running every day to get in better shape because she's going to backpack in California for half of the summer! Lucky girl! Anyways, it's kicking my ass, we do 4 miles a day. I used to run XC and play tennis a lot more so I used to be in better shape, so this will be a good workout.

ALSO! Did anyone see Desperate Housewives?!
Finally, some closure!
I loved the final episode, but it didn't look like there was gonna be a next season!

I hope y'all all have a great Tuesday!