Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Days!

Hey girls!

OH MY GOSH!! What a crazy morning!

So today was my first day babysitting the new little boy here in Raleigh. I had to be there at 6:30...AM and stayed until around 8:45...well there's more too it but i'll get there! I got up at 5 this morning, because I just couldn't sleep and I had to be up at 5:45 anyways. I slept all last night with my head buried under my covers and pillows, because DID ANYONE SEE ONE TREE HILL?? Well, I did and when that gas station attendant was dead in the back, and then Q got shot...I was scared to death!

So anyways, I get up at 5, watch the news for a bit and then head out the door...or so I thought! I get to my car, and its so dark outside...so number 1 i'm scared, and number 2 I was already running late!!

As I went to get in my car, my key chains felt lighter, and my car key had been hanging off lately but of course I didn't do anything about it because "there's always later!" So my key dissapeared, and I couldn't find it anywhere...I kept my composure and went into my roommates room and that BRAVE girl let me borrow her car!

So anyways, I got there 2 minutes late and the mom was still there...which is weird because she said she would never be there when I got there, turns out she locked her keys in her car too!! She is such a nice person, and we talked about what great mornings we were having haha! While she was waiting for triple A, we watched Good Morning America, and she likes McCain/Palin '08!

When I met her yesterday, her son was a very talkative outgoing kid...really cute! Her townhouse is really cute too, and she gave me the code for the gym and pool in case my roommates and I ever wanna use it! How laid back!

Anyways, so this morning she left about 7:45 and it was just "J" and I! I kept trying to make conversation, but he wouldn't say much..maybe because it was 8 am and I looked like hell...probably scared the little guy!

Well, after he ate we got in my roommates car and I took him up the street to his bus stop. His mom likes us to walk, but please! I had to be back by 9 this morning so that I could get my roommates car back to her so she could get to class...I drove his ass to the bus stop!
As I drove in at 6:30am, I saw that there were a number of kids waiting for the bus,
...also a kid ran out in front of my car, and it was dark so did I see him, no!
Good thing he was a track star! haha!

So J told me that wasn't his bus stop, and that the place he waited there were no other kids! I had a hard time understanding that...because it was in an awkward spot! Well, its 8:15 and again I have to be back at school by 9 and the bus hasn't come...so I said J-man wheres the bus? He says "I forgot, its not coming today because I am going to the museum...and they are probably leaving soon!"


So I said okay, wheres your school because his mom said he knew how to get there...and he wouldn't answer...so I asked again, and again, and again! Eventually we got back in the car and I called the school they weren't good with directions! OMG!

Anyways, so I pulled out the laptop and tried map quest, but it kept freezing! It was 8:20 at this point and I was like, "Why God, Why?!"

I asked if he knew anyone we could call and he said his dad, so we called his dad and got directions, I was just to flying down the road and J kept saying, I hope you have your seat belt on because I bet you've had speeding tickets! HAHA!...only 1 or 2!

So anyways, it was so chaotic and I felt so awful because I thought Lord they are gonna hate me, I have scared this poor, poor boy and he will never want me to come back! Well we got to his school by 8:30 and while he was getting out of the car, I was yelling "EXCUSE ME!" to this guy crossing the street, bc I needed directions, and FAST! J's eyes were the size of pineapples! So I quickly said "Bye J, have a wonderful day, make it better then our morning!" We "pounded it" and then he went inside!

The guy gave me directions, and I made it back to my house by 8:58!!

I thrive under pressure!

J's mom called me ab 10 mins ago and was so apologetic...I told her it was the other way around, I was so so sorry! She said she hoped I wouldn't quit...which I would never quit! Its a great job! I told her to blame the bus system because that's the easiest thing to do! So that's what we agreed to do!

I am hoping tomorrow will be better, I really want to get J a prize so that maybe we can renew the relationship we never had! Any ideas??

Thanks girls, i'll post more later! I am on my way to meet another family to babysit for!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Great Days!

Hey girls!

I hope y'all had a good weekend!!

So Thursday night, me and one of my roommates went to a party at Sigma Pi with some friends, one of them was so sweet and drove us there and back. He had his fun the night before so he decided to drive that night, thank God! We got there and I saw so many people that I knew from Salisbury!! A real good friend of mine that i've known forever transferred to State and is about to pledge Sigma Pi. I was excited to hear that!
A few minutes later, I ended up outside fighting with C from this summer. With him being 2 hours away its so impossible right now.
Is that just awful?
I don't really think it is...
An hour into the party, after we saw everyone, we all decided to go to Hillsborough and eat at this gross Chinese place (but we were all done for the night so we didn't realize how gross it was!) Just as I was about to eat my eggroll? I saw a little man standing on the sink washing dishes!! AHH! What would my momma say?
It was close to 3 am when we all came back to the house. I went to bed shortly after!
By the grace of God, I made it to my one class the next day! It was such a fun night!
Friday, we all went to some apartment party! I didnt feel good, so I came back early and watched Halloween on TV with my roommate!
I love that movie!
Before I left, I played matchmaker for my roommate and this GORGEOUS boy!!! He shags, so after I got home I taught her everything I know so she can impress!!!! They are both really cute, so oh my gosh I hope they start dating!! One of our other friends asked me out and omg I think hes so cute too...hes a red head and I love a redhead! It was such a fun night!
Unfortunatly, I had to be up by 6:30am for a hair appt in Salisbury the next day! My stylist is so good I just cant bear to find a new one! I got up and it was just pouring down rain!! The highway was desolate! Nobody was driving, and I kept sliding back and fourth!!
Then I saw the light...I saw another car, and felt so much better!
I got in the same lane behind it and we slid all over I-40 together, but at least I had someone to follow. Once I hit Greensboro, it calmed down a little bit...but I hate driving in the rain!
When I got home, I had to go straight to the salon! I went a good bit lighter, because the blonder you go the better you look (according to Reese Witherspoons mother!)
I also got my hair cut...I only wanted it cut to my shoulders, but OH LORD it is so short!
After my appointment I was a mess the whole weekend, sobbing and sobbing like a little baby because I thought it was just way to short!
I spent 2 hours looking up hair extensions, praying for a hair growth miracle, and thinking about getting a hair piece!
I know dramatic much?!

I am interviewing today with a cute family for babysitting, and another one tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it! One of them needs a tutor, and I am really not inclined to tutor anyone in anything except hair and etiquette, but it is just elementary school, and so it shouldn't be that bad!
Also, I came home today from class and found the TV on SOAP network and Melrose Place was on, I didn't realize that Aaron Spelling did that show too...wow that and 90210!
It wasn't bad, but I have really only seen it the one time...and then once in 5th grade when my babysitter was watching it and it was a little juicy for a 10 year old so I didn't keep up!
How funny though that Tom Scavo and Bree Van De Kamp worked together on Melrose Place too! Small world!

Have a great Monday!