Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Sketchy Man! YAY!

Hey girls!

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
I cannot believe my luck lately!
So tonight I was sitting in the house working on Quia! We get a knock on the door around 9, and I actually wasn't the one who answered it this time haha. My roommate went and answered it, and it was this rehearsed knock, so we thought it was one of our friends. We kept saying,
"come in"
but nobody would!
When she answered it, there was this man lookin crazy preachin about kids in Raleigh who are living in the hood, and not doing so well.
He needed to raise $300.00 to help them.
Don't get me wrong, I think that's really sweet! I just really didn't have $10.00 in cash to give away.
I went to the door and talked to him because he stuck his head in and called me over...geez!
So when he was talking to me, he goes,
"Girl, I see you got yourself a nice computer, don't tell me you don't have $10.00 to spare for the less fortunate kids!"
I really do think this guy was legit, but I am sorry I hate when people, number 1, preach at me at the front door...if I want to hear it I will be in the Chapel Sunday. Number 2, I hate when people call me out on what I have, so I have a nice computer I am in college and that's hard too!
I feel bad if he was legit, but I truly would rather give to a legit charity like ChildHelp USA, or Unicef.
The only sketchy thing was that we had Zaxbys (LOVE Zaxbys!) on our table because we were eating dinner and he looked in real quick and said,
"look girls y'all got a phone I can use, my pastor is pickin me up at uhh, Zaxbys, im meetin him there!"
Then I gave him my phone to use, and he left a message and was like
"Yo, Pastor im at Zaxbys, come get me!"
Then he left.
He really probably wasn't sketch, but my Lord, I told the girls I think we need a peephole to see whose at the door!
I hope everyone had a great day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Internship #2

Hey girls!

I started my internship at News 14 today!! It was so much fun! My boss is too funny, she makes me laugh! I went around and met everyone and even waved to an anchor...and oh my gosh, they waved back!
Around 5:00, most everyone left so it was me and the producer boys who are probably like a year or 2 older then me. We sat and I watched them talk about Fantasy Football. I didnt even pretend to understand what they were saying.
I got to call over 50 police stations, investigators, fire departments, ect. and ask if there was any news!
Nobody hung up on me, or was rude!
It was such a relief!
I work at the assignment desk every Tuesday, I help produce every Thursday, and I go out with reporters every Friday! I am so excited! I also loved that everyone introduced themselves to me! They are all so nice! I am going to love this job!
I'll post more later, im still on the clock! haha!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Swap!!

I just got my swap partner and I could not be more excited!

Go look at her cute blog!
Misadventures of a Newlywed Blog

So excited!