Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In The Christmas Spirit?!

Hey girls!

Christmas is still a good ways away, but that doesnt matter to me because I listen to Christmas Music all year round!

I just found the best album, its by BarlowGirl and its called Home For Christmas.
I know, its a little early, but I am already listening. They are so good anyway, they are a great Christian girl band and I have always loved their music.

Even though I am a Christmas Fanatic, I am not ready for Christmas yet, that means half the year is over, and I am not ready for that quite yet!

I hope everybody has a great day!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a happy,confusing, fun weekend!

Hey girls!

Again, so sorry my posts havent been daily yet, one of these days I am going to get back on top of it!

Great news first!

Oh my Lord! It is finally looking like the stalker situation is over! I am so happy about that! I look back now and I still am going to be very cautious, and also pray about 100 more times a day!

On another note, nothing sketchy has happened lately and thank goodness for that but I had totally forgotten that I had made 2 drs appts during the summer for this past Monday so not only did I get a long weekend at home with my family, but I also had a Beverly Hills 90210 weekend! I actually didnt go home until Saturday because a bunch of us went to Delta Sig on Friday night for a band party and they had the best 80's band! I have never heard such great music!

Well, my drs appts went well, but yes I am going to vent again! I had a routine physical, which I mean clearly that was fine! The only thing was I still get gosh awful bruises on my arms and legs, and I am still so tired all the time! So my doctor checked my b12 again, and its even lower then last time. So apparently the vitamins didnt work so now I have to get shots. Really, thats just fine with me though! The nurses at our health clinic are so sweet, and I really am just going to be glad to get to feeling better again!
At my other appt which was the dermatoligst, I had 2 more spots removed. 1 was absolutely no big deal I know for sure, I just got it gone to get it gone. The other one is in a very random place and when my hailarious doctor saw it (I have been going to her for years, shes very fun!) she goes "Oh my Lord!" Then she calmly looked me in the eye and said "its okay sweetie I treated a nun for the same thing not long ago!"
HAHA! A nun, with melanoma!
She told me by looking at the spot that she could tell it was most likely melanoma but it didnt look malignant which is great!
She even thinks she probably got it all out with a biposy, and more surgery is probable but probably not!
I just hate when doctors put the fear of God in you and then its totally fine, it makes me feel worse!
Oh well, atleast by the end of this week I will know whats in store!
Im sorry for all of the ranting!
Other then that, my week has been great though! Like I said, I got a long weekend, my roomate and I have started walking (and feeling safe) again! haha, and I made it back in time for One Tree Hill last night!
Did anybody else see it?! I love that glad they killed the crazy nanny! What a bitch!

ALSO! I went to dicks sporting goods to find some of those cute nike tempo shorts, I love to walk in them! AND I came across the cutest hot pink north face fleece i've ever seen, y'all all need to find a Dicks Sporting Goods and go get one! It is so comfortable, then I went to Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor online! CUTEST stuff right now! It looks like fall stuff is finally coming out! So excited!

Have a great rest of your day!

Ill post more tomorrow!