Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New News!

Hey girls!

Let me just tell you yet another story about my crazy morning! I dont think I have had a boring day in weeks! I dont know if thats a good or a bad thing, but ill live!

So this morning its 2:00am and I wake up in shock! I had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie, and it was so dark.
I am scared of the dark!
No but seriously, this time when I woke up I knew something wasnt right!
I got so scared, too scared to move because I felt like somebody was watching me!
I decided just to cover my head with my pillow, say a quick prayer, and go back to sleep!
I had downloaded the new show "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" so I just played that and fell back asleep...
Well my mom woke me up at 5:00am because she and my sister were leaving for Washington DC to go shopping and help my aunt because shes an interior designer so they were going to set up a model!
She told me bye, and I thought she was gone...but no.

At 5:30, I had fallen back asleep when my mom comes BUSTING in yelling KATIE WAKE UP! I woke up slowly and she had my Prada purse in her hand saying that my car got broken into that night while we were asleep!!
My doors were open and stuff was apparently everywhere!
I was still tired at 5:30 so I just said,
"Whatever leave the purse see you Thursday!"
So she left, but then I woke up again at 8:00 and I went downstairs.
She left a note saying that my Louie Vutton (which was real!) and Coach wallets were gone, but all of my credit and debit cards, and license were all in my car. I guess he wanted to sell the wallet?? I was so pissed, the Louie wallet was real! The coach was fake, but still, both of them were MY wallets!
Anyways, so I called the police, and filed a report. This happened to 10 other people in my neighborhood. My neighbor drove by and told us his console got ripped out, and that somebody stole change. That's exactly what happened in my car too!! The console was ripped out!! I was not a happy girl!

So anyways, here is the sketchy part...so I am at home alone the other day and I hear someone knock on the door...quietly!
I go to look out the window and it was a black guy with his pants down to his knees and headphones in...yeah i'm sure he was either a Jehovias Witness, or some lawn guy...NOT! SOB!
He was obviously a sketch ass man and I didn't open that door! Instead, I watched him and as he walked away from the house he was talking to himself and he was saying "nobodies home bitches!!" ...real classy!
So the police think it was people he knew or even him because nobody answered he assumed nobody was home. Wow!

Sorry but I had to vent! I hope y'all all had a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Never A Dull Moment!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, you will not believe my morning! It was out of control!

So I went in to work at the park around 9. We always meet at the actual parks and rec office before we actually go to the playground. Well, the guy I work with went to drop his brothers off at church camp before he got there, but when he did, as always we just talked to the staff for an hour before going to the playground.
That is probably my most favorite hour of the day! We talk about everything, and I just laugh the whole hour because people tell the most hilarious stories!
Usually, J and I will talk about what happened at the playground the day before, and we heard that some kid swallowed a dime the other day at the camp at the park...sucks for him!

Anyways so today we got to the park and we saw all of these papers and glass everywhere. There were 3 checks. One was for $600.00, another for $450.00, and another for $40.00!!!! Then next to the checks was a passport and a really ugly purse!
I feel bad for the woman getting her passport stolen and all, but they did her a huge favor taking that purse away!

Anyways, so we also found like her rewards cards for casinos, a passport and a brochure to Las Vegas! Also, there was eye shadow, nail clippers, thank you notes, grocery lists, ect! So, I figured that some woman had gotten mugged, and in that neighborhood, I was not surprised! Her name was all over everything that had fallen out of the purse, We just ended up calling our boss, and she said she would call the cops.

Then I walked out to the playground because I saw a plastic bag, and it had little white folded pieces of paper in it! I thought, OH wow! Someone dropped like...I don't know...sugar?
I picked it up and opened it. I was touching it when, Officer Joe told me to "put it down, its not a toy!"
Oops, it ended up being some powder form of heroin!
I don't know why anybody would leave that out on the playground where my kids play!? The cop said it was worth at least $1000.00. I bet somebody is having a really bad day!

It ended up that some guy busted this woman's window in her car while she was in a meeting, and he stole her purse! Asshole!
My boss, P came out to check out the scene, because it was a sight to see! He is also an ex cop, and hes not afraid to let you know that! He is hilarious, usually he just jokes around but he pulled up to the sketchiest park in Salisbury and his beach music was blasting out of the car and all of the neighbors were like "what the hell?, who that?, shut up whitey!"
J and I laughed at him too...pretending not to know him! Some of us aren't trying to get shot at 10am!
Paul got out and approached the purse, he pulled out his phone, and kept looking at everything but not touching it! Josiah and I had touched most all of it, not even thinking about fingerprints! He was so serious about it!

Josiah and I are gonna ride by the park at like midnight just to see what happens, I hope we see something good! Im excited!

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hey girls!

I hope y'all had a good 4th!

Every year my whole family and a bunch of friends go to our lake houses for a big party! We go to 3 different places for fireworks by boat and it is so much fun!! C came down around 8, met everyone, and did fireworks with the family! Also there were a few people my age that were so much fun, and we all just snuck mixed drinks out of the liquor cabinet all night, it was the 4th of July thats as good of an excuse as any!

My aunt had a beach music DJ come and play by the pool but after about 30 minutes it started to POUR down rain!! The poor caterer did such a great job setting up all of the food outside but we got it all moved in before it got too wet. She did the coolest thing, she took a watermelon and made it into a basket with Sangria in it! It was really pretty! When we got inside, we had like 40 people in the den...HAHA then the DJ turned into an Elvis Impersonator...it was HILARIOUS! He was so weird!
Once we got settled inside, he serenaded every woman there...he sung me the song "Are you lonely tonight?" and then he was like "based on your look sweetheart probably not", my jaw dropped and then I couldn't stop laughing! C was like woah buddy, move on! He drove up in one of those vans that literally either a pedophile, or a criminal drives, it had graffiti all over it!
I'm surprised it didnt say "free candy" or something, it was ugly!
I was dying when he drove up because he almost hit a tree, and then when he got out his mirror fell off the car, real pretty!
It was so funny!

Then he sung to my Nana and said "Honey I heard it was your birthday, (it wasn't her birthday!) For a second I thought Elvis was gonna turn stripper on us!
So sketch!!

He apparently does this at a lot of parties and he gave us all a copy of his latest album. Ill be sure to put it on repeat as soon as possible...

It kept pouring all night long, but we still managed to get on the pontoon and go see fireworks! It was so pretty on the water, I just love taking boat rides at night.

I love holidays with the whole family!

After all of the Holiday festivities, I went to Raleigh to paint my room in the house! I ended up ordering a huge monogram wall mount for my headboard, and I have white furniture and the Lilly Pulitzer "Via Minzer" bedding.
My colors are pink, green, and white. I went and bought tons of white picture frames and I am going to hang at least 20 pictures all over the wall and then hang a shelf for all of my etiquette books! I am so excited to move in! Our landlords (and also my assistant tennis coach at MC) gutted the house and re-did everything! They did the best job, it all looks so much better!

ALSO!! The other day I started my first demo tape with WBTV! My reporter friend, the one that I have known forever filmed me talking about the murder of my neighbor downtown!

I will post a picture of the house, and Elvis.

Have a great Sunday girls!