Saturday, July 26, 2008

Perfect Party Nights

Hey girls!

Last night I went to the Points West Debutante Party in Charlotte and it was so much fun! Deb parties are always fun. 2 girls I hadnt seen since high school went, and then the deb to be! It was so exciting!
We left around 3:30 and I rode with my friend T to Charlotte and we got there by 4, it was a quick trip! When we got there we met up with some more people and all decided to go to dinner. We went to this cute little Tavern restaurant in Charlotte, and can I just tell you I LOVE CHARLOTTE!!! I have worked at WBTV all summer long, but never really explored it!
The last time I saw alot of Charlotte was when I did the Avon Walk, but even then I was so out of breath I was just trying to finish, so needless to say I didnt notice all it had to offer!
After dinner, we just rode around and looked at everything, not even realizing that we had less then 2 hours to get ready!
When we got back to the hotel, there had to be atleast 300 college kids, and some of those boys were so cute! I LOVE to see southern boys all dressed up!
So anyways, we went up stairs and started getting ready. We left for the party around 9:15, and we didnt drink that night unfortunately, because everyone else that went was sooooo drunk! I was really glad we didnt though, because I just think at a debutante party you want to keep things calm, and classy! More importantly, remember the night!
Some of the debs and dates wont remember anything!
I was sitting with my friends and we were waiting for the band (who were the VOLTAGE BROTHERS, they are amazing they played at a debutante party my parents gave me once! I love them!) anyways, so as we were waiting I saw this girl and she was just all over the place so one of the chaperone's (who was not her mother) went and grabbed her calmly off of the dance floor and sat her down, when she sat down they brought her water and she threw it in the chaperone's face, and then knocked the food they brought her right off her plate and all over the chaperon. The chaperon, poor thing was trying to stay calm and she just smiled the whole time...until the girl decided she wanted to get up and dance some more, so the chaperon went to grab her and sat her down and she fell flat on her face! She was completely wasted, which personally I think its real fun to be tipsy and dance, but there is no need to be that drunk and make a fool of yourself in front of society at a Debutante Function! How embarrassing! I felt bad for her, because right after that the band yelled "We have 15 more minutes and this party is over!" It ended an hour early because people were smoking pot in the bathroom, and there were so many mini bottles everywhere.
The band played great music, and I loved meeting all of the new people! I saw a bunch of people from MC and it was so good to see them! I absolutely love stuff like that!
We got up this morning, and went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory, that might be my favorite place to eat! It is so good, we went to the one at Southpark Mall and then walked around for a while, I went in Anthropology and found the cutest dresses, and books!!
It was a really fun weekend!

Tonight I came home, and apparently one of my neighbors houses got broken into, and they caught some 16 year old and his response was
"they looked like they had money, id do it again"
Seriously, what a dumbass! I swear, I have 911 on speed dial, nobody better be coming down my way any time soon! I just think its pathetic that people keep breaking into houses!
On a lighter note, this was hilarious! There is this couple in the neighborhood and they are, OMG, so funny! Their house looks like an army bunker in AZ.
So anyways, their house got rolled with toilet paper the other night, and I was walking in the neighborhood and saw it and I just about died laughing! It was priceless!
It has been a good week, never a dull moment!

Today, Vineyard Vines sent me a big package of whale hats, koozies, and stickers!
Let me know if any of you girls want stickers, or koozies and if I have any left I would love to send you one!!
Then I got another package with a "Whale Rep" hat, beach towel, and a beach ball...all Vineyard Vines! I love being a rep!

Have a great Sunday! Here are some pictures from last night!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Debutante Partys and Cornrows

Hey girls!!

I am so sorry again that my posts are so spiratic lately!! Life is too crazy!

Today, I went into work and usually we have about 4 of the same little boys and they absolutely love to play baseball!
I watch, or chase the balls they hit over the fence into the drug infested apartment complex on the other side of the park...the perks of the job! haha!
Yesterday I was there, and these 2 kids I had never seen before came to play. One had a big up-do, and she looked at me (I look a hot mess everyday!) and she was like
"Kate can I do yo hair girl?"
I was like
" Whatchu gone do girl?" (im picking up the language, fitting in!)
I figured she really couldnt do anything I couldnt undo later, and if it was gonna make her happy, then of course she could!
She didnt have any scissors or anything rediculous!
So she started doing my hair and she was like
"girl yo hair ain't nappy like mine, but I mean I guess I still like it...its all blonde and junk!"
I just started laughing so I let her play with it for a while and then after like 20 minutes of that I went and looked at it in my car and SHE GAVE ME CORNROWS! Not all the way up my head, but far looked different!
But of course, I didnt wanna be mean, so I made her do my friends hair too, hes a guy with longer hair and she tore it up! She gave him some braids too...they said we were lookin right!
I finally felt like I belonged to the neighborhood and I wasnt an outsider anymore haha!
I took them out right as I left work.
Today, she came back with a hairnet, grease, and curlers and she said
"Okay lets do your hair again!"
Im sorry but I just couldnt let her do it!! Luckily the lunch truck pulled up just in time!

I am getting so excited about tonight, a good friend of mine is doing the North Carolina Debutante Ball and I am going to one of her parties in Charlotte tonight! We are leaving around 4 and getting ready in hotel rooms then going to dinner and spending the night! I loved the Debutante parties I had when I was a deb, they are just really fun! Its fun to get dressed up and dance until midnight! We are staying in a hotel and having a little after party! Too much fun!

I went yesterday to get a dress because the dress I had doesnt fit me anymore, it is too big up top...go freakin figure!
So, I went to this cute store called Bijoux and they had beautiful dresses...and I know this is so vein but I am so used to being a 2 in dresses and she brought out the most beautiful dress in red and it was a 0 and she told me she thought it would fit...well it ass has gotten HUGE this summer and it wasnt looking good!
I was SO embarrassed! Now im over it, but at the time...OMG!
I decided I would wait, and come back if I couldnt find one somewhere else, because the other ones were so pretty, but too fancy for this is called "Debs in the City" like "Sex in the City" so I went to Saks in Charlotte and found the cutest ABS black dress with 2 black flowers on the side and it is silk, I think it will be really good for the theme!

Since I havent done my 5 favorites in a they are!

My 5 favorite songs of the week!
1.) The Prayer
Charlotte Church and Josh Grobin

2.) Break The Ice
Britiney Spears

3.) Best of My Love
The Emotions

4.) Pretty Young Thing
Michael Jackson

5.) I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Whitney Houston

My 5 favorite Things
1.) "For the Love of a Child"
This is probably the best movie I have ever seen! It is a true story about how ChildHelp USA was started, and it is the best movie! There is one little boy in it who is adorable! Obviously it is a Lifetime movie!

2.) The Lilly Pulitzer dinner and cake plate!
There are 5 plates in all, 4 little ones and then one big one! They are beautiful!

3.) The Lilly Pulitzer Wine Glasses!

4.) Im having a love affair...with Ebay!
I love Ebay, I just learned how to sell stuff, and I love buying stuff off of Ebay, it is like a glorified Marshalls. Everything I buy always is new with Tags, and I have never been screwed over! I LOVE it!

5.) Americorps
My parents talked seriously about signing me up this summer for a year. I looked into it, and I really love it. They think it would be good for me! I really didnt think it was a good idea to take a year off of school, but I think it would probably be a good thing to do someday.

Have a great friday!!