Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hey girls!

Okay, I really am just writing this out for my own sake, but I am so glad I get to share the good news with my blog friends out there!

So last night I was slaving away trying to get intern forms faxed out, and I was just so stressed. At the end of the day, I realized all that I needed to do was say a little prayer, and it would all work out just as it was supposed to. I worry way to much!

Well, I have done 2 internships for credit already, and so this time I was looking for a paid internship. I decided that I didn't care anymore and whether my professor liked it or not, I was going to finally apply for credit internships too, and they could count as an elective. I mean, nobody hires part time in news for college students around here, and there are NO paid internships!

So this morning, I have been calling Fox News in NYC like crazy to try to get my internship back! A few weeks ago, they wanted to interview me, but I didn't think I could intern for credit so I declined.
I finally got in touch with the right people, and I am expecting a call from the internship coordinator this afternoon in hope that it will not be a problem! YAY!

Also, I received an e-mail from a Wilmington station telling me that I received my internship there this summer, and to let them know if I couldn't do it, but for now I was their newest summer intern! WOO HOO!
If I worked in Wilmington, I would focus solely on my resume tape, and going out into the field with reporters! Also, I have so much family in Wilmington, I would just love that!

I am so ready for March!

I will post more later, but I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink & Green!

Hey girls!

Here is my new favorite Pink & Green Item!

These little strips are so great! I really have never had skin problems, thank the Lord, but to keep it that way, I love to use these!

In other news, I have been applying/hearing from internships all day long! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get the 3 that I really want and then I will narrow it down! I just applied for one in Wilmington today at a news station and, they said they got my resume and would call me tomorrow so we will see!
Luckily, my cousin is moving there this summer, so I could easily live with him! So exciting, I am just so ready for summer time!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009



I give you money and send you into the grocery store to pick up 5 items. You can only pick one thing from the following departments.. what is it?

1. Produce: Sliced Pineapple
2. Bakery: Chocolate Eclairs
3. Meat: London Broil
4. Frozen: Stoffers Lasagna
5. Dairy: Ben & Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch (There's milk in that!)

Let's say we're heading out for a weekend getaway. You're only allowed to bring 3 articles of clothing with you. So, what's in your bag?

1. Lilly Goin' Bananas Shift
2. Lilly Halter Dress
3. Costa Del Mar's

If I was to listen in on your conversations throughout the day, what 5 phrases or words would I be most likely to hear?

1. "Who"
2. "What"
3. "When"
4. "Where"
5. "Why"

So, what 3 things do you find yourself doing every single day, and if you didn't get to do, you probably wouldn't be in the best mood?

1. Brushing my teeth
2. Running
3. Retinol Treatments (through March!)

We're talking a 3 hour block with nobody around. What 5 activities might we find you doing?

1. Running
2. Organizing my room
3. Watching Soaps on SoapNET (Beverly Hills, One Tree Hill, The OC)
4. Doing my make-up for fun to try new things!
5. Singing to my iPod and applying for new internships!

We are going to the zoo. But, it looks like it could start storming, so it'll have to be a quick visit. What 3 exhibits do we have to get to?

1. Panda Bears
2. Apes (They are hilarious!)
3. The Gift Shop...duh!

You just scored tickets to the taping of any show that comes on t.v. of your choice. You can pick between 4, so what are you deciding between?

1. Live With Regis And Kelly
2. Cheaters (its so funny to me! I would want to ride in the van with the victim!)
3. The View
4. Good Morning America

You're hungry for ice cream. I'll give you a triple dipper ice cream cone. What 3 flavors can I pile on for ya?

1. Chocolate
2. Vanilla
3. Strawberry

Somebody stole your purse/wallet…in order to get it back, you have to name 5 things you know are inside to claim it. So, what's in there?

