Monday, December 30, 2013

Hey girls!

I am picking this back up again after receiving so many sweet messages and emails! I have missed blogging! I am now living in Columbus, Ohio working as a Morning Personality/Traffic Anchor on Good Day Columbus with a wonderful news team!

Before that, I was in Charlotte with another news station. I worked as the Traffic Anchor/Noon Weather Forecaster.

Before that, I was working on HOM3LAND Season 1 (for 6 straights months) as Claire Danes Stand-In.

I've had a fun/busy/goal oriented few years, and I hope this year will be better than 2013! :)

Here are my list of resolutions- Thanks to Pinterest

A bad habit i'm going to break: 
I'd say biting my nails, but yeah right!
I'll go with worrying. I am going to try and quit worrying so much.

A new skill i'd like to learn:
I would LOVE to learn how to relax, and just be. I have never known how to do that. I'm okay with always being on the go, but it might be fun to just...relax.

A good deed i'm going to do:
Pay it forward. Compliment others. Say I love you. Every chance I get.

A place i'd like to visit:
Wrightsville Beach. I know, I know, I practically grew up there, but since moving to Columbus, I have realized just how much I miss my family and friends! I would love to go twice. Once with my family, and another time with all of my closest friends! That place is Heaven on Earth for me, and I would die to go for a few days and just pray on the beach/drink cocktails and laugh until I can't breathe at night with everyone I love so much!

A book i'd like to read: 
Any Etiquette book that I haven't yet read. I want to read at least 12 new ones this year! I think i'll start with "True Prep" & "The Preppy Handbook" (for the 8th time!)

A letter i'm going to write:
This letter. My blog- not so much a letter, but a way to remember what I want to remember. 
Also- ALL of the thank you notes I need to write from the Holiday's!

A new food i'd like to try:
Antelope. I've heard great things!

I'm going to do better at:
Staying in touch with those I love. 
Paying it forward.
Being a good person.

Also, my resolutions for 2014 are-

1.) To do more of God's work/pay it forward and do for others as much as possible.
2.) Get closer to God
3.) Follow my heart
4.) Eat more chocolate!