Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kate the WASP

First of all- I have to say that i've been following Kate the WASP for almost 2 years on Twitter (@KatetheWASP)

Her tweets are not only hilarious, but basically remind me of my own life.

Also, I was reading her article on the take on the whole #LillyforTarget scandal (that y'all KNOW i'm passionate about) and I had to share it.

I too was picked on in middle school. I pretty much hated life for 3 years, but now as I look back, I see that you don't want to shine in middle school. Just wait, your time will come. :) I now have a job I love, and more self confidence because of the tough stuff. I love talking to middle schoolers through my job now, and encouraging them. It was cool to see a comedian do the same thing- and get personal on why a brand means so much to her.

Her article was amazing- so here it is for all of you.

ALSO- just because I love me some Kate the WASP, check out her list of webisodes! 

In short, Kate the WASP is totally my Spirit Animal.

She's hilarious, she loves Ann Romney, and she says what she thinks. #loveit!

Kate, you are freakin' fabulous! XO!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Vultures are the WORST

Wearing Lilly Pulitzer symbolizes that you love to live a beautiful life filled with smiles and sunshine.

The Lilly girl is a happy girl.

...which is why I was a little shocked to see and hear about the poor behavior of the "Lilly Lovers" buying #LillyforTarget, until I realized that they weren't Lilly lovers at all.

I was so thrilled to see Target bring that brand to life within their store. 
I was so excited to see Lilly being sold for cheaper prices. 
I was so excited to buy a few pieces to add to my collection.

Then...the Lilly Hunger Games set in.

The actual Lilly lovers got nothing.

Vultures swooped in and bought it all within 10 minutes, punching each other and stealing out of other peoples carts.

Like, seriously? That's not the Lilly way. That was not the point of this sale.

You do not punch for prints.

I'm upset because these vultures literally KNEW that we would be there looking for cute things and a festive deal, so they took advantage and they took it away from us.

I don't ever get mad...about anything, but when I do, it's not pretty.

I'm mad right now. In fact, i'm really mad. I'm not irritated, annoyed, or even frustrated.

Put simply, i'm just mad. 

I am fired up by this #LillyforTarget mess.

You'll remember I posted a few months ago about how I was all about Lilly being made available for everyone. I thought it was awesome...well I don't anymore. I think it was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad idea. 

Now, it's not available for everyone. It's overpriced and there should have been a limit on how much people could buy.

Their marketing director should be ashamed.

You know what's awesome?
The fact that a girl like me has an authentic brand that truly represents my personality. The fact that I was excited that Lilly was expanding, and the fact that true Lilly lovers around the country were willing and ready to buy Lilly for Target. We were excited, the prints were precious, but then the truth set in.

You know what's not awesome? 
The fact that it wasn't a new collection, it was a mere flash sale. A flash sale meant for people looking to profit. That's sick. How dare you ruin what was supposed to be a fun and special day for Lilly lovers everywhere.

You know what's not awesome?
The fact that these trolls were STEALING the signs that BELONG to Target because they say Lilly Pulitzer. A true Lilly lover would never EVER be that desperate to have our hands on the brand. So, if you think for one second that I would bid on eBay for a sign that you're wrong. You're wrong about the Lilly girl. You have wasted money (about 3 grand to the woman in front of me who bought 5 carts specifically for eBay.) and lost our respect. I think you are the worst kind of person.

You know what else is NOT freaking awesome?
The fact that Target took a brand that has meaning with a certain price point, and priced it a bit too low. That allowed people to plot and buy it all within 5 minutes. They then plotted to sell it on eBay for what an actual dress on is worth. Hell, they even priced it for hundreds over. They did this because they thought they could make a profit. 
Newsflash- They WON'T. 

EBay Rules for bidding.
Real Lilly? Yes. 
Lilly for Target? No. 
I will not buy what was supposed to be fun and affordable for what I would buy a normal Lilly for. 
Simply put- I will not do it. 

Target should have priced everything upwards of $60-80. I guarantee you if that had happened we wouldn't be seeing 1500+ pieces of #LillyforTarget sitting on #LillyforeBay right now.

When I see Lilly chairs (2) going for $920, and they were bought for $60 each, it makes me sad for the brand. 
Not only that, it makes me sad for the vulture selling it for that amount. Are you serious? But really, are you serious? Oh, you are. Okay...good luck with that.

It's Lilly Pulitzer, not a chair the Pope himself sat in.

I can't even with this.

I will stick to and wear what I have always worn.

Is it adorable? Yes. 
It's the principle of the whole concept at this point,

That's why I am boycotting #LillyforTarget.

I could NOT believe people yesterday...I saw a woman with 7 carts, she had every maxi dress in the store and told me..."yeah, I don't wear this stuff but I heard it sells for upper hundreds, so i'm selling it all on ebay." 

Newsflash- I strongly dislike you, and that is tasteless.

Lilly Pulitzer is rolling over in her grave right now thinking about this.

I am in shock. I am sad. I am OVER this whole #LillyforTarget scandal. 

I wish I could have the adorable prints that target put out, but now I will not even look at them. How could this happen? How could nobody have known that this would happen? 

Do not support #LillyforTarget on eBay.

That's my rant. #Sorryimnotsorry