1. My Camcard
2. Money
3. Wolfpack Shag Card
4. Picture of my family
5. My credit card

You are at a job fair, and asked what areas you are interested in pursuing a career in. Let's pretend you have every talent and ability to be whatever you wanted, so what 4 careers would be fun for you?

1. Live with Regis, Kelly, and Katie!
2. Being a child advocate lawyer
3. Being a news anchor for my favorite Wilmington Station
4. Being a dermatologist

If you could go back and talk to the old you, when you were in high school, and inform yourself of 4 things, what would you say?

1. You should have discovered Lilly Pulitzer, make up, and haircare much earlier!
2. You were painfully shy until high school
3. These years are pointless, you learned everything you needed too in Kindergarten and College!
4. Never, ever talk back to a nun

Great Weekend!

Hey girls!

I had such a fun weekend! I went to Wrightsville Beach with my roommate and we had such a good time. Her family is so fun to be around, they are the nicest, most personable people you would ever want to meet! It was very windy, and chilly, but so much fun!
I have gone to Wrightsville most summers since I was very young with all of our extended family for a few weeks, so it was good to go back, it feels like a second home to me!
I really love it, I can remember doing Surf Camp, eating at all of the restaurants, and just walking on the beach with everyone! So much fun! I miss those trips!

One of many highlights of the weekend was going to my favorite store, Redix! I finally bought a Lacoste hat!! I have wanted one for a while. They have the cutest things, and I looked at the Vineyard Vines spring line. Its cute!

We left Friday afternoon because my roommate had a hair appt! Not just any hair appt though, she was getting pink put in!
I sat in the salon waiting for the magic to happen and all of the sudden, I was in the middle of my book, "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea." when I looked up and saw PINK! She looks like a superstar, and she is probably doing an internship in NYC this summer (shes a fashion major) and so of course the pink hair is just the beginning of her big future in the world of fashion! I love it! I told her there is no way that I could pull it off, but she can!
On Friday night, we went to our friends 21st birthday and his apartment was so packed, you couldn't even move! A guy walked in, that no one knew, that looked exactly like Lil Wayne...and needless to say that made my night! I freakin love Lil Wayne!

After that, we went back to the beach house and went to bed! It was such a fun night, and so good to meet so many new people! I saw one of my friends that I haven't seen in over a year, and her, my roommate, and I ended up having "girl talk" for 45 minutes in one of the bar bathrooms, SKETCH! The guys were getting worried and we didn't even realize we had been talking...or better yet in the gross bar bathroom that long! Oh college! I just love it so much!

On the way home Sunday we had to make a quick stop at a sketchy gas station because it was that fun time of the month! Luckily I found what I needed, but when I was paying, the man at the check out winked at me, gave me a (that sucks) grin, and said "rough day, the bathrooms right that way", pointed, and winked again! CREEPER!
I was mortified!
Now, its kind of funny, but at the time I was so embarrassed! I mean Lord, lets make a public announcement!

On a lighter note, I am excited because a classmate of mine who shares her great fashion tips with me sent me these cute websites that have UNBELIEVABLE sales! I mean on Prada, Louis Vuitton, Nicole Miller, ect.

Its by invite only, so if you would like an invite please leave me a message with your e-mail and I will be more then happy to include you in this little peice of Heaven!

In other news,
My sweet little sister is about to turn 15 on March 9th and I have absolutely no idea what to get her. What do you all think? What is a good gift for a 15 year old girl?

She is so pretty, and so lively! She is the type of person that everyone just loves to be around, and she is definitely more fashion conscious then I was in the 9th grade! I love watching her grow up, she is just the most well rounded girl, and just loves life!

I was thinking this year I would get her a gift card somewhere, or something...that's the easiest thing to get!

She called me yesterday and told me that she was "driving with Doris!"
Doris taught all 3 of us drivers ed. We took private classes, because the ones at the High School are impossible! I loved Doris, she is really funny, and passes everyone the first time! I cant wait for Sarah to drive with her!

Have a great Monday!